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190716_018_Audi_ZBK_992.5100.00.xx_US_FB 000-_.pdfH i
g h
l i
g h
S p
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F u
and small scale. And we are
changing with it. The way we
dress, the places we travel to and,
not least, our personalities – our whole lives
are marked by change and progress. How fortunate that
an Audi keeps up with these changes, reinvents itself with us, and adapts to our needs –
with Audi Genuine Accessories. We would like to introduce the
possibilities on offer in this edition of our catalogue.
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The stories on the following pages will show that your options are as varied as life itself. Outdoor activities in breathtaking landscapes, a photo shoot with fascinating animals almost outshone by carbon-fibre add-on parts, or the infinitely colourful world of our smallest passengers – reinventing ourselves takes many forms. There is one effect, however, that will always remain the same: We will see the world in a new light.
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Highlight_ A n A u d i c a n r i s e t o n e w c h a l l e n g e s a n d a d a p t t o
i t s o w n e r ’s c h a n g i n g n e e d s :
w i t h A u d i G e n u i n e A c c e s s o r i e s ’ r e t r o f i t s o l u t i o n s .
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which products are suitable for your model, which
restrictions apply, the amount of time required for
installation and how much it costs.
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Everybody is developing. Continuously. Consciously or unconsciously.
Radically or marginally. Our personalities are made up of many facets.
And we can emphasise each and every one of them – by changing
our hairstyle, the way we dress or the way we live our lives. One look
at an old photograph of ourselves will show how we change, and how
many possibilities we have of continuously reinventing ourselves.
Every day.
Your Audi is always there for each and every version of you. You can
reconfigure your Audi with new functions and design elements with
a variety of retrofit solutions¹ from Audi Genuine Accessories.
Technical features, style packages and much more – all options are
open to you when adapting your Audi to your new needs. Head-up
display, traffic sign recognition, Audi smartphone interface or new
design elements such as the exterior mirror housings in carbon
fibre: You can ensure your Audi matches your life again and again
with the right retrofit solutions from Audi Genuine Accessories.
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Offers the possibility of activating the navigation
function and data in your Audi at any later point in time
This requires the navigation preparation feature
available Ex works.
seamlessly with the Audi smartphone interface.
Your smartphone content, including navigation,
telephone, music and selected third-party apps
are brought seamlessly onto the MMI screen via
a USB cable¹.
The reversing camera is integrated discretely into the
boot lid handle. It is activated by engaging reverse
gear or pressing the button in the centre console. It
helps you manoeuvre by displaying the area behind
your vehicle on the MMI screen with helpful dynamic
and static elements.
¹ Please ask your mobile phone manufacturer whether your smartphone is compatible.
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or the Audi virtual cockpit.
Head-up display
from Audi Genuine Accessories provides the driver
with important information in his/her direct field of
vision on a transparent OLED display.
Just like us, our surroundings are constantly evolving: the traffic, roads,
signs and possible connections. You and your Audi can adapt to these
new challenges with Audi Genuine Accessories’ retrofit solutions. Please
ask your Audi Partner for more information.
² The system operates within certain limitations and can assist the driver.
It is always the driver’s responsibility to exercise care while driving and pay full attention to the traffic situation.
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The high-quality rear lid spoiler enhances the good
aerodynamics; the use of carbon as an exclusive material
exemplifies sheer force.
Dynamic and sporty: The exterior mirror housings in
carbon provide a visual accent.
Cast aluminium wheels
model and colour of your Audi, these can create a
harmonious overall look or give your vehicle a completely
new look.
An Audi reflects its owner’s personality. It shows their distinctive
characteristics and appreciation for design.
With the style packages from Audi Genuine Accessories you can give
your Audi a completely new character, both in the interior and on
the exterior. You can choose from exterior mirror housings, decorative
panels or spoilers made from exclusive materials, and find a range
of customisation options in Audi’s progressive design and quality.
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Design_ A u d i G e n u i n e A c c e s s o r i e s c r e a t e e x c i t i n g n e w f a c e t s f o r e v e r y
A u d i , m a k i n g y o u r v e h i c l e e v e n m o r e i n d i v i d u a l . F o r e x a m p l e
w i t h h i g h - q u a l i t y c a r b o n a d d - o n p a r t s .
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As fascinating as a snake, as strong as a horse: Carbon fibre is a true natural talent
that combines many useful characteristics. Discover what this fascinating material has
in common with nature – and why it is an excellent material for add-on parts
from Audi Genuine Accessories.
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S p o r t a n d D e s i g n / /
Horses have been around for 56 million years. With their
power, strength and grace they remain fascinating.
The properties of carbon fibre are perfectly reflected by
this enduring animal. Carbon fibre has the resistance
and strength of steel but is twice as light.
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1 7
Carbon fibre is – figuratively speaking – as light as a feather. Similarly,
an eagle’s feathers are also surprisingly light. The plumage only makes
up five to ten percent of the total bodyweight – at a wingspan of up to
3.7 metres. Due to its unique flight capabilities, this majestic creature
is even used in aerodynamics research.
Clouded Yellow: Even the names given to butterflies are unique.
They can have colourful dots or a monochrome glimmer, as the
Great Mormon in our picture does. With more than 180,000 species,
butterflies are the second largest order of insects. They owe their
beauty to their special surface texture of their wings which diffracts
light, causing brilliant and unique light effects. Just like carbon
S p o r t a n d D e s i g n / /
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1 9
With speeds of up to 70 km/h greyhounds are among the
fastest animals on the planet. They can reach such speeds
thanks to their physique, which is simultaneously light,
powerful and aerodynamic – combining the best qualities
of a horse and an eagle. It is precisely this combination of
lightweight and great resistance that has made carbon fibre
the most sought-after material in motorsports. The large
number of small fibres ensure an increased performance,
better safety and improved longevity. And they look really
sporty, too.
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S p o r t a n d D e s i g n / /
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2 1
Even if carbon fibre has had its place in vehicle construction for a long time: This material offers many
previously unknown possibilities for exciting new uses in automotive engineering. At Audi’s Lightweight
Design Centre in Neckarsulm, numerous experts are working on finding out where we can take carbon
fibre technology in the future.
Carbon fibre turns your Audi into even more of an eye-catcher on the roads: with carbon add-on parts
from Audi Genuine Accessories. The carbon radiator grille inlays reinforce the focal point of the vehicle’s
front and make the Audi rings appear even more striking.
We can even coax a little more speed out of the sides of your Audi – visually at least. Carbon fibre exterior
mirror housings and door cover strips emphasise your Audi’s athletic build at exactly those points in the design
lines that already create a sense of movement and sportiness.
Zubehoerkatalog_Inh18_2019_01.indd 21 13.06.19 12:54
look is an attractive eye-catcher for the interior
or any other metal surface. The gecko symbolises
quattro four-wheel drive. The design figure
can be placed virtually anywhere, e.g. on one
of the air outlet grilles; with its integrated
magnet, it can also be attached to suitable
metallic surfaces.
when the doors are opened. Available in sets
of 2 for the front or rear doors. Please contact
your Audi Partner for further details and
product availability.
appearance of your vehicle. Available in
various colours for lots of models.
02 Footrests and pedal caps
in stainless steel
and anti-slip rubber is a perfect mix of design
and safety. The photo shows pedal caps and
footrest for automatic vehicles.
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Tyres_ D e v e l o p e d e s p e c i a l l y f o r e a c h A u d i m o d e l :
A u d i G e n u i n e w h e e l s a n d t y r e s i n e x c l u s i v e d e s i g n s .
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A different kind of
catwalk: the road It is not only fashion designers who pin pictures of their latest creations to
the wall to prepare their designs for the runway. Audi designers also make
very high demands when developing the latest wheels and tyres. They use
their expertise and eye for detail to select the best designs – perfectly
tailored to the individual models. Only once all premium criteria are met
is the final collection ready for its big debut.
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W h e e l s a n d T y r e s / /
Cast aluminium wheel¹ in
5-arm volsella design, matt black,
high-gloss turned finish, 10 J x 22
for the Audi Q8
5-arm secare design, matt black with
contrast colour quartz grey, 7 J x 19
for the Audi Q3
¹ Technical properties of tyres can be found on page 72.
Cast aluminium winter wheel¹ in
10-spoke lamina design, black-gloss finish,
9 J x 20 for the Audi e-tron
Cast aluminium winter wheel¹ in
10-spoke lamina design, brilliant silver,
9 J x 20 for the Audi e-tron
Cast aluminium winter wheel¹ in
5-arm carabus design, reverse, black-gloss
finish, 7.5 J x 17 for the Audi A1 Sportback
Cast aluminium winter wheel¹ in
5-V-spoke astrum design, brilliant silver,
8.5 J x 20 for the Audi A6 allroad quattro
Designed for aesthetic appreciation. Built for the road.
Discover the impressive collection of current Audi cast wheels.
Zubehoerkatalog_Inh18_2019_01.indd 26 10.07.19 13:37
5-V-spoke pilleus design, reverse,
7.5 J x 18 for the Audi A1 Sportback
Cast aluminium winter wheel¹ in
5-arm secare design, brilliant silver,
6.5 J x 17 for the Audi Q3
Cast aluminium winter wheel¹ in
5-arm carabus design, reverse, brilliant
silver, 7.5 J x 17 for the Audi A1 Sportback
Cast aluminium wheel¹ in
10-spoke lamina design, matt black,
high-gloss turned finish, 9.5 J x 21
for the Audi e-tron
5-V-spoke astrum design, black-gloss
finish, 8.5 J x 20 for the Audi A6 allroad
5-arm secare design, black-gloss finish,
6.5 J x 17 for the Audi Q3
Zubehoerkatalog_Inh18_2019_01.indd 27 05.06.19 10:52
W h e e l s a n d T y r e s / /
02 Wheel cleaning set
dissolve dirt, thus facilitating the cleaning
process. Suitable for steel and painted alloy
wheels. The set contains: cleaning solution,
wax polish, microfibre polishing cloth and
wheel brush.
Wheel bolts can be stored in the outer pockets.
Available in various sizes.
Available in various sizes.
against dust, dirt and moisture. Suitable for
all commonly used Audi Genuine valves.
Delivering well-rounded
performance. Because in the end everything revolves around the details:
the additional products for wheels and tyres from Audi Genuine Accessories.
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Transportation_ C l e v e r l y s t o r e d l u g g a g e o r a d d i t i o n a l s t o r a g e s p a c e
m a k e e v e r y t r i p m o r e r e l a x e d . Tr a n s p o r t s o l u t i o n s f r o m
A u d i G e n u i n e A c c e s s o r i e s w i l l m a k e y o u r A u d i a g e n u i n e
a l l - r o u n d e r.
Zubehoerkatalog_Inh18_2019_01.indd 30 05.06.19 10:52
No matter what sport you enjoy in your leisure time.
An extraordinary location and the right equipment make all the difference.
Carried away.
Zubehoerkatalog_Inh18_2019_01.indd 31 13.06.19 12:54
T r a n s p o r t a t i o n / /
Riding a racing bike is the ideal endurance workout for everybody whose
comfort zone starts beyond the limits. There are lots of steep hills, but not
every one is suitable for slender racing bikes. What we need is the right
combination of challenging gradients, a route of suitable distance, a beautiful
landscape and of course the right equipment. Here are a few examples:
The Passo dello Stelvio in Italy, the second highest mountain pass of the
Alps, is an ambitious route with average gradients of 7.4 percent and a total
of 48 hairpin bends.
The weekend before Midsummer each year, Lake Vättern, Sweden’s second
largest lake, is the place to be for anybody who would like to take part in the
extensive Vätternrundan cycling race.
the greatest challenges for racing cyclists.
Chapman’s Peak Drive is an absolute must for everybody who is enthusiastic
about South Africa’s inspiring scenery. The route is known for its breathtaking
views of the ocean, challenging climbs and 114 bends.
Bicycle rack
The frame holder and bicycle rail in a unique design
hold your bike in the right position automatically.
Maximum carrying load: 20 kg. Quick and easy to
handle due to a torque limiting rotary knob. Can
only be used in combination with roof carrier unit
(available separately).
The Whole Enchilada Trail in Utah offers 50 km of
pure downhill action. It is one of the world’s most
challenging and scenically diverse mountain bike
At the Rude Rock Trail at Coronet Peak on New
Zealand’s South Island, you can pick up speed
very quickly if you have the right technique.
The amazing panorama will make your heart
and your bike jump for joy.
Jonkershoek Nature Reserve in South Africa invites
you to explore its long valley with high and low
plains. The scenic route takes you through the
world-famous wine-growing region of Stellenbosch.
Uphill to downhill:
equipment can. Cycling cross-country, you can ride
on virtually any unpaved ground – especially
downhill. However, thanks to the new additional
e-power cycling, uphill is a highlight now, too.
To help you get your bike to the start of an
extraordinary route, use the Audi Genuine
Accessories’ convenient bicycle carrier for the
trailer towing hitch. The following routes are
perfect for breathtaking mountain bike tours:
Bicycle carrier for trailer towing hitch
Bicycle carrier for up to 2 bicycles. Extension kit for
3rd bicycle available for an additional charge. Also
suitable for e-bikes. Maximum carrying load: 60 kg.
Free access to luggage compartment thanks to
convenient folding mechanism.
Zubehoerkatalog_Inh18_2019_01.indd 33 13.06.19 12:54
T r a n s p o r t a t i o n / /
At the edge of the Atacama Desert in Peru you can find the
Huacachina Lagoon, an enchanting spring surrounded by
palm trees. Here, even beginners can throw themselves into
the sand and try to board down the dunes.
No crowds of people, no waiting for snow and no getting up
early in the morning to catch the perfect wave – of all the
boardsports, sandboarding clearly offers many advantages.
All year long. So why not quickly load your board onto your
roof using the ski and snowboard rack from Audi Genuine
Accessories and follow your passion any time. The world
is full of ideal places just for this:
Any slope can be a ski-slope:
the pros of sandboarding.
outside of Cape Town – perfect for a quick escape from
it all with action-filled adventures. And the best thing
is that the desert is a mere 30 minutes’ drive north of
Cape Town, which means you can indulge in your boarding
passion spontaneously any time.
Ski and snowboard rack
only be used in combination with roof carrier unit (available
If you would rather see white mountains, why not travel
to Niseko in Japan, one of the regions with the most snow
in the world. Several ski resorts come together here to
offer a wonderful view of the inactive volcano Ytei-zan.
Zubehoerkatalog_Inh18_2019_01.indd 34 13.06.19 12:54
3 5
The Brandvlei Dam, which can be used all year round, is a reservoir near the
South African town of Worcester. It is surrounded by a group of mountains,
which creates a steady breeze. This ensures that the sun shines very frequently
here, even when the neighbouring regions are cloudy.
The Mexican peninsula Baja California promises lots of sunshine and an
overwhelming plant and animal life. It is not uncommon to see flying fish,
turtles, whales, dolphins and pelicans.
Simply drift along. Forget your everyday life for a moment. In shallow or rapid
waters – it’s up to you. Whichever type of kayaking you prefer: Not just the
starting point and the route must be right, but also your equipment. And it
needs to be transported safely. We will show you how and where to do this:
In flow with nature:
switch off with kayaking.
Greenland’s Disko Bay turns the bitter cold into a unique experience. Here
you can canoe between icebergs, seals and ice cliffs that are several metres
high. If you’re lucky, you may even see a whale emerge from the deep blue
For single-person kayaks up to 45 kg. Tiltable for
convenient loading and unloading. Kayak rack
and retaining straps can be locked separately.
Can only be used in combination with roof carrier
unit (available separately).
Zubehoerkatalog_Inh18_2019_01.indd 35 19.06.19 11:23
T r a n s p o r t a t i o n / /
Navagio Beach in Greece, with its Mediterranean climate and turquoise blue
ocean, is a paradise for base jumpers. The cliff is 200 metres high,…