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    A6Audi A6 Accessories

    Genuine Accessories

  • 1Audi Genuine Accessories

    Audi Genuine Accessories. As individual as you are.

    Progressive design and innovative technologies: The Audi A6 is characterised by an exceptional combination of elegance and consistent sportiness, especially in conjunction with Audi Genuine Accessories. Products designed to enable you to realise your own idea of an Audi. You benefit from made-to-measure solutions that impress on account of their design and functionality. After all, creativity during the development phase and high production standards alongside the large number of testing procedures are all just as important to Audi Genuine Accessories as they are for each and every Audi vehicle. Discover what tailor-made solutions Audi Genuine Accessories have in store for you.

    European models shown.

  • Where does perfect planning begin? With the very first sketch.A roof box needs to be planned just as meticulously as an Audi vehicle. An Audi roof box is recognisable from its progressive design at the first glance; it is this design that unmistakably reflects the style of Audi models. The enhanced aerodynamics achieved by the flat, sporty look are instantly noticeable, too. The high-quality finish and impressive level of safety and protection represent the final touches. The new roof box from Audi Genuine Accessories was developed from the outset with the aim of elevating design and function to a new level.

    The result is clear to see and is best reflected by the practicality of the product, which is one of many characteristics that have already been demonstrated in several different testing procedures. For example, the roof box can withstand high-speed trials at 200km/h plus 96hours of testing at temperatures ranging from +90 C to 40 C. Whatever you areplanning, the new roof box from Audi Genuine Accessories ensures that you can always transport your luggage reliably and conveniently.

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    Audi A6.

    Versatility in its most beautiful form. Your Audi A6 is much more than just a progressive car. Surprise yourself.

    Sport and design.

    Dynamism is not just a question of engines. With Audi Genuine Accessories, you can give even more character to the look of your Audi A6.



    The Audi A6 a powerhouse in every sense. Particularly when it comes to the extensive range of transport solutions from Audi Genuine Accessories.



    Mobility of the future: The communication solutions from Audi Genuine Accessories keep you entertained and always up-to-date on the road.


    Comfort and protection.

    Thanks to the Audi Genuine Accessories comfort and protection solutions, you always arrive relaxed and well, whether you are commuting or going on holiday.

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  • 7Audi A6

    Elegance can be this sporty. And functionality can be this comfortable. The Audi A6 demonstrates perfectly balanced versatility. Featuring innovative technologies, progressive design and an inspiringly versatile range of equipment. The Audi A6 enchants from the first glance. Its design is noticeably forward-thinking and radiates a progressive and sporty nature. First impressions are confirmed by the vehicles performance: Powerful FSI and TFSI engines delight with an impressive level of tractive power and thrilling acceleration values. The Audi A6 also makes it possible to reduce fuel consumption and emissions thanks to the use of innovative energy-saving technology, including features such as Audi drive select. The Audi A6 creates fascination across several facets. The extensive range of Audi Genuine Accessories gives you the opportunity to bring the Audi of your imagination closer to reality. On the following pages, you will discover how you can add your own personal touch to your Audi A6.

  • 9Sport and design

    01 Cast aluminum wheels in 5-tri-spoke design, Anthracite, high-gloss turned finish

    The cast aluminum wheels in dimensions 8.5 J x 20 impress with an elegant design and high-gloss turned finish spokes. For 255/35 R 20 tires.

    Sport and design

    Dynamic down to the last detail.Visually enhance the character of the Audi A6.The sport and design equipment from Audi Genuine Accessories offers you a variety of opportunities to do just that. Cast aluminum wheels in a variety of distinctive designs present one such option these include the 5-tri-spoke design, which is ideally suited to rounding off the appearance of the Audi A6 to give it an unmistakeable look: your look.

  • 11Sport and design10

    01 Valve caps

    The four metal valve caps with embossed Audi logo provide enhanced protection for the valve against dust, dirt and moisture. Available for rubber, metal and aluminum valves.


    02 Anti-theft wheel bolts

    Can only be loosened with the special adapter provided, making it difficult to steal the wheels.

    03 Wheel bags

    A four-part set with convenient handles for easy and clean transport and storage of complete wheels. Made from tear-resistant plastic. Wheel bolts can be stored in the outside pockets.

    04 Snow chains

    For increased hold on snow and ice. Available in a range of sizes.

    05 Cast aluminum winter wheels in 5-V-spoke design

    Extra sportiness in winter. In dimensions 7.5 J x 18 for 225/50 R 18 tires. Maximum permissible speed: 210 km/h.







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    01 Cast aluminum wheels in 5-semi-V-spoke design

    This distinctive eye-catcher for your Audi A6 is available in dimensions 8.5 J x 19. For 255/40 R 19 tires.

    02 Foot rest and pedal caps in stainless steel

    Dazzling and practical at the same time: The foot rest and pedal caps are made from brushed stainless steel. The rubber coating on the surfaces ensures enhanced grip. Suitable for automatic gearboxes.

    03 quattro film set

    The quattro lettering as a film set for the rear section of the vehicle on both sides. Available in either Brilliant Black or Ice Silver, metallic depending on the exterior vehicle colour.

    04 LED for entry area, quattro

    For a bright entrance. When the vehicle doors are opened, an LED light projects the quattro logo onto the ground. Available in a two-part set for the driver and front-passenger side or for the rear vehicle doors.




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  • Transport

    More space for your plans.Wherever you go, the Audi A6 powerhouse impresses with transport solutions from Audi Genuine Accessories for additional luggage, bicycles, skis and anything else that you may need. And these solutions are so reliable thatyou can sit back and relax not only while driving, but also when planning your journey.


  • 16 17Transport




    02 Bicycle rack

    The bicycle rack made from a specially formed aluminum profile and powder-coated steel makes it particularly easy toattach your bicycles. Lockable. Maximum load: 17 kg. Canonly be used in conjunction with the carrier unit.

    03 Carrier unit

    Carrier unit for various roof rack modules, such as the bicycle rack, kayak rack or the ski and luggage box. The profile is made from anodised aluminum. The carrier unit is easy to fit and is lockable. Maximum permissible gross weight of the carrier unit, roof rack modules and load: 100 kg. Available for the A6 Sedan.

    04 Roof carrier bag

    For storage or transport of carrier units and smaller roof rack modules. Made from durable material, with multiple loops and a side pocket for suitable tools or small parts.

    01 Kayak rack

    For single-person kayaks weighing up to 45 kg. Can be tilted for easy loading and unloading. The kayak rack and elasticated belt can be secured separately. Can only be used in conjunction with the carrier unit.

    05 Bicycle fork mount (not pictured)

    Easy to use. Lockable. Suitable for bicycles featuring a quick-release fastener onthe front wheel. Maximum load: 17 kg. Can only be used in conjunction with the carrier unit.

    06 Front wheel holder (not pictured)

    Made from anodised matte aluminum, mounted with anti-theft screws, completely pre-assembled. Not suitable for bicycles with a half axle. Can only be used in conjunction with the bicycle fork mount.

  • 19Transport








    Ski and luggage boxes

    A new design from Audi featuring improved aerodynamics thanks to a flatter, sportier visual concept. Available in Platinum Grey with Brilliant Black side blades or gloss Brilliant Black, each featuring chrome Audi rings and a high-quality, rivet-free look. Boxes are lockable and can be opened from both sides for comfortable loading and unloading. With internal handle for closing the box. Simple quick-action securing system including torque limitation. Positioned towards the front of the vehicle, making it easier to access the luggage compartment. Available in three sizes: 300L, 360L and 405L. Can only be used in conjunction with the carrier unit. Further important information that will help you to choose the right roof box can be found on page 29.

    01 Ski and luggage box (405L)

    03 Ski and luggage box (360L)

    02 Ski and luggage box (300L)

    04 Ski and snowboard rack

    For easy transportation of up to six pairs of skis orfour snowboards. Lockable. Can only be used inconjunction with the carrier unit.

    05 Bags for roof boxes

    Robust yet flexible. These bags are equipped with awatertight floor featuring a watertight border extending 5 cm upwards. Ideal for making full use of the Audi roof