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  • 650.390.6200 1975W.ElCaminoReal,Suite304,MountainView,CA94040 73


    @Cruiter Works | Dwyer, Mike Senior Consultant

    3 Story Software | Roth, Steven Director, Sales - North America


    Abacus Service Corporation | Akunuri, Sam VP

    ABR Employment Services | Harley, Ernie Regional Director

    Access Capital Inc. | Mehring, Paul EVP

    Access Capital Inc. | Stuchin, Miles President

    Accurate Personnel Services | Migliore, Dave President

    Accurate Personnel Services | Savarese, Michael Director, Operations

    Accurate Personnel Services | Van Dyck, Diane Director, Sales

    Acro Service Corp. | Shahani, Rajiv Director, Operations

    AdaptOne | Ahuja, Satya CEO

    Addison Search | Houston, Jay VP

    Addison Search | Morgan, David President

    Adecco Group NA | Ackermann, Bryan CIO

    Adecco Group NA | Russell, Joyce President, Adecco Staffing U.S.

    Adecco RPO | Beygelman, Michael Global Practice Leader, President North America

    ADfusion (Pty) Ltd. | Barnard, Werner CEO

    Aditi Consulting | Narayana, Raja VP, Operations

    Advance Payroll Funding | Adelman, Joel CEO

    Advantage Resourcing | Marheineke, Mark EVP, Global Operations

    Advantage Resourcing | Motohara, Hitoshi Chairman/CEO

    Advantage Resourcing | Parbs, Michael EVP

    Advantage Staffing | Peterson, Ralph President

    Advantage Technical Resourcing | Klauber, James President

    Aerotek | Veres, David VP, Strategic Sales

    Agile Resources Inc. | Blake, Claire Manager, Talent Delivery

    Agile Resources Inc. | Dempsey, Tricia CEO

    Agile Resources Inc. | Gilreath, Lisa VP, Finance

    Agile1 | Carvalho, Peter President

    Agile1 | Habegger, Stacie Chief Sales Officer

    AGR Financial | Geyer, G Allen President

    Akken Inc. | Rhodes, Tyler Senior Sales Executive

    Akken Inc. | Smith, Heather Senior Sales Executive

    Akraya Inc. | Panchal, Amar CEO

    All Risks Ltd. | Hayes, Michael Director, Temp Staffing

    All Risks Ltd. | Skinner, Richard Underwriter

    Allegiance Staffing | Landry, Tom President

    Allegis Group | Lavin, Tania Market Research

    Allegis Group | McSally, Michael VP

    Allegis Group Services | Bryson, Neil VP

    Allegis Group Services | Gulian, Randy EVP

    Allegis Group Services | Schumacher, Steve VP, Operations

    Allstates Technical Services | Hopkey, Andrea President

    Allstates Technical Services | Miller, Jeffrey VP, Business Operation

    Allstates Technical Services | Sanborn, John VP, Sales

    Alpine | Smith, Ryan Owner

    American Staffing Association | Berchem, Steve COO

    American Staffing Association | Lenz, Edward SVP, Legal & Public Affairs

    American Staffing Association | Verberg, Kelly Assistant VP, Membership & Sections

    American Staffing Association | Wahlquist, Richard President/CEO

    Amerit Consulting Inc. | Chisholm, Sabrina VP, Accounts

    Amerit Consulting Inc. | Larkins, Michael EVP

    AMN Healthcare | Henderson, Ralph President, Nurse & Allied Staffing

    Analysts International Corp. | McKinney, Brittany President/CEO

    Analysts International Corp. | ODonnell, John SVP, Strategic Business Development

    Analysts International Corp. | Wolff, Bill SVP/CFO

    Angela Mortimer plc | Mortimer, John CEO

    Anteo Group | Baumgartner, Patrick VP, Business Development

    Anteo Group | DeLoof, Dion President

    Apex Systems Inc. | Handley, Shawn SVP, Business Development, Principal

    Apex Systems Inc. | Lowry, Rob EVP, Delivery

    APR Consulting Inc. | Gonzalo, Enrico VP, Finance

    APR Consulting Inc. | Stone, Aaron VP, Sales & Marketing, FSO

    Aquent | Webster, Ann President, North America Staffing

    Ark Temp Staffing | Keitt, Alvin VP

    Ark Temp Staffing | Keitt, Renae President

    ASAP Solutions LLC | Alford, Roz Principal

    ASAP Solutions LLC | Norton, Steve CFO

    ASAP Solutions LLC | Williams, Nancy Principal

    The Ash Group | Livingston Ash, Kay President/CEO

    ASJ Partners | Isenberg, Lisa VP, Client Services

    ASJ Partners | Isenberg, Steve President

    Aspire Business Consulting Inc. | Wagner, Daniel President

    Assurance Agency Ltd. | Anderson, Clint Employee Benefits Advisor

  • 650.390.6200 1975W.ElCaminoReal,Suite304,MountainView,CA94040 www.staffingindustry.com74

    Assurance Agency Ltd. | Friedrich, Jeffery Principal

    Assurance Agency Ltd. | Murray, Kurt SVP

    Assurance Agency Ltd. | Rutledge, John VP

    Assurance Agency Ltd. | Tuisl, Jeff SVP

    Assurgent Medical Solutions | Foutes, Justin VP

    ATR International | Brenholz, Andrea Lead Strategist, Social Media

    ATR International | Brenholz, Jerry President/CEO

    ATR International | Harter, Bryan VP, Sales

    ATR International | Sun, Wendy VP, Recruiting

    ATSI Group | Nashif, Gary CEO

    Atterro | Morel, Clay CEO

    Atterro Inc. | Kennedy, Michael CFO

    AvatureCRM | Boylan, Dimitri CEO

    Avionte Staffing Software | Gallagher, Matt VP, Sales

    Aviont Staffing Software | Long, Brenda Director, Marketing

    Aviont Staffing Software | Long, John CEO

    Aviont Staffing Software | Ortner, Jason VP, Sales

    Aviont Staffing Software | Pitts, Angela Staffing Technology Coordinator

    Aviont Staffing Software | Scoville, Mike VP, Sales

    Avondale Partners | Janesky, Jim Director


    Bank of America | Lewis, Clay SVP, Staffing Operations Manager

    The Bartech Group | Barfield, David COO/President

    The Bartech Group | Shea, Thomas EVP

    Bayer Corporate and Business Services | Ansell, Melissa Senior Contingent Labor Program Coordinator

    Beeline | Paley, Sean CTO

    Belcan Services Group II Ltd. Partnership | Johnson, Arnie President

    Belcan Services Group II Ltd. Partnership | Pagnard, Leigh President

    Benefits In A Card | Clark, Terry Business Development

    Benefits In A Card | Stecker, Carl President/CEO

    BG Staffing | Baker, L Allen President/CEO

    Bibby Staffing Finance | Rodriguez, Ed BDO

    Bibby Staffing Finance | Wolfe, Neil VP, Business Development

    Bingham Consulting Professionals LLC | Bingham, Amy Managing Partner

    Bond International Software Inc. | Giehll, Tim CMO

    Bond International Software Inc. | Kaine, Mike Sales Manager

    Bond International Software Inc. | McCutchen, Phil Marketing Manager

    Bond International Software Inc. | OBrien, Robert Director, Operations

    Bond International Software Inc. | Prince, Leslie VP, Sales

    Bond International Software Inc. | Richardson, Daniel Group Chief Technology Officer

    Bond International Software Inc. | Taylor, Steve President/CEO

    Bond International Software Inc. | Wurst, Susan Client Services Manager

    Bond International Software plc | Morrison, Bruce Group CFO

    Bond International Software plc | Russell, Steve Group Chief Executive

    Bridgeware Systems | Maddi, Jim Director, Sales/Marketing

    Bridgeware Systems | McMahon, Phil VP

    Bright Services | Kreskowski, Mark VP, Sales & Operations

    Brightfield Strategies LLC | Ezratty, Jason Managing Partner

    Brightwing | Conrad, Adam Director, Recruiting Operations

    Brightwing | Opitz, George President

    Broadbean Technology | Robinson, Kelly CEO

    Brooke Companies Inc. | Krohn, Susan President

    Brooke Companies Inc. | Miller, Bryant President

    Bullhorn Inc. | Hally, Andrew VP, Marketing

    Bullhorn Inc. | Kramer, Rolf Enterprise Sales Director

    Bullhorn Inc. | OBrien, Matt Director, North American Staffing Sales

    Bullhorn Inc. | Papas, Art CEO

    Bullhorn Inc. | Perozek, Mike Director, Strategic Accounts

    Bullhorn Inc. | Worswick, Nick VP, Worldwide Sales

    Bullhorn Inc. | Zellmer, Carrie Strategic Account Director

    Burnett Staffing Specialists | Burnett, Rick VP/Regional Manager

    Burnett Staffing Specialists | Burnett, Rusty CFO/EVP

    Burnett Staffing Specialists | Burnett, Sue President


    Call-Em-All LLC | Arnold, Adam Director, Business Development

    Call-Em-All LLC | Herrmann, Brad President

    CampusPoint | Owen, Griffith President/CEO

    Capital Consultants Inc. | Landry, Russell President

    CareerBliss | Biggar, Marcia Global Director, Strategic Partnerships

    CareerBliss | Dwyer, Jim Global Director, Strategic Partnerships


  • 650.390.6200 1975W.ElCaminoReal,Suite304,MountainView,CA94040 75

    CareerBuilder | Cerny, Steve Senior Sales Manager

    CareerBuilder | Demaio, Mark Regional Sales Manager

    CareerBuilder | Fairchild, Katherine Marketing Manager

    CareerBuilder | Katz, Jonathan Sales Director

    CareerBuilder | Keefner, Gretchen National Account Director

    CareerBuilder | Laksana, Pamela Regional Sales Manager

    CareerBuilder | Maly, Jon Regional Sales Manager

    CareerBuilder | Skerrett, Chris Regional Sales Manager

    CareerBuilder | Vidmar, Natalia Business Development Manager

    CareerBuilder | Wagner, Andrea Director, National Sales

    CDI Corp. | Carroll, Donna SVP, Sales

    CDI Corp. | Thullner, Greg SVP/President, Professional Staffing Services

    CDI Corp. | Zetusky, Ed Global VP

    Celarity Inc. | Arnold, John Partner

    Celarity Inc. | Arnold, Robert Account Manager

    Cerius Interim Executive Solutions | McAlister, Kristen President

    Cerius Interim Executive Solutions | Wasley, Pamela CEO

    Charted Path