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  • 1. CHAPTER V KERALA STATE HOUSING BOARD - AN OVER VIEW 5.1 K.S.H.B - STRUCTURE AND FUNCTIONS: The Kerala State Housing Board(KSHB)was establishedin 1971 as per the Kerala State Housing BoardAct 1971, merging the erstwhile city ImprovementTrust. The KSHB is one of the premier Housing Boards in India and is rendering meritorious service to the public in acquiring a shelter. The KSHB provided houses for nearly 5 lakhfamilies, over the past 25 years under various schemes, out of which 85 percent belong to the economicallyweaker sections. The missionof the HousingBoardis to providea habitableshelter to all houseless inthe state. The state of Kerala requiresat leasttwo lakhhousesevery year to sort out the problem of housingshortage. To achievethe goal of shelter for all by the end of this century, Kerala Government has envisaged a comprehensiveprogramme styled Rajiv One Million HousingScheme. It coversallthe schemes beingimplementedbythe several housingagencies in the state. Kerala State HousingBoardhas beennominatedasthe nodal agency for the successfulimplementationof this scheme. KSHBhasevolvedseveral resultorientedschemesinorderto tackle this s~tuat~oneffectively. KSHBpays greater attentionto building houses for the weaker sections in society. HousingComplexfor rehabilitatingthe houselessand landless merits special mention.Takingthe enormity of the problem faced by the EWS into consideration in addition to meetingthe

2. housing shortage, the Government has taken steps by concentrating in upgradingand improvingthefacilities of housesconstructedunderthe One Lakh Housing Scheme. Apart from the lack of finance, escalation in the wage rate of labourers, cost of materials, and skyrocketting price of land are factors affecting the housing sector. In this context Housing Board can be the effectiveinstrumentinthe purposefulimplementationof thisimportantsocial objectrve -that is to provide shelter to the homeless and landless. Crtres are growingfast with scant regardfor order of any sort. The rnfluxof labourersfrom rural areas to urban areas, continues unabated. Eventuallythey happento settle down inthe city and its suburbs. To ease the pressure upon the city and thereby slow down the inflow of people, Government, has evolved a scheme to establish satellite town ships in Thrruvananthapuram, Ernakulamand Kozhikode.The first of its kind has come rnto berngat Tripunrthuranear Ernakulam. The Government has entrustedthe work to Kerala State Housing Board. The Government has entrusted the Boardwith the constructionof revenuetowers at Taluk headquarters. Thework of seven RevenueTowers has already started as the first phase. As regardsthe organisationalstructurethe KSHBhas 15members headed by a non-official chairman. The Housing Commissioner to the Government is the ex-officio secretary to the Board and is the Chief Execut~veThe whole state is divided into three regions namely Th~ruvananthapuram,Ernakulam, Kozhikodeandeach region is headed by a regronal Engineer. The RegionalEngineersare underthe controlof a 3. Chief Engineerstationedat Thiruvananthapuram.The Boardhas district offices in allfourteen districtsand branchoffices in important centres. Kerala has beenmakingconcertedeffortsto tideover the crises by lntroducrngcost effectivetechnology inthefield. Attempts are beingmade to encouragepeopleto makejudicious useof wood so as to helpconserve energy Importancehas beengivento build housesfor theweaker section usingcost effective methodsand utilisinglocallyavailable materials. It is estimatedthat outof 54.59lakhhouses,about20%arethatched huts of a semipermanent nature. About 50% of the above category are substandard hutswhich are notfit for safe humanliving. Inadditions, about 5%of the ex~stinghouses requiredto be demolishedand reconstructed. Thus the demandfor housingduringthe year 1991was 8.74 lakhs. The KSHB continues its activities to ease the housing problem. lnnovatlveand need basedschemesfor all categoriesof the society are implementedbythe board. Publichousingschemeand cashloanschemes haveprideof placeamongthem. Witha viewto implementa comprehensive plancoveringthe housingneedsof allcategories, Rajivone MillionHousing Scheme was launchedby the Government of Kerala on 17thSeptember 1991.All the schemes implementedby the public sector agencieswere brought underthe Rajivone Million Housing Scheme. The progressand implementationwithin the years 1991-1995was substantla1that nearly 3.5 lakhhousing units could be completed during this period. Of thisthe shareof KeralaState HousingBoardaloneis65,000 hous~ngunits. A total amount of Rs. 456.28 crores was invested in the Housingsector duringthis period. 4. Kerala State HousingBoardcould achievehigh performancelevel In the implementationof Rajiv one Million Housingscheme. Anumber of stepswere taken to improvethe performanceof the board. Nearly 19public hous~ngschemes were completed and 51 schemes were started. Many policy decisions were taken duringthe year 1991-1994which helpedthe turnaround of the Board. Direct purchase of land, exemptionfrom stamp duty, interest subsidy for EWS category, finalisation of Apartment RegulationAct, decentralisation,special cellfor recovery of dues, issue of sale deeds, allotment before construction, streamlining of loan disbursement,finalisation of pendingannual accounts etc. are important among them. When thousands of people became homeless due to the earth quake in Maharashtrathe Boardvolunteeredto take up construction of 200 houses in Lathur for the victims. HUDCO has acclaimed KSHB as the best housingagency during 1992-93,94-95 and 96-97for itsinnovativehousingschemes, contribution to weaker section housing, financial discipline and overall performance. The Boardearned profits for the years 1991-96and is ranked as the 6th organisation in profitability among the 101 public sector undertakings in the state ' 5.2 SCHEMES OF KSHB IN THE YEAR 2000 :- The people's campaignfor the 9th five year plan, the instruments for decentralisedplanning in Kerala has been progressingsatisfactorily with the help of the local bodies.Till recently,the housingactivities were 1 Kerala State HousingBoard 1995-1996. Silver Jubilee year Report of the Chairman V.T. Sebastian and Secretary P.M.John, p.1,2,3 Santhi Nagar,Trivandmm. 5. done by various agenciesmainly bythe KeralaState HousingBoard. Now the prime role has beentransferred to the local bodies consisting of 990 Grama Panchayats,55 Municipalities,3 MunicipalCorporations,152block Panchayats, and 14 district Panchayats. They are entrusted with the responsibility of assessing housing demand, estimating resource fund mobilisationof localskills andbuildingmaterials, identifyingbeneficiaries, implementingand monitoringhousingschemes and projects. The State Government has constituteda task force on housingto draw up integrateddevelopmentprogrammesfor the housingsector. They have assessed the demandfor houses as 7 lakhs by the year 2000 AD. Accordingto the statisticsof the planningboard9 lakhhouseshavealready been constructedbetween 1991and 1998.In order to achieve"Housefor All by2002."Keralamayhaveto construct 1.72 lakhhouses every year till 2002. Consideringthe gravity of the problem,the ninthfive year plan has formulatedpolicies keeping in view the problems of the poorer sections. The Ma~thriHousing Scheme launched by the Government of Kerala to provide one lakh new housesfor the poor belongingto the economically weaker sections every year, satisfiesone of the mostbasicneeds of our soc~ety.All our programmes for constructionof new housesare directed towards improvingthe qualityof lifefor the peopleproposingto liveinthem. Though primeimportanceis givento the economicallyweaker sections of the society provisionof housesfor other sectors likeLIG,MIG, HIG Rental HousingScheme for Governmentemployeesetc. are also implemented. The Governmentof Keralaproposedto coverthe demandfor houses during the years 1999-2002of the IX plan by a comprehensive housing scheme through various agenciesas follows: 6. 228 Table 5.2.1 ./ Housing Agencies and the housesto be constructed I Kerala State Housing Board Kerala State Co-operative Housing Federation Kerala State Development Corporationfor SCIST, STISC Development Department Rural DevelopmentCommissionerate Housing Finance Institutions,HDFC, LIC, Bank Housing Scheme through CDSfor urban poor SI No. Total ~ -- - - - Source: Housing activities in Kerala (Brief Note) 1999 HousingAgency The Housing Commissionerate under the control of the housing commissioner is the nodal department for Co-ordinating the housing schemes of all agenciesto achievethe goal. Kerala State HousingBoard, beingthe premierhousingagency of the state andfore runnerin providing the hous~ngrequirementsof the statewas nominatedas the NodalAgency for the implementation of various housing schemes. While private developers are the major suppliers of housing in major urban centres, housingfor the poor remainsoutsidethe formal private delivery system. Hence much remainsto be done in designing andfinancing low income housing " Housesto be constructed 2 A brief note on Housing activitiesin Kerala pp. 1-2, 1999 office of the HousingCotTWIiSSion, Trivandrum. 7. The primary objective of the Housing Board is to formulate and ~mplementvarious housingconstruction schemes, aswell as housingloan schemesfor catering to the housingneedsof public, belongingto various incomegroups namely,weaker sections, lowincomegroup, middle income group and high income group. In addition to this, General improvement schemes like commercial cum office complex, Government directed schemes like rental housing schemes, slum improvement schemes, housing complexes for EWS, Rehabilitation housing scheme, revenue towers etc.Taking construction work of otheragenciesalsoforms part of the activ~tiesof the Board.A briefnote on various housingschemes and cash loan schemes implemented by the Kerala State Housing Board is furnishedbelow: