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    aashish lowanshi 12:13:00 PM Extra stuff , Interesting News

    Batman vs Superman is the most anticipated movie of this year,considering their extraordinary powers raises an immortal question inevery fan's mind. who is better ,Batman or Superman ?? Who will win thefight??

    Batman is better than Superman.Yes you read that correctly.And it's not a joke either.And It can be proved.


    Batman vs Superman |what makes Batman a better characterthan Superman

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  • Checkout this video for some of the most interesting scenes from Batmanvs Superman

    Batman vs superman Deleted Scenes

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  • Batman epitomizes what it means to be a hero. By definition a superhero issomeone who is exceptionally skillful or successful, as Batman has provenin many a venture.

    Bruce Wayne without accolade or any notoriety preserves the well being ofGotham City and defends the lives of its citizenry. He does not owe anycitizen of Gotham a single thing, and altruistically acts for those whocannot stand up for themselves.

    He has also on numerous occasion defeated many foes who possess superabilities with his superior wit, critical thinking skills, weaponry, and cunningabilities.

    Batman is the world's greatest detective mate. He knows all the martialarts in the world(Even creating a new one himself) and knows pressurepoints. Remove Superman's powers he's just a weak ass man who can'tfight. Remove Bat's money he's still Batman, remove his gadgets he's stillBatman, remove his suit he's still Batman, remove his fighting skills he'sthen just a weak man.

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  • The fight doesn't come down to the physical but more of the psychological.Batman is probably one of the most powerful superheroes there is in theDC universe.But Superman can turns back time and make sure Bruce dies in that alley.The End.""

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    Yes Superman can shoot laser out his eyes and fly so fast he can turn backtime, but he's too nice and he goes in head first. Superman is muchpowerful than Batman and but Batman is smart and a way better planner .

    Superman is way more morally guided than Batman is. Superman believeseveryone is good because of the way he was raised. His parents sacrificedthemselves, then he was raised by the Kents.

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  • Batman knows there is evil in everyone (no matter race, religion, orspecies) because his parents were taken from him and the way peoplehandled him after they were gone. He spent time in the crime worldlistening to good men explain why they were doing bad things. Batmanknows the evil that lurks in the hearts of man, while Superman believes inthe good of mankind and that is why Batman wins. Knowledge over belief.

    Batman comes up with a strategy too neutralize his enemies. Supermandoesn't do that. and so the fight has always been able to go either way, buta straight up brawl is Superman all day.

    If you read the comics Batman actually beats Superman it's not about thepowers, it's how you use them and Batman was able to beat super manusing super mans weakness kryptonite with a one armed friend calledgreen arrow, Batman beats him by smarts.

    It's not the speed or power that gives Superman the edge over batman butit's reaction timing, martial arts mastery, and strategy genius that BruceWayne has that makes him the best! If you've got a plan he has 100 plans!

    Batman is rich, that's the strongest super power known to man....

    And Superman isn't a MAN, like he came from another planet ,he's anAlien, so he really has no right over Batman to call himself "Superman",he's really just a "Normal Alien".

    Superman relies to much on his "Alien" powers. With out them he wouldn'tknow what to do.

    When it comes down to it, batman will win because he should win. Wecheer for the underdog; the human without powers standing up to a god.We want to believe that to the best of humanity, nothing is

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  • insurmountable.

    Otherwise it's just the biggest kid on the playground beating up all thesmaller kids.

    As a character batman is far more interesting anyway. He has to think hisway through things, not just the fact that he has almost every super powerunder the sun.

    No one wants to see Superman beat up an unaltered human, just like noone wants to watch batman beat up a dog.

    What are your views on it ???

    Please share

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