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ATECO TANK TECHNOLOGY COMPANYATECO Presentation Presented by:Brian Quinn B.Sc. C.Eng.Director International Operations - ATECO UK Ltd

Ateco Company Profile

Aluminium Dome RoofAluminium Flat Roof for Bolted Panel Tanks

Aluminium Internal Floating RoofPontoon Full Contact

Primary Seal SystemsWeighted Pantograph Pusher Plate Double Compresion Plate Foam Log

Secondary Seal System & Internal Foam DamCompresion Plate

Internal Floating Roof SealsInspection and Supervision Services


Contact DetailsCONTENTS

ATECO is a privately owned company employng around 120 personnel Head office and modern fully automated manufacturing facilities in Turkey Conveniently located in the center of Europe with easy access to competitive international shipping routes.

ATECO COMPANY PROFILEATECO operate worldwide through a network of agents and distributors

We have sales and marketing offices in and the UK.

Aluminum Dome Roofs

Aluminum Flat Roofs for Bolted Tanks

Internal Floating Roofs for Fixed Roof Tanks

Tank Seal Systems

ATECO design and manufacture storage tankage equipment:

Our sister company AKTEK design and manufacturea range of storage tank products-

Roof Drain System - Legs Seals and Leg SocksFire Suppression Systems - Lightning Protection Systems RES 2000 Floating Suction Units

Miscellaneous Tank Equipment including:

Pressure/Vacuum Vent - Gauge Hatch Emergency Vents Rim VentsManhole Covers - Free Vents Flame Arresters

ATECO specialize in the design and manufacture of storage tankage equipment for hydrocarbon liquid above ground vertical storage tanks.

ATECO does outsource design or manufacturing

Ateco aim to secure all our material from within Europe.

ATECO design and manufacture n compliance

with most of the internationally recognized

Standards and Codes including:-


Certification Engineer requirements such as Loyds,

SGS, DNV, etc.

Ateco is an iso 9001 company

Quality Philosophy:-

GET IT RIGHT FIRST TIMEAteco has been in business for more than 30 years

Supplier of choice for most of the international ol refnery and termnal operating companies.


Aluminum alloy is one of the worlds most commonly used metals.

Lightness - Strength - Excellent Corrosion Resistance The ATECO aluminum dome roof is a system of:-triangular lightweight extruded profilesconnected through node pointstransmitting all the roof loads laterally to the integral tension ringthen through sliding or fixed supports to the tank shell and the tank foundation.The framework is covered with a 1.2 mm thick aluminum sheeting ALUMINUM DOME ROOF

All bolted structure and no welding is required at site for its assembly and erection

Complies with the requirements of API 650 App.G.The standard ATECO aluminum dome roof is fitted with Sliding Supports and an Integral Tension Ring. This reduces the forces being transmitted to the tank shell and generally means that there is no significant modification required to the tank.

Totally supported on the tank shell without any need for internal supports .Aluminum dome roof do not require painting EVER Maintenance free for the entire lifetime of the tank.

Ateco offer the following features in our standard design:

Integral Tension Ring

Sliding Supports

Free Vent Any equipment that you have on a conventional steel dome or cone roof tank can be fitted on the ATECO aluminium dome roof and without any significant modification to the equipment or the roof.The ATECO dome roof ratio (dome height : tank diameter) is about1:6.ATECO aluminum dome roof can be designed to support a suspended aluminum internal floating roof.

ATECO Dome Roof Material Specification

Main Extruded Box Section (typically 150 mm deep), Node Points & Tension RingAA 6061 T6 / AA 6065 T5 Mill Finish

Roof SheetsA 3003 H16 1.2 mm (0.05 ins.) nominal thickness Mill Finish

Sliding or Fixed SupportCarbon and Stainless SteelNuts & BoltsStainless Steel 300Friction/Bearing PadsStainless SteelBatten GasketsExtruded EDPMSealant Node Point Covers, etc.Low Modulus SiliconBird Screen (Open Vented Dome Roof)Aluminum Expanded Metal with punched slotted holes 63.5 mm (1.5ins)Electrical Grounding3.2 mm (1/8 ins.) nominal thickness SS Cable

Main Dome Support Profile, Batten Bar and four Sealing GasketsNode Point and Cover PlateNode Point, Lock Bolts &Main Dome Support ProfilesNode Point, Sliding Support & Dome Cover SheetDesign Features of the ATECO Aluminum Dome Roof

ATECO can supply all the necessary assembly and erection equipmentAssembly inside or outside the tank - lifted using either a system of pulley blocks or a craneIf using the jacking method to erect the tank, the Dome Roof is fitted on the top course and jacked up with the shellDome assembly on top of a floating roof

Erection of the ATECO Aluminum Dome Roof

ATECO aluminium dome roof is a self-supporting structure ATECO aluminium dome roof lightweight construction means that when fitting on an existing external floating roof tank it is not normally necessary to reinforce the tank shellATECO aluminium dome roof is fitted with an Integral Tension Ring to avoid any additional stiffening requirement of the tank shellATECO aluminium dome roof does not require painting, EVER - in this respect it can be considered as maintenance free for the entire lifetime of the tankMain advantages of the ATECO Aluminum Dome Roof

Bolted construction makes site assembly quick and easycompletely prefabricated panels incorporating factory applied surface protection

ATECO supply an aluminum and galvanzed steel formed flat panel roof for bolted tanks in accordance with AWWA and API 12BPivot hinged connection to the tank shell

light weight

does not require internal supports

desgned for a combned Dead Load and Snow Load of 85kgs per sq. meter.

Dome and Flat Roofs for Bolted Panel TanksFor smaller diameter tanks they are generally more competitive than a steel welded tank

Hanger Spruce Goose AirplaneThe Astrodome in Houston is 200 meters diameter.

Geodesic means the shortest line between two points on a curved surface.

Mr Buckminister Fuller from USA developed the principal of the geodesic dome in the 1940s primarily for social housing .

The aluminum dome roof used on tanks is not strictly geodesic - the main profile beams are connected at node points on the surface of a sphere.

South Pole Research Station has an aluminum dome roofDISCLAIMERATECO does not claim or imply that photographs in this presentation are all from ATECO projects

Mr Buckminster Fuller in front of the US Pavilion in Montreal, Canada for EXPO 67 the first geodesic dome structure built!

Grain Storage Aluminum Dome Roofs


ATECO offer as standard a simple double

polyethylene foam seal on all internal floating roofs ease of assembly and installation - all component parts pass through a standard tank shell manhole

no welding at site - complete installation can normally be carried out in a matter of weeks

can accommodate both primary mechanical shoe

seal and a secondary seal

Internal Floating Roofs are installed in Fixed Roof Tanks to control the vapour emissions from volatile hydrocarbon liquids.

The pontoon type has the most cost effect features:-

ATECO offer pontoon and full contact types, that meet and in most cases

exceed the requirements of API 650 Appendix H.

Although there is a fundamental difference in the design of each type of roof, many of their features and accessories are the same.

Selection is primarily based upon the preference of the owner.

The Ateco Robust Pontoon Aluminum Internal Floating Roof has 254 mm (10 ins) dia. X 2.5 mm thick extruded aluminum alloy pontoons - 0.5 mm thick aluminum sheet. Designed to withstand loads up to 500 lbs/sq.ft.

The Ateco Ultimate Pontoon Aluminum Internal Floating Roof has 200 mm (8ins) dia. X 2 mm thick extruded aluminium alloy pontoons - 0.5 mm thick aluminium sheet. Designed to withstand loads up to 500 lbs/sq. ft

The pontoons are an integral component of the basic structure The pontoons are suspended from the basic structure

The Ateco Ultra 2000 Internal Floating Roof is an upgrade to the very successful ATECO Ultimate Internal Floating Roof can accommodate storage tanks with a high frequency of filling and discharge of product.

Designed to withstand loads up to 1000 lbs/sq. ft.

Installation all ATECO pontoon type of internal floating roofs is quick and efficient as it is sent to site completely prefabricated, no welding is required to complete the assembly and all component parts fit through a standard tank 24 ins shell manway.



ATECO offer the following design of full contact internal floating roof: - ATECO OpenDeck - Pan TypeThe ATECO OpenDeck Internal Floating Roof features include:-

manufactured in either aluminum or stainless steel

product vapors or liquid cannot leak nto or be trapped in buoyancy chambers

completely prefabricated panels are bolted together at site

A very efficient and cost eff