At The Forefront of Advanced Material Science & Technology Synthesis,...

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At The Forefront of Advanced Material Science & Technology Synthesis, Fabrication and Sale of High Performance Specialty Components. Surmet Corporation. Founded in 1982 On A Simple Business Premise: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of At The Forefront of Advanced Material Science & Technology Synthesis,...

Diamond Replicated Optics

At The Forefront of Advanced Material Science & Technology

Synthesis, Fabrication and Sale of High Performance Specialty Components

Surmet Corporation Founded in 1982 On ASimple Business Premise:

Currently Used Materials Are Not Adequate To Meet The Challenges of Tomorrows Machines and Systems

Corporate Mission

To Provide Working Solutions that Translate into Significant Performance Advantage at a Reasonable Cost

We are an Advanced Materials Solutions company. We invent solutions to your material related problems and we take Laboratory Inventions to the Production Floor

We Clearly Understand and Meet The Needs of Customers.

We have total Commitment to Customers success We Deliver unique and measurable performance advantage to customers

We Provide Solutions based on Advanced materials and Cost effective manufacturing process innovations

At Surmet, we are at the Forefront of Advanced Material Science &Technology. We Synthesize, Fabricate and Sell High Performance Specialty Components

Business PhilosophyOur Legacy BusinessWe developed innovative process and became the leading Manufacturer of Advanced Electrostatic Clamps to hold Silicon Wafers for Semi conductor Industry. These clamps are still the global standard without competition

We also invented and became the leading supplier of Coated (UHP Silicon) machine Components for Micro-chip Processing Chambers. Contamination control, a constant ongoing concern, is the objective here.

We also invented and developed a process to deposited thick (over one hundred microns thick) Amorphous Silicon surfacing for Space Mirror Applications. This silicon is amenable to single point diamond turning. Surmet in 2002/2003Acquired ALON Optical Ceramics Technology from Raytheon 2002Acquired Technical Ceramics Facilities from MA-COM 2003 (Buffalo, NY)Formerly Advanced Refractory Technologies (ART) BuffaloAcquired Precise Surface Finishing Established Surmet Precision Optics, December 2003 (Murrieta, CA)

Corporate Divestiture In order to focus on Optical Ceramics development, we executed a successful Corporate Divestiture in 2007

We sold our highly profitable and thriving Semiconductor Division with thirty ex-employees to Publicly traded Entegris Inc. The divested Business Unit is flourishing with the new owners and Ours is the most Profitable Division in 2010 & 2011 for the acquirer. ALON Armor which is more Effective than Glass Laminates at Half the weight. ALON is the Top Choice for Light Weight Transparent Armor Applications. It is ready for large scale insertion in defense and civilian systems.We are also in ALON & Spinel IR precision Optics business (Domes & Reconnaissance Windows) We are also in Al N Thermal Management Products Business

Our current Market Focus9Surmets Specialty Optical CeramicsSurmets Specialty Optical Ceramics have Multi Industry Applications Potential, such as Military, Bio-medical, Chemical, Energy & Lighting, Semi-conductor among others.

For lightweight poly crystalline Transparent ceramic Armor applications ALON is the leading candidate. There are many advantages : Low Cost, High Quality ALON Powder in tonnage quantities are synthesized at Surmet. Ultra high purity ALON powder is manufactured in-house using a robust and cost effective manufacturing process 10

PowderFormingHeat TreatmentOptical Fabrication

ALON and Spinel Are Made By Conventional Powder Processing TechniquesALON is Being Produced By The Metric Ton11

ALONSpinelTri-Mode Seeker dome requires transmission at 1.06um, 3-5um, RFBaseline dome is monolithic ALON or Spinel- Surmet can produce both materialsSome fraction of domes require embedded metallic grids- Surmet is only company with mature technology to produce gridded domesJAGMALON and Spinel Tri-Mode Seeker Domes for Joint Air to Ground Missile

Tri-Mode SeekerSurmets ALON and Spinel domes have met stringent ppm level homogeneity requirement for JAGM1250 Cal M2AP Ballistic Testing

Bullet was shattered and stopped by ALON Armor

Bullet penetrated glass laminate and 5 phone booksExit hole1.6-in thickALONLaminate3.6-in thickGlassLaminateHigh speed shot sequencePassFail13ALON Transparent Armor ApplicationsSurmet provides threat specific laminate solutions and complete armor products

One-half the weight and thickness of glass armorALON transparent armor has demonstrated superior performance for NVGsSurmet has production orders for premium armor productsAerospace customers, products driven by weight and aestheticsHave obtained FAA Certification for ALON armor productsALON transparent armor installed in a flying aircraft

Surmet is developing transparent armor solutions for several ground vehicle applications Special Operations vehiclesGunner protection kitsMilitary vehicles under development

We have obtained Secret clearances to facilitate work on classified programs

14Thermal Management Aluminum nitride powders for thermal management applications in emerging Optoelectronics and Power electronics Microwave multilayer applications High thermal conductivity and dielectric strength adhesivesDensified AlN substrates and multilayer boards15Aluminum Nitride PowdersCommercial suppler of AlN powdersHigh purityHigh thermal conductivityHigh electrical resistivityWater resistant grades availableGrades with various particle sizesCurrent production capacity 1,000 kg/wk

Optoelectronics thermal management applicationsAdd to resins to increase thermal conductivityDensify to produce AlN single or multilayer substratesAl or Cu matrix MMC substrates

16Surmet FacilitiesFacilities in MASurmet Headquarters (6,000 sq ft)18 A St R&D and Manufacturing Facility (4,000 sq ft)Ceramics Production Facility (8,000 sq ft)Buffalo, NY facility (75,000 sq ft) for powder production and ceramics processing Murrieta, CA facility (6,250 sq ft) for precision military optics fabricationManagement PrinciplesSurmet adheres to clear and strict Management Principles

Manage Finances Extremely Responsibly

Focus on Growth via Innovation and New Products Development

Develop and Maintain Small Business Culture of InnovationBusiness PhilosophyAt All Times Conduct Business with Total Integrity, Honesty, Humility & Gratitude

Is Vibrant, Profitable & Cash Flow PositiveIs a Growing Enterprise No Legal Liabilities ISO 9001:2008 Certified Clean Balance SheetMulti year Audited Financial Statements

AndSurmet is a Powerhouse of Advanced Material Technologies Highly Qualified and Enthusiastic, Problem Solving Team.What can Surmet do for you?

Surmet Today

Surmet CorporationThank You!