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Assure Model. By: Bunantie Cain And Alecia Harris. Components of the Assure Model. Six components : Analyze learners State Objectives Select, modify, design Methods, Media, and Materials Utilize Methods, Media, and Materials Require Learner Participation Evaluate and Revise. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Assure Model

Assure ModelBy: Bunantie Cain AndAlecia HarrisSix components :Analyze learners

State Objectives

Select, modify, design Methods, Media, and Materials

Utilize Methods, Media, and Materials

Require Learner Participation

Evaluate and ReviseComponents of the Assure Modelthe learners are assess and described under factors such as: genderage level socioeconomic factorsexceptionalities culture learning styles

Analyze LearnerMultiple intelligences: Bodily Kinesthetic, visual/ spatial, musical, verbal linguistics

Age group: from 15-17

Gender: predominantly females

Socioeconomic background: middle class to low incomeEthnicity: Black Jamaican

Disabilities: none that are evident; however, three females wear classesLearners within the groupThese are statements of what the learners will do as a result of the instruction they will receive

must focus on the learner and not the teacherMust follow the ABCD method

A- Audience (Specify the learner)

B- Behaviour (what must the learners do)

C- Condition(the circumstances that the learners will demonstrate the skills)

D- Degree (how well do you want the learners to demonstrate the skills learned)State objectivesStudentsStudentsstudentsObjective for this lessonThis is where the instructor bridge the gap between audience and objectives

Decide what method to utilized to meet the objectivesMedia selection :-base on students needs-must be appropriate-should account for learning styles - should motivate and hold interest Select, modify, design Methods, Media and MaterialsMethod used is group work

Media: website, You-tube

Materials: ComputerInternetgamesWeb questGoogle DrivePowerPoint Presentation Windows Movie makerMethods, Media and MaterialsPlan how your going to implement the media and methods

Describe in details how each will be use

Utilize Methods, Media and MaterialsStudents will be directed towards the website:

Then they will view a PowerPoint Presentation on the topic to be taught- Food Chain and Web

They will then be directed to look at the videos located on the website on food chain and web

The students go to the games section and participate in the three games located there

The students will then be asked to look at the slide show on the website and then utilized one of the organisms present to create their own food chain and web

The chain and web created will then be presented in the form of a Google document, PowerPoint Presentation or a Movie

How the methods, media and materials are usedHow to get the learners actively and individually involved in the lesson e.g. Group work Games presentations skitsAllow learners to manipulate the information

Give the learners time with the information

Require Learner participationThe learners within this group will participate in the lesson by:

Playing three games

By defining and construct food chain and web by utilizing: PowerPoint Presentation, Windows Movie Maker, Google DriveHow will the learners participate?Describe how you will, in the future, measure:

-whether the lesson objectives were met

- the effectiveness of the media and the instructionEvaluate and ReviseStudents will evaluate the teachers performances by utilizing the Blog on the website

The teacher will evaluate the students performance by using a rubric to assess the quality of the work providedEvaluation of this lesson