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Transcript of Assignment 32 ancillary mood boards

  • 1. Assignment 32 Ancillary Mood Board Jodie Foster-Pilia Abigail Menzies Pamela Younes Laura Cuk

2. DPS Mood Boards 3. Graphic mood board 4. Orange graphic used behind pull quote, to make the quote stand out Yellow graphic used behind text, this is probably the most important text on the whole page Graphics on page, prevents page from looking boring and ensures it is eye catching instead Yellow Graphic is used for stand first Green graphics is used at bottom of page to go with the green theme on page. Large graphic in middle of page, immediately captures attention ( this causes visual hierarchy as this is where reader looks first) Pink graphic used at top of page to distract from black background, so audience read the text on it 5. Layout & DesignDouble Page Spread what i like is that the image is a half spread, which can make it visual and more easier to read and understand the double page spread i like the way the heading overlaps the image on the other half of the spread. gives it a better of a design, so i might use that in my ancillary i like the way the text also is on the image, but has a transparent text box baling the audience to view the image whilst reading. might use that kind of layout in our ancillary i like how there is graphics n the background as it is linked the spread. might be due to lines on a map as there is a sea and can be linked to that which makes the spread more exciting and makes it more interesting to read this looks simple but the simplicity of it makes the spread look better and well organises. as the photograph is light and the clothes are light coloured it would match the spread. by matching the image and the spread colour can make the spread look more presentable i like how the text is in an angle and so is the photograph, by matching the image and the photograph can make the spread look more creative and interesting as the photograph and the text match 6. Text By creating this vines effect on text it relates to the overall topic of the article The close spacing between the words and lines allows the letters to connect with each other but still remain neat Difference in the heading title size, changes the visual hierarchy and allows the reader to focus on yellow writing This is text that many game players would be familiar with would catch the target audiences eye The spacing of the letter and boldness of font draws the audiences attention to the title The slanted letters relates to what the text states Very unconventional as the pull quote is the title but its a creative idea The cursive font suggest its for a female audience Font style looks very retro and could be associated with retro old video games 7. Body text Use of bold, italics to highlight each subtopic Use of graphics to create banner for each subtopic First letter of each paragraph is coloured red is emphasise where each new paragraph starts Lines are used to divide each column Columns have equal space between them Body text follows shape of images in the article Text is placed in the middle of the page which is unusual but looks neat on the DPS 8. Advert Mood Boards 9. Colour scheme mood board 10. Yellow orange and white, give a happy, joyful feel to the page Subtle blues and greens enable page to look neutral, and not too in your face The theme is purple, red and black giving a feel of night life Red and white id the theme, red prevents white page from looking bland Page is mostly black but has spots of colour, to prevent page from looking dull Pink and blue, makes the page appear quite feminine Green and black is the colour theme 11. Layout & DesignAdvertisement what these channel 4 adverts have in common is that they are all split. and that makes the advert creative and the audience start to question who are these people that would create one person this particular advert is split between 2 people and its about them. i can use this idea as the female and male would join in as one as we both talk about them in our documentary series the logo is normally on the side of the advertisement, and it matches the graphics where the text is. this would make the advertisement more presentable as there are random colours which can disturb the audience where to look at, so it balances out where the audience would look at the advertisement this advertisement is different than the others. this one shows there full face but shows them all separately in one advertisement. but also uses the same colour of the logo and on the graphics. this would be a good idea to use in our ancillary to match the colour of the logo and the graphics 12. Text Using graphics to create white background allows audience to see black font on dark background Font size contributes to visual hierarchy as size of the font decreases as the reader would read down the page Using a bright colour for the background colour is a good idea as it make the titles of the title more eye catching Shows slogan is placed at top left corner and is a bigger font than title of show Slogan also matches cracked effect image in the background Purple background of text box and filter added to primary image matches which maintains the consistency of the ad 13. Font styleThe Tumblr font would be good to use further if we write our statistics on Tumblr, we would use this font, familiar to our audience This font from iMessage could be used because it has familiarity with our audience. This font is used in a very popular video game and links to our documentary because we chose this particular video game to show I like the broken text effect it could imply the separation of the media and audience or the broken and influenced mind of the audience form the media Again this big bold font would be eye catching for readers it would appear important and dominant on the double page spread For the question about video game effects on society, using bold headline s, this would be good for gaining an audiences attention I like the simplistic New Roman Times font because it is very common to use The use of embedding images will interpret texts as they are shown on social networking sites, which is more eye catching to a audience and shown what our documentary is about 14. Text/paragraph Bold drop quotes would be good to include on the double page spread to show the statistics or for a preview of the subjects opinion Having some words bolder than the other have the effect of making it eye catching The manipulation of size of the headline visually enforces the drama somewhat creates an effect before reading the article I like the format of putting the large headline directly above the preview paragraph to the article so you look at the headline then the body text (visual hierarchy) The use of the colour coding in this paragraph would be able to highlight the major key points in the article I like the way how the headline is different in comparison to the font used in the stand first and body text underneath 15. Photography style I like the way of how the photography here has a blurred background but has capital bold red text over it implying the blame of video games effecting us. The animation shown in this image could be useful in the double page spread as to when it is mentioning the violence of video game having on video gamers This is a good wide shot of photography where we see an adult playing a game. Judging by his mise-en- scene, his facial expression highlights his frustration that he has while playing the game useful because it shows how video games effect both mentality and physicality I like how this platform of a technological device has blood on the control which can also be used to show the audience the violence of video games in GTA5/COD etc I like how this photography shows the TV screen of the video game blended in with the background of the room I like the grey colour scale in this picture, because it emphasises the lack of originality and audience influence from video game - It portrays a dark side, enforcing our point about the negativity about video games I like the way the animation is coming out the TV - the dark blue creates a creepy atmosphere we could use this technique with a video game character