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Assignment 3 - Research Paper. The Western Stars: Blanche Boles, Dairo Carillo , Feng -Ting Chiu, Gilberto Chulin Jr., Lloyd Martinez, Isaura Williams . Research Topic. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Assignment 3 - Research PaperThe Western Stars:

Blanche Boles,Dairo Carillo, Feng-Ting Chiu, Gilberto Chulin Jr., Lloyd Martinez, Isaura Williams 1How do we effectively integrate support tools, multimedia, and hypermedia into teaching and learning for the highest potential relative advantage?Research TopicIntroductionDigital Native vs. Digital Immigrant Those born into technology vs. those exposed to technology later in life

Software Support ToolsGenerate materialsCollect and analyze dataCreate graphicsHelp with planning and organizingSupport teaching and learning in content areasProvide research and references

Benefits of Software Support ToolsImprove productivity and efficiencyImprove the way the product looksImprove accuracy and save time on gathering informationProvide more help with sharing and interacting

Multimedia vs. HypermediaMultimedia products that contain functions of mixed types of media E.g. audio, video, graphic and text display

Hypermedia media that contains various relevant linkages from other information sources and supports interaction E.g. DVDs, internet browser

Educational Impacts of HypermediaTake over chalk and talk teaching methodFour chief impacts:Increased motivationFlexible learning modesDevelopment of creative and critical thinking skills Improved writing and process skills

Increased motivationEnhance lesson presentationSupport tutorial and assessmentStimulate creativityExpand learning horizons through virtual realityEncourage social networks

Learning Flexibility ToolsInternet search engines provide a wide array of information available for assignments at all timesReceive instructions at home electronically when they are not able to go to schoolCustomized products and tools to meet the needs and address students different learning stylesDevelop Creative and Critical thinking skillsInformation presented in diverse innovative mannerProvide users with experiences to learn to think outside the box and beyond the superficial lookExercise metacognitive and other problem solving skills

ConclusionSoftware support tools, multimedia and hypermedia help teachers to integrate and display information as well as to support students with a medium to enhance learning and think innovatively.