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  • 1. Assignment 16: Draft twoplanningChelsea Fashole-lukeRosalin ZeinLaura cuk

2. Rosie Zein 7479Chelsea Fashole-Luke 7357Laura Cuk 7341 3. Timeline1. Present time:conversation onFacebook betweentwo characters2. flashback: maincharacter stalking2nd character onbus filming her3. Back to presenttime: maincharacter typing oncomputer Facebook chat4. Main characterwaiting and filming2nd characteroutside shop5. Presenttime: maincharacter oncomputeragain6. Maincharacterfilming 2ndcharacterin cafe7. Presenttime sameas before8. Maincharacterwalkingpast 2ndcharacteracross road9. Endswithsentenceonscreen. 4. Storyboard 5. Script 6. Shot list 1. Mid shot of Rosie at computer 2. Close up of conversation on screen 3. Extreme close up of sentence on screen 4. Wide shot of Rosie at bus stop 5. Mid shot of Laura at bus stop 6. Pan towards Rosie 7. Long shot of bus coming towards bus stop 8. Long shot of Laura and Rosie apron bus 9. Long shot from behind walking to seats 10. Mid shot of Laura and Rosie sitting down 11. Two shot of Laura and Rosie sitting on bus 12. Match on action - close up of Rosie taking camera out of bag 13. Mid shot of Rosie opening camera 14. Over the shoulder shot of Rosie filming Laura - slight pan left 15. Mid shot from front - Rosie still filming 16. Low angle of Rosie typing on computer 17. Mid shot of Rosies hands typing on laptop 18. Long shot of Rosie standing outside Argos - Laura walks out 19. Overhead shot of Rosie typing on keyboard 20. Low angle of Rosie on computer 21. Close up of Rosie taking out camera 22. Over shoulder shot of Rosie 23. Mid shot of Laura sitting by window 24. Over shoulder shot of Rosie filming Laura 25. Close up of hands on keyboard 26. Overhead shot of Rosie on computer 27. Mid shot of Rosie on computer 28. Over shoulder shot of Rosie walking past Laura 29. Close up of sentence on screen 7. Inspiration from real filmsStory/plot/theme:- Online social interaction- Control over another character- Emotional manipulationHard Candy 8. Inspiration from real filmsStory/plot/theme:- Obsessiveness- Captivity- Stalking of a personMisery 9. Inspiration from real filmsStory/plot/theme:- The making of a social network- Life changing invention- Online interactionThe Social Network 10. Inspiration from real filmsCharacters: Hayley Stark (Ellen Paige).With the consideration of the age ofthe character, her representationconnotes her vulnerability.This stereotype is challenged becauseshe soon appears to be the moredominant role in the end.The colour used inthis scene was verysterile 11. Inspiration from real films Phone Booth:This film is very intense and suspenseful as the villain is unknown. In the film the manhas to stay on the phone with the villain, or the villain will kill his loved one however,ultimately the man knows he will die. When a stranger calls:This is a thriller film which also has a villain whos identity is unknown and this relatesto our opening sequence. In this film a teenaged girl goes over to babysit at somepeoples house and while there she starts getting calls from an unknown number.There turns out to be a masked man in the house, and the girl has to save herselfAnd the children she is babysitting. 12. Genre and conventionsConvention Explanation Example from real film1. Perception of reality The main character is unaware or hasno sense of true events that occur inthe reality outside their mind.Shutter Island2. Death of a loved one The death of a loved one causes orspurs the main character to go throughseveral actions or events, such as theneed for revenge.Memento3. Mystery/enigmas The opening sequence shows anunknown person going through variousunconventional actions, eg. Cutting theskin off their fingers.Se7en4. Mental danger to do with the mind The main character has hallucinationsor sees things that happened,differently causing them to think certainthings have happened, when in factthey have not.Black Swan5. Identity The main character is seen to havemultiple personalities, struggling tomake sense of their true identity. Thismakes it unclear to the audience,presenting enigmas such as what theirtrue personality is.IdentityPsychological Thriller 13. Genre and Conventions Genre: Psychological thrillerConvention Explanation Evidence from real filmTension music The music makes the openingsequence seem eerie andsuspensefulPsycho(the violins gets higher pitched andgives a sense of anticipation.Flashbacks Flashbacks are used to show athought or memory. Commonlyshown in black and whitelightingMomento(Momento is not filmed inchronological order Montage editing Connotes the juxtaposition ofseemingly unconnected imagesin order to create meaning.Se7en 14. Genre and conventionsConvention Explanation Example from real film1. Incorporates elements ofmystery and dramaMystery to keep the filmsuspenseful and drama toconnect with thecharacters emotionsSeven2. Deep focus on thecharacters state of mindto be able to understandthe characterPhone booth3. The film is usuallynarrated.Usually first personnarration to get an idea ofwhat is going through thecharacters mind.Momento4. The music used withinthe film is usually highpitched and eerieTo set the atmosphere of atypical thriller film.A woman in black 15. Target Audience (A)Primary Secondary ExplanationAge 15+ 25+ The main characters are teenagers.Adults will be able to educateyoung people on the dangers ofsocial media.Gender Female Male Typically aimed at females,although males could benefit fromthe message of the sequence.Race/ethnicity Western culture Eastern Europeans Issues typically represented in thewestern culture.To buy into the western culture.Social class Working class Middle class It is part of the leisure activities,whereas middle class wouldattempt to take part in theactivities of the upper class. 16. Target Audience (A): continuedPrimary Secondary ExplanationInterests/hobbies Social networking,computing, socialising,technologyStalking, The main interestspresented in theopening sequence arerelated to the socialnetwork generation.Social group Internet junkies, socialnetworkers,The McDonaldsgenerationThese people will beattracted to theconventions of thefilm, including thepresence of digitaltechnology.Sexuality heterosexual Homosexual The sexuality of thecharacters arehidden/ambiguousProfession/role Students, Parents, teachers,mentors, studentguidance counsellors,These people will beable to benefit andlearn from themessage. 17. Target Audience (B) Why would your target audience be interested in you film because of the idea/plot?Our target audience will be interested in our film because it would relate to their daily lives (e.gsocial networking and the character going about her life) and this would make it morethrilling/suspenseful. Why would your target audience be interested in your film because of the form (how thefilm is constructed= editing, transitions, music, etc)?Our target audience would be interested in the music as it would create another level to thesuspenseful atmosphere already constructed by the film itself. Why would your target audience be interested in your film because of the genre &conventions?Our target audience would be interested because the film does reinforce some conventionshowever it also develops them so they might like to see how we have changed the genresconventions to make the film more exciting for them to watch. 18. Locations: Caf sceneWe thought this would be a good place to filmbecause it would allow Rosie to be closeenough to film Laura but also far enough forLaura not to see her.We also thought it would be goodas there is a lot of natural light andit is fairly empty in the earlymorning. 19. LocationsWe picked this road because pedestrians have tostop half way and this would mean that Rosieand Laura could stand close to each other.We chose this as the location for Rosies desk as itis a bright room with a desk and it is quite big sowe are able to move around. 20. Actors/charactersName: LauraCandidate number: 7341Character name: VictimImage ofLaura incharacteras theVictim 21. Actors/charactersRosie incharacteras theStalkerName: RosieCandidate number: 7479Character name: Stalker 22. Costume/PropsBlack coat -hood hidescharactersidentityBag in whichcharacter carriescamera used torecord victimNavy bluecoatCharactersbag usedas a prop 23. Fin.