Assignment #13 Ancillary Research

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Transcript of Assignment #13 Ancillary Research

  1. 1. Chosen Level Some Could At least four adverts or more each.
  2. 2. Layout DesignCapital letter shows startof interviewImage from his showDominatingimage of thecomedianImportant quoteShowing whosbeing interviewed Web link for tickets Image of a show heRhetorical question + guest stars insmall intro
  3. 3. How Is The Layout Effective And EyeCatching? It does this by itsdominant image andthe person whos beinginterviewed popularity The sentence quotescatches your eye and isone of the first thingsyou read The placement of theimages does not drawaway from the writing
  4. 4. Style of Font The capital A tell the reader its the beginning of the interviewThe slightly bigger font forthe quotes identifies itsimportance and is one ofThe boldness of the the first things people readfrom and sizes isnoticeably the titleThe white colour stands out fromthe red background which makes itreadable
  5. 5. Photo Manipulation The cutting out of Lighting is manipulated to both people with highlight the important touch up to thepeople and the less image to portray them as intellectual
  6. 6. Organisation of InformationThe article is clear and dominant and the reader knows where to startwith the capital A The two images at the top and bottom are close to the corners which does not interferes with the articleThe writing being atthe bottom and imageall over gives thereader the chance tosee the image and thenstart reading
  7. 7. Layout DesignTitle across who pages in different colours Mini into raising a question to be answered later Different topics haveclear headingsWeb link for more info Two dominant images in relation to James Bond
  8. 8. How Is The Layout Effective And Eye Catching? The two contrasting colours Black & White catch the eyeThe position of The position ofthe text is clear the text is clearand is not over and is not overshadowed by shadowed bythe imagesthe imagesWith the two dominant images in relation to theiconic James Bond theme will draws peoplesattention
  9. 9. Style of FontFront is block bold capitals which catches the eye Into clear enough to be seen and a different size than the rest Font is smaller but big enough to readHeadings for differentsections are bigger thanthe info but smaller thanthe title so it doesnt getlost and can clearly beseen
  10. 10. Photo Manipulation Shading in the face alongWeight manipulation and with light manipulation to facial touching up to give give the illusion of a an illusion of a mysterious dashing Jamesmysterious perfect Bondwomen
  11. 11. Organisation of Information Title at the top and across both pages also different colours keeps it interestingWriting all around theimage so both can be Different topicsseen clearly have different noticeable headingsWeb link for featherinformation Dominant images are striking and captures your attention
  12. 12. Layout DesignSimple bold black titleImage relating to thearticle Small intro with a question to be Steps to become an addressed in the anorak king article QuoteArticle runs on both side Dominant image in the middle of both pages
  13. 13. How Is The Layout Effective And EyeCatching?Two images in neatly spacedallows readers eyes to see theThe titles simplicity ofmain image first followed bythe page spread the other to back up the article The placement of the words with a specific quote in the middle The dominant image in the middle catches the eye along with the other image for its different colours
  14. 14. Style of FontThe size and boldness ofthe title stand out fromthe article fontThe small info is abigger font then thetitle but bigger thanthe article making itThe bigger font for thereadable quote tells the reader its the most important partThe capital I tellthe reader wherethe article starts The font is smaller but big enough to be read
  15. 15. Photo Manipulation Also to darken the background to draw attention to different areas The lighting and colour manipulation so all features can be seen and lighting is even
  16. 16. Organisation of InformationThe title in the top rightThe image near the topcorner is bold and this corner of the page relatingone of the first things to the readingthat catches your eye The article is in a rectangle shape in appealing The image in the centre of both pages highlights its dominance
  17. 17. Double Page Magazine Spread
  18. 18. Layout DesignOne picture isfeatured on the wholeTopic titledouble page spread Title Name ofcelebrityfeatured BeginningVenue of blurb for thememorial article on the service next pageMonth and Page Number
  19. 19. Style of Font This font is There is a dancing man in the smaller but font to show an iconic movestill white soit can befollowed by the titleTitle is boldand big inwhite to stand out above the rest soVenue font is readers will really smallsee it firstjust to establishwere it is, butits notIcon is in black horizontally not to necessarilyprominent in a Hollywood movieimportantstyle font to emphasise how iconiche is
  20. 20. Style of GraphicsThe B on Brownhas a dancing manin it, to symbolise a famous dance move giving the article some character
  21. 21. Photo Manipulation Thebackground is blurring so the focus is on his face The purple ishighlightedand standsout a lot toalmostsymbolise There is a lot of contrastcelebrity on his face to emphasise royalty The features of this icon
  22. 22. Organisation of InformationThe word icon isplacedvertical The title is atalmost to the top so look like a that peoplemicrophone can identitywho the manand what the article isabout itsreally eye This text is catchingsmall on theside because its not tooimportantThe blurb comes up after the title so it is looked at afterwards
  23. 23. Double Page Magazine Spread
  24. 24. Layout DesignTitle ofSupporting images fromfeaturePicture oftwo of his famous filmsBryan Forbestaking up aActress in his page andfilms1/10thTitleDrop quote from BryanForbes Author ofarticle Month and Beginning Detailed droppage number blurb for thequote from article on the Sharon Tate next page
  25. 25. Style of FontThis font is small because they want focus on theThe font ispicture also its in white tosimilar tocontrast the black James Brown The titlethe movie name on thisHollywood type quote isfont to match yellow his profession. because hisAlso the colours name ismatch theassociatedcolours of hiswith yellow in DVD colours this article This text is small than the titleHis name is in yellow, as well and white to contrast the blackas the picture of him and thepull quote
  26. 26. Photo ManipulationThe picture of the actresshas been keptorThis picturemanipulationhas been to be in old tinged yellowmovie style to it isimply therecurrent inages when he the articleswas directing and enforced a 60s feeling or a dated feeling The colours of his DVD covershave been emphasised with the colours standing out verybold
  27. 27. Organisation of InformationAgain pictures of his films are shown tocatch attention for readers to reminisce onhis films Title is after the largepicture of thewoman to possiblyremindreader of theThese quotesmove andwould bethen read the read lasttitle being in the bottom rightBlurb is under the title so it is corner inread secondly small writing before theyturn the page
  28. 28. Double Page Magazine Spread
  29. 29. Layout Design Gappy line Title of articleTitle of theborder feature topicaround Beginning blurb for the article on the next page Author ofarticle Month and Shot from a catwalk Venuepage numberfeatures on the whole double pagespread
  30. 30. Style of FontThe title is big,bold and white(recurrent in allGQ double page spreads) toimmediatelyFont is whitecatch attentionand formal kept simpleas the pictureis the mainfeature in this Same font spreadauthor is written smaller noengaging toomuchattention
  31. 31. Style of GraphicsThere is a gappyline acrossThere is a bordering the light blue box double page under blub spread to look because there like sewingare so many pattern colours in theenforcing thecrowd so wesymbolism of can see text fashion also on the next page alot of the clothes are blue to this isto match the clothes
  32. 32. Photo ManipulationThe crowd is quite dark and dull mainly backto allow themodel to be seen first The floor isbrightened to make it lookmore appealing andThe models clothes have been contrasted so that they compliment stand out and look clean cut and high quality also bethe modelthe first thing looked at on the article by readers
  33. 33. Organisation of InformationTitle is across themiddle a littlemore to the The article isbottom not toon the right take away from side but on athe model and toblue box so it fit above thedoes still photographerscatchattention Author is just below the title to The venue is on the corner be read second to be seen just beforeturning the page its nottoo important
  34. 34. Double Page Magazine Spread
  35. 35. Layout Design Title of theTitle of articlefeature topicBeginningblurb for thearticle on thenext pageMain purpose of the article Author andMonth andAnimated pictureillustrator ofpage number that featured on thethe articlewhole double page
  36. 36. Style of FontFont is big boldConventional of GQ and different double page from the rest spreadsbeing black italso goes from small to big Short reallystatement of emphasisingpurpose ofthe size of itarticle is small just to beread beforeIn the same fontturning the used by all GQpagedouble page spreadthe words SouthKorea and JapanAuthor is in blueare bold to enforceillustrator is in Redthe countries this is to match the bright colours of the animationon bring attention to their names
  37. 37. Style of GraphicsThe wholepicture is agraphic to show thestruggle ofSouth Korea making the double pagespreadpossibly moreappealingThe graphics are