ASSAM Hall, NEDFi, Ganeshguri, Guwahati. Smart Grid Consultative Committee: - Two meetings were held

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Transcript of ASSAM Hall, NEDFi, Ganeshguri, Guwahati. Smart Grid Consultative Committee: - Two meetings were held




    FY 2015-16

  • - Page 2 -

    ANNUAL REPORT FY 2015-16




    I. The Commission

    --- Its Functions

    --- Its Vision & Mission

    --- Its Infrastructure

    --- Its Chairperson & Members

    II. Power Scenario --- An Overview

    III. Activities During the Year

     Determination of Tariff

     Regulations

     Renewable Energy & RPO Compliance

     DSM & Energy Efficiency (EE)

     Smart Grid Implementation

     Consumer Awareness

     State Advisory Committee

     State Coordination Forum

    IV. Petitions /Applications received during the Year 2015-16 & Disposed of

    V. Details of cases in which orders/ regulations of the Commission were

    challenged in Courts/Appellate Tribunal

    VI. Outcome of Regulatory Process in terms of benefit to consumers and

    development of the sector

    VII. Existing Manpower as on 31.03.2016

    VIII Meetings / Conferences & Training Programmes

    IX. Functioning of CGRFs and Ombudsman

    X. Proposed Activities for FY 2016-17.

    XI. Annual Accounts

  • - Page 3 -

    ANNUAL REPORT FY 2015-16


    I. Organizational Structure

    II. Profile of Chairperson & Members

    III. Details of Manpower of the Commission

    IV. Details of Meetings & Conferences Attended During the Year

    V. Details of Training Programmes

    VI. Miscellaneous Petitions Admitted in FY 2015-16 & Disposed of.

    . VII. Status of Renewable Energy (SHE) Projects in the State

    VIII. Activities Undertaken by the Committee on Consumer Awareness

    IX. Important DSM Initiatives Undertaken upto 2015-16.

    X. Jurisdiction & Addresses of Consumer Grievance Redressal Forums

    XI. Members of the State Advisory Committee

    XII. Annual Financial Statements

  • - Page 4 -

    ANNUAL REPORT FY 2015-16

    From the Desk of the Chairperson

    It gives me immense pleasure to share with you the highlights of activities undertaken by the Assam Electricity Regulatory Commission in its fifteenth year of service to the State. The Commission came into existence in February 2001 and since then has been endeavouring to set up a fair, transparent and objective electricity regulatory regime in the State. The Commission has taken steps for promoting efficiency and competitiveness in the electricity sector, improving the performance and financial viability of the Electricity Utilities and ensuring protection of consumer's interest. This issue of the Annual Report exhibits the multiple facets of our functioning and our continuous endeavour towards improvement of the State power sector.

    It may be worth mentioning that for FY 2015-16, the Commission did not allow any tariff

    hike for any category of consumer. Instead, the energy charge for LT agricultural consumers was

    decreased and a new category for HT temporary supply was introduced. Besides, the Commission

    issued a number of draft Regulations and Orders for promoting new and renewable energy in the

    State and for better consumer grievance redressal mechanism. A handbook titled “Charter of

    Services for Electricity Consumers” was published and distributed among electricity consumers

    across the State.

    The Commission has been persistently persuading the licensees to improve services to its

    consumers and reduce their transmission & distribution losses. Necessary directions have been

    issued from time to time to restrict distribution losses by strengthening the distribution system,

    improvement in the HT: LT ratio, elimination of theft of electricity, enhanced billing efficiency

    through introduction of prepaid meters, spot billing, MRI downloads for all HT and high value

    consumers, etc. It is now observed that with technological interventions and investments, the

    distribution company has been able to expand its consumer base, reduce distribution losses and

    improve its quality of service to consumers. These efforts need to continue to aspire to reach the

    highest global standards of quality, efficiency, operational performance and customer care.

    I would take this opportunity to express my appreciation and gratitude to all stakeholders

    including the consumers, State Government and the State power companies for their active

    cooperation in development of the power sector in the state. The Commission looks forward to

    continued support from all stakeholders in its journey of delivering consistent, competitive,

    environment friendly and sustainable growth.


    (Naba Kumar Das)

  • - Page 5 -

    ANNUAL REPORT FY 2015-16


    1. Determination of Tariff :

    The Commission issued Orders on 24th July, 2015 comprising truing up for FY 2013-14,

    Annual Performance Review for FY 2014-15 and revision of Annual Revenue Requirement

    (ARR) and determination of tariff for the State generation, transmission and distribution

    utilities for FY 2015-16 against Petitions submitted by the Companies.

    The Commission issued a number of important directives in these orders for compliance

    by the utilities within specified time frames.

    2. Review Orders on Tariff:

    The State generation, transmission and distribution utilities submitted review petitions

    against the tariff orders for FY 2015-16 issued on 24th July, 2015. Review Orders against

    these petitions were issued on 4th November 2015, 21st December 2015 and 28th

    December 2015 for transmission, generation and distribution companies respectively.

    3. Orders on Renewable Energy:

    i) The Commission issued provisional tariff order on 9th April 2015 against petition

    submitted by M/s Suryataap Energies and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (SEIPL) for

    determination of Tariff for Sale of Power from 5 MW Grid Connected Solar PV Power

    Plant of SEIPL to APDCL to be set-up at IGC, Balipara, Sonitpur district, Assam.

    ii) The AERC (Renewable Purchase Obligation and its Compliance) Regulations, 2010

    specified a trajectory for purchase of energy from renewable energy sources including

    solar energy upto 2014-15. Therefore, the Commission issued order on 20th July 2015

    for the year 2015-16 keeping the level of RPO same as in 2014-15 till the amendment

    of the above mentioned Regulations.

    4. Regulations :

    The Commission notified two new Regulations during the year. These are:

    i) AERC (Terms & Conditions for Determination of Multi Year Tariff) Regulations, 2015

    ii) AERC (Payment of Fees etc.) Regulations, 2015

    The Commission also drafted and pre-notified the following two Regulations:

    i) Draft AERC (Smart Grid) Regulations, 2015.

    ii) Draft AERC (Redressal of Consumer Grievances) Regulations, 2016.

    5. Disposal of Petitions & Miscellaneous Applications

    The Commission disposed of the following petition during FY 2015-16.

  • - Page 6 -

    ANNUAL REPORT FY 2015-16

     Imperial APGCL Power Ltd. (IAPL) filed a Petition before the Commission on 17th

    January.2015 for determination of tariff from the revived Chandrapur Thermal Power

    Station (CTPS). Order was issued by the Commission on 15th February 2016.

    Besides the above, the Commission admitted 19 miscellaneous petitions/applications

    during the year, out of which 16 were disposed of. The list of all 19 cases is appended to

    this report as Annexure VI.

    6. Meetings Held during the Year :

     State Advisory Committee: - 19th meeting was held on 08.05.2015 at the Conference

    Hall, NEDFi, Ganeshguri, Guwahati.

     Smart Grid Consultative Committee: - Two meetings were held during the year at

    the Conference Hall of the Commission in August and December, 2015.

     Committee for Consumer Awareness: - Two meetings were held during the year at the

    office premises of the Commission in May and December, 2015.

     Meeting on RPO Compliance: - A meeting was held on Renewable Purchase Obligation

    (RPO) by obligated entities on 21st March, 2016 at the Administrative Staff College,

    Khanapara, Guwahati

    7. Consumer Awareness:

     A Committee on Consumer Awareness undertook a number of initiatives for public

    awareness on electricity usage and proposed a number of initiatives for the purpose

    which will be discussed later in the report.

     The Commission published a booklet titled “Charter of Services for Electricity

    Consumers” and copies of the same were distributed among electricity consumers

    across the State. The booklet is also available in the website of the Commission.

     The Commission engaged M/s Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), Hyderabad

    as consultants to carry out a study on the functioning and effectiveness of the e