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2. Introduction Shawn A. Riley VP of APAC Kansas City &Missouri Career Hall & Riley Construction APAC Oldcastle 3. Who is APAC? Until 2006 Leading Construction Company in U.S. #1 Asphalt #5 Quarry 4. History of APAC 1900 Warren Brothers Company, the forerunner of APAC, wasfounded February 5, 1900 in Nashville, Tennessee. 1900 Frederick J. Warren filed a patent for "Bitulithic"pavement, a mixture of bitumen and aggregate. 1901 The first modern asphalt production facility was openedby the Warren Brothers in East Cambridge, MA. 1968 Ashland Oil, Inc. acquired Warren Brothers and thename changed to Ashland-Warren, Inc. 1980 the Ashland-Warren name was changed to APAC, Inc.still under the ownership of Ashland. 2006 APAC was acquired by Oldcastle Materials Group. 5. Who is Oldcastle? Subsidiary of CRH, Inc. Dublin, Ireland 2 Division Oldcastle Products Group Oldcastle Glass Oldcastle Architectural Products Oldcastle Distribution Oldcastle Precast Oldcastle Merchants Metals Oldcastle Materials Group 6. Oldcastle Materials Group Supplies aggregates, asphalt, and ready-mixconcrete, and provides paving services. Over 1200 locations Employees 17,500 44 states Over $6 billion Revenues 7. Locations 8. Why Asphalt Plants? 9. Original Design 10. First Plants 11. Modern High Production? 12. Todays Plants 13. Types of Plants Drum Plant Parallel Flow Counter Flow Double Barrel Batch Plant 14. Components of Asphalt Plant 15. Material Blending (bins) Keeps materials separated Allows operator to blend materials atrates/percentages dictated by mixdesign Weighs aggregate as it enters drumdryer Screens Aggregate 16. Drum Dryer 17. The Aggregate DryerPerforms Two Functions: 18. Drying and Mixing 19. BurnerTypes of Fuel Diesel Recycled Fuel Oil Natural Gas Propane Coal Glycerin Bio fuel Industrial By-products Food Industry By-products 20. Environmental Controls 21. Baghouse 22. Baghouse Flow 23. Early System 24. Silo System 25. Silo Systems Multiple Silos Systems 250 tons each Load Trucks Ticket System 26. Controls 27. Fully Integrated Computer SystemsFully Automated SystemsSystem Cost $250kHigh Speed InternetConnectionIntegrated with AccountingSoftwareRemote Troubleshooting 28. Costs of Production Equipment6%20121950Labor 4% FOHFOH3% RockRock3%Admixtures Fuel 1%18%LaborRock8% Sand Rock 19% 26% Asphal Sand tAsphalt AdmixSand turesAdmixtures Fuel13%Equip6%Equipment ment Fuel FuelEquipment Labor 11%Labor Asphalt Sand FOHFOH47%22%AsphaltAdmixtures 13% 0% 29. Next Project