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AspenTech Consulting Group's Act! v16 preview webinar showing the new features of this powerful release by Swiftpage

Transcript of AspenTech Act! v16 Roadshow Presentation

  • 1. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Exclusive Premier AspenTech Consulting Group, Inc. Act! v16

2. Greg Knapp President & Co-Owner Act! Certified Consultant & Trainer Marshall Knapp Senior Consultant & Co-Owner Act! Certified Consultant Tania Chahine Office Manager 734-455-7188 or 471 W. Ann Arbor Trail, Plymouth, MI 48170 Introduction 3. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Agenda Who is Swiftpage & who is AspenTech Act! Deployment Options Windows, Web, Mobile Act! v16 (2014) Feature Overview / Live Demo Act! 2011 Obsolescence Business Care Redefined Special v16 Preview Pricing HUGE Savings! Drawings and Giveaways (must be present to win) Additional Q&A 4. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Who is Swiftpage and what do they do? Swiftpage provides digital marketing and CRM solutions that help businesses grow. Email Marketing Social Media Marketing Customer Relationship Management 5. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Swiftpage Facts 11 years in the industry Over 65 Million emails sent per month 98% deliverability 85% satisfied/very satisfied with support 6. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Why Choose Swiftpage Solutions? Swiftpage delivers easy-to-use email marketing, social media marketing and contact management solutions to micro and small businesses. #1 selling contact and customer manager, enabling small businesses and sales teams to organize customer details, increase productivity, and drive results. Introducing Our Products 7. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Who is AspenTech? AspenTech is a leading provider of custom Act! CRM systems. Our purpose is to help clients create a system to manage customer data relating to sales & marketing, incorporating core business processes to accomplish your goals and meet your targets. We offer software sales, consulting, training, and support. Results-Driven CRM Since 1994! 8. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Office, Mobile, Tablet Act! Everywhere 9. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Premium Windows, Web, Mobile Database Server Remote LAN ` ` The Internet or VPN Traveling Laptop Users Remote Offices Home Users Headquarters Location Local LAN ` ` ` 10. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 New Features in Act! Mobile Groups/Companies Mobile Email Tablet Custom Views Calculated Fields Company Management History List Reschedule multiple Activities Create Lookup from Universal Search Act! Scheduler automated email notifications Web Manage fields/Design Google Chrome Support Office 2013 Support 11. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Mobile Groups & Companies 12. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Mobile Email Preferences 13. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Mobile New Tablet Views 14. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Calculated Fields New Field Type 15. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Calculated Fields 16. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Company Management 17. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 History View - New 18. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 History View List Export to Excel 19. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Task List Reschedule Multiple Activities 20. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Universal Search Create Lookup 21. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Act! Scheduler Admin Email Notifications 22. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Act! for Web Customize Fields/Layouts 23. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Act! for Web Customize Fields 24. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Act! for Web Customize Layouts 25. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Act! for Web Chrome Browser Support 26. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 LIVE DEMO - Act! v16 27. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Act! 2011 Obsolescence September 30 Deadline You will be running your company on an unsupported, obsolete product. If it breaks, there is little you can do. You will no longer be able to purchase any additional Act! 2011 licenses. Remember, everyone accessing the same Act! database has to be on the same version. Act! 2011 will not work with MS Office 2013 or later Office versions. Act! 2011 is not supported on Windows 8, Windows SBS 2011 or Server 2012. If you wait to upgrade until your Act! 2011 is unsupported, your price will virtually double because youll no longer qualify for upgrade pricing. 28. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Act! Business Care Redefined Act! is going away from an annual release cycle hence the terminology of v16, not Act! 2014 Bronze Care Act! Feature Packs are free with your 12-month subscription Silver Care Includes Bronze benefits PLUS unlimited Tier 1 Act! technical support (LIMITED TIME SAME PRICE AS BRONZE!!!) Gold Care Includes Silver benefits PLUS unlimited Tier 2 Act! technical support including scheduled call-backs 29. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Special Preview-Only Pricing HUGE savings on licenses and Business Care Lowest prices anywhere Special offers through Wednesday, September 11 First 5 orders of 4+ Premium licenses will receive an additional license FREE What are you waiting for? 30. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Drawings and Giveaways 2 attendees in AspenTechs public Power User training class 2 attendees in AspenTechs public Customization & Administration training class (online) 1 TopLine Designer custom tables license 1 TopLine Dash reporting license 2 Patricia Egen Duplicate Remove Expert licenses 31. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 Q&A 32. Phone AspenTech: 734.455.7188 T H A N K Y O U ! ! !