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Investor Pitch Slide Deck for AskU

Transcript of AskU Investor Pitch

  • 1. AskU Tyler Mandry Keith Pattison Joshua Dover
  • 2. The need to know Only 40% of people at 4-year universities graduate in 4 years Minority groups and first-generation students are as much as 20% worse Uneven foundations: Everyone has missing pieces.
  • 3. Mind the Gap How do people deal with questions? Ignore it Ask a friend (word of mouth) Ask more friends (social media) What if your friends dont know?
  • 4. A Lean Approach
  • 5. Students Need Help
  • 6. Its an online community that makes it easier to find answers. AskAgs makes the process of finding answers easier, letting you focus on the things that really matter.
  • 7. Explosive Growth 11,000 unique visitors 1,200 answered questions roughly 25% users this month used it 10 times or more 90% answer rate
  • 8. Explosive Growth
  • 9. AskAgs askU
  • 10. Reaching Students
  • 11. Reaching Students Current: $ 2.9 billion Prospective: $13.2 billion Total Market $16.1 billion
  • 12. Reaching Students Total Market $16.1 billion Online advertising is 200 times more costefficient per impression Targeted advertising is 2 times more effective Tracking effectiveness is impossible in print
  • 13. Competition Knowledge markets Quora Stack Overflow University services Third party services
  • 14. Our Advantage Intimate understanding of the problem Ability to navigate in university hierarchy Technical supertalent
  • 15. Scaling our Success 1. Make a success story out of A&M Users: Were nearly there Make revenue 2. Leverage it to expand to nearby universities 10 by 2015 Student Ambassador Programs 3. Establish a consistent brand that becomes something people want at their university Facebook effect
  • 16. What We Need Branding: $4,500 Advertising: $500 Campus Ambassador Program: $1,500
  • 17. Questions