AseelAseel, Dania , , Dania , , Dania , JumanaJumanaJumana ... fileNine year old Jaber Jebreel is in...

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Transcript of AseelAseel, Dania , , Dania , , Dania , JumanaJumanaJumana ... fileNine year old Jaber Jebreel is in...

  • AseelAseelAseelAseelAseelAseelAseelAseel , Dania , , Dania , , Dania , , Dania , , Dania , , Dania , , Dania , , Dania , JumanaJumanaJumanaJumanaJumanaJumanaJumanaJumana , , , , , , , , MunaMunaMunaMunaMunaMunaMunaMuna , , , , , , , , Ru’aRu’aRu’aRu’aRu’aRu’aRu’aRu’a Alain Alain Alain Alain Alain Alain Alain Alain

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    Amal ArafehAmal Arafeh

  • By: Yasmeen Khalil

    10th Grade

    •It’s an unrwa school between Jericho and Jerusalem, the students are from four Bedouin communities it was built from tires filled with mud desert, and it is a sign that the Palestinians are holding at home and to their dreams , looking forward to science and education .

    Dream killers The Israeli occupation forces issued a decision to demolish” al khan al ahmar school “ known as the “school of tire” in relation to the tires that it was built from , to prevent the development of construction or repair.

    Twinning There has been a twinning between our school and AL khan al ahmar school and we were asked to participate in the campaign “Don't demolish my future!” that happened to to save a West Bank school from demolition ,by going on our facebook accounts and support with a like or a comment .

    Seven and a half year old Eman stands in front of her school which is under threat of demolition by the Israeli authorities, maybe as soon as next month. Eman told us that she loves learning English and kept repeating the alphabet song when we met her. "I always come to school I never miss a day," she said. "When I'm older I would like to become a teacher and teach sports," she added.


  • Nine year old Jaber Jebreel

    is in fourth grade. At school

    he loves learning Arabic and

    maths and would like to

    become a vet

    By: Muna sallam

    10th Grade

    There are many memorable days in my life, But the

    teacher’s day is the most glorious and unforgettable one.

    On that day, turns have been exchanged between students

    and teachers. As well we are students , we were very

    happy , First of all because we had to choose a teacher to

    teach instead of her , Secondly , Because we didn’t have to

    wear the school uniform while we’re teaching .

    I was an English teacher instead of my mother. I enjoyed it

    very much, though I felt tired after I ended my lessons.

    In addition, it was a great experience we have benefited

    from. We’ve realized how teaching is hard and tiring.

    Therefore we have to respect our teachers and appreciate

    their efforts.


  • Water Fun is an educational project that was implemented in our school in cooperation with BDZ association from Germany , in this year with 5th grade students, The purpose of this project is to improve children’s awareness about the possibilities of reusing waste water , because of the lack of water in Jordan. And teach them that waste water after treatment can be used in specific areas , it can’t be drinked ,because it doesn’t lose all the impurities, bacteria and viruses , but can be used to irrigate some crops, and in factories that uses water.

    By: Shatha Jehad

    10th Grade

    Activities included : 1.producing waste water. 2.distinguishing between waste water and tap water by color ,smell and acidity . 3.analyzing tap water and waste water . 4.producing a filter . 5.making a wet land unit


  • The word impossible has different meaning for each one of us, what’s impossible for someone may not be impossible to you.

    Actually nothing is impossible the word it self says “I’m possible “ !

    How many times have you been told that you can’t do something because no

    one did it before ?

    Now tell me, who was the first one to reach the top of mountain Everest before Edmund Hillary ?

    Actually no one did it before him , he was the first one ! And once he did it hundreds succeed in doing it !

    You don’t succeed because you weren’t trying hard enough,

    By: Ru’a Alain Omar

    10th Grade

    You don’t succeed because you weren’t trying hard enough, and you weren’t trying hard enough because you thought that you can’t do it, and you thought you can’t do it because no one did it before .

    So don’t give up it’s all about the belief ,, ☺

    •One rainy day, a mother went to pick up her boy from school, thinking that the boy will fear the lightning. On the way, she found her child smiling at the sky for every lightning. She asked him why he smiled, “God is taking my photo, so I have to look good. That’s why I smiled.” So smile when problems threaten you, don’t fear anything. GOD is always with you.

    By: Ru’a Alain Omar

    10th Grade

    a story I want to share with you


  • This is my last year in the school! I have many memories in my

    mind about school and my friends …

    I had many great experiences in the school; .. The best class trip to Ajlon , I had so much fun with my friends, in the bus we were dancing , shouting ,singing and acting crazy .

    The best moment in the school in general was when I received my certificate of excellence for being a good student .. another funny moment was when I was little ,, I was walking home from the school and there was a pole in front of me ,, I didn't see it ,, so I walked right into it !

    I enjoyed school a lot,, my favourite

    By: Dnia Abu-Zahia

    10th Grade

    I enjoyed school a lot,, my favourite grade was eighth grade .. this was because all my friends were still with me and hadn't moved to different

    schools. I enjoyed my time with my friends a lot ,, we ate chips in class , laughed , and did everything together .

    My favourite teacher was math teacher, she was a really good teacher. she was very serious too ,and we always learned very fast from her .

    Our school building had the normal components like science lab , a library , soccer,,baskeball ,a computer lab ,, school office ,, class rooms and etc….. we went to the school from Saturday to Thursday ,, we only got Friday off !! In our school we have a morning and an afternoon shift .. the morning shift is from 6:00 am to 11:00 am,,,, and the afternoon shift is from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm.. I have enjoyed my time in the school a lot ,, after this year ,, I have to choose a specialization , science ,,IT ,, literature,, vocational etc,,, I want to choose science,, I will miss my school ,, my teachers, my friends and the building .


  • The Black Iris is the national flower of Jordan ,

    and it can be found all across the country,

    particularly in the southern city of Kerak . From

    June to July is the season of black iris, it is a

    short season, if you miss it, you have to wait

    for another year.

    It blooms in the spring with

    dark black petals , we

    actually have more than

    one type of Black Iris in Jordan. We have

    about five types whose color shadings

    can be classified as black.

    If you get the chance, you must see it’s a

    By: Jumana Ahmad

    10th Grade

    If you get the chance, you must see it’s a

    wonderful unique flower ☺

    By: Sara Abu-Laban

    9th Grade

    Opportunities come to some people and open for them a lot of ways to their future. I had a lot of opportunities in my life, but the best one for me was my visit to Spain.

    My trip’s story started after I won the elections of the Children Municipal Council of AMMAN , then I was chosen to travel to Barcelona to represent my city Amman there , so my principal told my parents and they agreed.


  • After that, I met my group and we had alot

    of sessions in Greater Amman Municipality

    to prepare ourselves.

    We went to Spain to participate in a

    Peace Camp. We went there in 17th.Oct.

    When we arrived to Barcelona’s airport we

    first met the Brazilian group , then when

    we arrived to the camp we met the rest , we were 8 groups ; Amman , Brazil ,

    Mozambique , Italy , Mexico , Argentina , Bangladesh , and Vitnam. We had a lot of

    fun there because everyday we had a city presentation ,in which each city group

    presents their country and their culture.

    we also had a lot of activities , we were distributed into working groups , each one in

    the group was from a country . one of the activities which I liked most was Reduce

    Reuse Recycle , in that activity we made a fashion show from some used clothes , we

    made from those used clothes some useful clothes by cutting and sewing them. Then

    we showed them in a fashion show and it was so much fun. We talked about many

    important things such as Hu