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  • 1. BiologicalTreatments

2. Objectives Understand the treatments that the BiologicalApproach uses to treat abnormal behaviour Evaluate the treatments in terms of theireffectiveness 3. Brain injury Infection Neurotransmitters Genetics ThinkBING ! 4. Graduated TreatmentECTDrugsSurgery 5. Drugs Some mental disturbances areassociated with toomuch........ or too little of a neurotransmitter. 6. Drugs Neurotransmitters in the bodyhelp messages from your brainjump the gap between yournerve cells to travel to wherethey need to get to. 7. DDrruugg TTrreeaattmmeennttss TThheerree aarree ffoouurr mmaaiinn ggrroouuppss ttoottrreeaatt mmeennttaall aabbnnoorrmmaalliittyy::11.. AAnnttii--ddeepprreessssaannttss22.. AAnnttii--aannxxiieettyy ((bbeennzzooddiiaazzeeppiinneess))33.. AAnnttii--ppssyycchhoottiiccss44.. AAnnttii--mmaanniiccss 8. Too much or too little of a particularneurotransmitter can lead topsychopathology One of the factors involved in schizophrenia is anexcessive amount of dopamine Too little serotonin is associated with depressionand some anxiety disorders, especially obsessive-compulsivedisorder. Too little GABA is associated with anxiety andanxiety disorders 9. HHooww ddoo AAnnttii--DDeepprreessssaannttsswwoorrkk??SSRIselectiveserotoninreuptake inhibitor 10. DDoo aannttii ddeepprreessssaannttss wwoorrkk?? 5500--6655%% ooff ppaattiieennttss ggiivveenn aannSSSSRRII ffoorr tthhrreeee mmoonntthhsssshhoowweedd ssiiggnnss ooffiimmpprroovveemmeenntt iinn tteessttss HHOOWWEEVVEERR tthhee ootthheerr tteesstt ggrroouuppwweerree ggiivveenn aa PPLLAACCEEBBOO((pprreetteenndd ddrruugg)) aanndd tthhiiss ggrroouuppsshhoowweedd aa 2255--3300%% iimmpprroovveemmeenntt 11. AArree tthheerree aannyy iissssuueess wwiitthhSSSSRRIIss?? SSiiddee eeffffeeccttss == rraannggee ffrroomm ddrryy mmoouutthh ttoossuuiicciiddaall tthhoouugghhttss ((pprroozzaacc)) NNoott aaddddiiccttiivvee BBUUTT ppeerrssoonnccaann bbeeccoommee ppssyycchhoollooggiiccaallllyyddeeppeennddeenntt oonn tthheemm 12. DDoo aannttii--aannxxiieettyy ddrruuggss wwoorrkk?? 7700%% ssuucccceessss rraattee ffoorr ppaanniicc ddiissoorrddeerrssBBUUTT hhiigghhllyy aaddddiiccttiivvee!! 13. DDoo aannttii--ppssyycchhoottiicc ddrruuggsswwoorrkk?? 6600%% ssuucccceessss rraattee ffoorr ssyymmppttoommss ooffhhaalllluucciinnaattiioonnss aanndd ppssyycchhoottiicceeppiissooddeess BBUUTT nnoo eeffffeecctt oonn tthheessyymmppttoommss ooff ssoocciiaallwwiitthhddrraawwaall HHOOWWEEVVEERR,, tthheeyy aarreetthhee oonnllyy ddrruuggss tthhaattaappppeeaarr ttoo wwoorrkk ffoorrsscchhiizzoopphhrreenniiaa 14. DDoo aannttii--mmaanniicc ddrruuggss wwoorrkk??PPrriioorr ttoo tthhee iinnttrroodduuccttiioonn ooff lliitthhiiuumm ccaarrbboonnaattee,,tthheerree wwaass aa 1155%% ssuuiicciiddee rraattee aammoonnggsstt ppeeoopplleewwiitthh bbii--ppoollaarr ddiissoorrddeerr..TThhee ddrruuggss ssiiggnniiffiiccaannttllyy rreedduucceedd tthhaatt rraattee..SSuucccceessss rraattee ooff 8800%%BBUUTT mmaannyy ssuuffffeerreerrss rreeffuussee ttoo ttaakkee tthheeddrruugg bbeeccaauussee iitt lleeaavveess tthheemm ffeeeelliinngg ffllaattGGiittlliinnss ffiivvee yyeeaarr ssttuuddyy ffoouunndd aa 7700%% rreellaappssee rraattee 15. ECT Electro Convulsive Therapy Used when drugs fail to treatdepressive disorders Approximately 22,000 people receivein UK per year Patient is given muscle relaxant andanaesthetic 110mv shock to brain causesseizure for 1 minute. 5-10 mins laterthe patient regains consciousness 16. ELECTRO-CCOONNVVUULLSSIIVVEE TTHHEERRAAPPYY ((EECCTT)) Used to treat severe depression MMooddeerrnn tteecchhnniiqquueess iinnvvoollvvee aa mmiillddccuurrrreenntt ooff bbeettwweeeenn 7700--113300 vvoollttss,,wwhhiillsstt ppaattiieenntt iiss uunnddeerr aannaaeesstthheettiiccaanndd aa mmuussccllee rreellaaxxaanntt.. FFeewweerr ssppaassmmssooccccuurr aanndd tthhee ppaattiieenntt iiss aatt lleessss rriisskk ooffhhaarrmm TTyyppiiccaallllyy ppaattiieennttss rreecceeiivvee 66--99ttrreeaattmmeennttss oovveerr aa mmoonntthh 17. SSiiddee eeffffeeccttss ooff EECCTT MMeemmoorryy lloossss iinn aatt lleeaasstt 11//33 ooffppaattiieennttss,, ssoommeettiimmeess lloonngg tteerrmm.. 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Surgery The final and most drastictreatment for abnormal behaviourin the Biological approach is brainsurgery Areas of the brain thought to beresponsible for the behaviour arepartially or completely removed. 22. What is psychosurgery? The systematic damage of thebrain in order to changebehaviour. The mode of action involvesthe cutting of neural tissue inthe brain and was designedto alter the symptoms ofsevere psychologicaldisorders. Psychosurgery is a treatmentof last resort."She is with me in body but her soul is in some way lost. The deeperfeelings, the tenderness, are gone. She is hard, somehow." 23. Studies of Psychosurgery As recently as the 1990s, psychosurgery wasreported to be beneficial in some cases ofsevere anxiety, depression and obsessive-compulsivedisorders (Beck and Cowley, 1990). Another key advantage is that psychosurgicaltechniques reduce the risk of suicide in severedepression from 15 percent to one percent(Verkaik, 1995). But psychosurgery produces inconsistentoutcomes. Behaviour change occurs in someindividuals and not in others, so it is difficult topredict who will be affected and how. The main ethical problem with psychosurgeryis that the procedures are irreversible becauseneural tissue has been destroyed. 24. SurgeryXNo evidence it improved specificsymptoms, just made the patientmore manageable.XMajor ethical issues: irreversibleprocedure and unpredictableconsequences.XCan the person with the disorderreally give fully informed consent?