Arts Baking & Pastry The Diploma in · PDF file professional career in the field of Baking...

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Transcript of Arts Baking & Pastry The Diploma in · PDF file professional career in the field of Baking...

  • The Diploma in Baking & Pastry


    WOODBROOK/TRINIDAD/W.I T / + 868 628 5928

    E / [email protected] W /

    Diploma of Baking & Pastry Arts UNIT ONE Orientation Guide To Fruit Wet Method Cookery Dry Method Cookery Measuring Quick Breads Advanced Quick Breads UNIT TWO Fundamentals Meringues, Macaroons Cookies & Souffles Egg Custards & Pastry Creams Puddings & Cheesecakes Foundations of Sugar Foundations of Chocolate Foundations of Hydrocolloids UNIT THREE Choux Pastry Puff Pastry Tarts and Pies Galettes UNIT FOUR Advanced Doughs Laminated Doughs Yeast Doughs Puff Pastry Brioche, Croissants, Viennoiserie UNIT FIVE Cookies Cakes Cupcakes Grand Gateau Entremets Petits Fours Crepes

    "Our love affair with food requires greater technical skill and knowledge. We have created an outstanding facility,

    with rigorous curriculum, taught by trained chef instructors.

    Come...bring your passion!"

    UNIT SIX Chocolate Centerpieces Preparation For The Grand Buffet Food Costing Requisition Planning Production Planning Buffet Introduction and Planning

  • Welcome to our Signature Diploma Program! Designed for The Academy by Internationally

    renowned chefs. Our students will benefit from a rigorous curriculum designed for those seeking a

    professional career in the field of Baking and Pastry Arts.

    This is a 6 month, 2 semester, intensive culinary program and includes a 3 month internship within the industry. Made up of 360 hours of technique artistry

    and learning. Lessons are taught through demonstration, practicals, lectures and examinations. This course covers the essentials for entering the food

    industry as a baker/entrepreneur or professional pastry cook or baker. It serves as an in depth

    exposure to fundamental pastry and baking theory, terminology, food handling standards, kitchen

    operations, production organisation and timing skills through hands on experience of classical and modern baking techniques. Lectures on food safety, costing

    and menu planning are included.

    Our Classroom

    Our small classes guarantee individual attention. We assure you the finest culinary experience to

    rival that of any international culinary and baking academy. There are no additional or hidden fees

    for international students. A PRIVATE CULINARY EXPERIENCE


    Mon 14th Sept 2020 - Wed 16th Dec 2020


    Mon 11th Jan - Wed 17th Mar 2021

    Classes are held on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

    9AM - 2PM


    Tuition $55,500.00 Includes Uniforms, All Textbooks and learning

    materials, recipes and ingredients.

    Payment in full less - 5% $52,725.00 6 Monthly Payments: $9250.00

    Non Refundable Registration Fee of $850

    Applied to Tuition Fees