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See photos of an armored landcruiser by International Armoring Corporation

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  • We thank you for choosing International Armoring Corporation. Here is a small photo gallery documenting the armoring process of your vehicle.

    Vehicle Disassembly and Parts Storage

    Vehicle Armoring Gallery

  • Interior Surface Preparation and Initial Floor Armoring

    All interior components were removed in preparation for armoring.

  • Interior Reassembly

    After the armoring process is complete and the ballistic glass is installed, the interior is reassembled toits original appearance.

  • Detail of the Overlap System and Ballistic Glass

  • The Finished Product

    The armoring process is complete. The external appearance and interior luxuryremain unchanged.

  • Other Vehicles Armored

    International Armoring Corporation has armored a large variety of vehicles. Below are listed some of the most common vehicles ordered. Contact us with anyquestions regarding your next armored vehicle.

    Toyota Land Cruiser

    Mercedes-Benz GL450

    Lincoln Towncar

    Lincoln Navigator

    Lexus LX460L

    Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Innity QX56

    Ford Escape

    Ford E-350

    Ford F-150

    Chrysler 300

    Chevy Tahoe

    Chevy Suburban

    Cadillac Escalade

    BMW X6

    BMW 750i

  • For Questions Regarding Sales, Vehicles, and Armoring Packages, Contact Us:

    Like Us on Facebook:

    International Armoring Corporation80 N. 1400 W.

    Centerville, UT 84014 USA

    Phone: +801-393-1075Fax: +801-393-1078


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