Argosy September 16, 2010 (part 2)

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Argosy September 16, 2010 (part 2)

Transcript of Argosy September 16, 2010 (part 2)

The Argosywww.argosy.ca17CENTREFOLDItwaswhatisknownasaMountie DayinSackvilleonSaturday,andthe Football Mounties did not disappoint the Homecoming crowd. In sometimes rainy, sometimes sunny weather, the Mounties won their season and home opener 19-6 against St. FX in front of an enthusiastic crowd at MacAulay Field. ereweremanyquestionmarks surroundingtheMountiesdefence headingintothegame,withanew defensivecoordinatoratthehelmand someplayersmovingaroundwithinthe defenceitself.However,allquestions wereansweredasthe defenceallowed onlytwo f i e l d Mounties win season openerWray PerkinSports Writer0goalsandnotasinglerstdownor point in the entire second half. e biggest question regarding the defencewasitsfrontseven,which stepped up big time, not allowing any runsandputtinglotsofpressureon the quarterback.Stats for the game were unavailable, butasanyonewhosawthegame wouldtellyou,thevisitingX-Men did not have very many oensive stats at all.DefensivecoordinatorScott Annandsgameplantobringthe heatpaidoastheMountiesgotto X-MenquarterbackAndrewHickey multipletimes,sackinghimand forcingacoupleoffumbles.Ryan Downe and Akwasi Antwi stood out onthedefensivelinewhileallthree starting linebackers, Davy Robinson, Luke Ekoh and Ben Halpern were all consistentlyaroundtheballandin the backeld. CornerBradleyDayehadan interceptionfortheMountiesand safetyCallanExeterplayedastrong game in his return to the CIS, with apairofrst-halfknockdowns thatcouldhavegonefor interceptions. Oensivelyforthe Mounties,quarterbackJake Hotchkisslookedstronginonlyhis secondSackvillestart,constantly throwinggoodpassesandshowing goodelusivenessfromthepocket, scramblingawayfrompressureand for rst downs on multiple occasions. Hotchkissspreadtheballaround aswell,gettingtheballtoallfour starting receivers in the rst half. emainattraction,2009AUS MVP Gary Ross was relatively quiet, notscoringorgoingforanyhuge plays, but did rack up some good all-purposeyardswithacoupleoflong punt returns and handos. eMountiesscoredtheirpoints oofveeldgoals,twosingles, andasafety.FreshmankickerJohn Szilagyihadabusydebut,going 5-for-7oneldgoalattempts,tying aschoolrecord.etwokickshe missedwentforsingleswhileStFX concededasafetytoroundoutthe scoring. eMountiesgototoagood startoensively,scoringtwoeld goalsontheirrsttwodrives,while the X-Men were unable to score more than another eld goal after their rst drive which ended in three points. Anotherpointofemphasisfor theMountiesfaithfulwasthatthe runninggamehadtobeimproved in2010.WhiletheMountieswere unabletobreakanybigruns,they managedtopoundtheballdown the throat of the X-Men defence late inthegamewhenitmatteredmost, grindingoutmostofthefourth quarter.VeteranMattPickettand newcomer Alonzo Howell were both impressivewhilegettingrelatively even playing time. e win marks the rst victory in a season opener for the Mounties since 1999,asignthatHeadCoachKelly Jereyhasturnedtheshiparound and that 2010 is a dierent season for the Mounties.IntheotherAUSgamethispast weekend, the Acadia Axemen upset the number four-ranked Saint Marys Huskies 17-7 in Wolfville. is Friday the Mounties travel to Sherbrooke in the only interlock week of the season to take on the Vert et Or. Other interlock match ups are Acadia atBishops,MontrealatSt.FXand top-ranked Laval at Saint Marys. eMountiesreturntoNew BrunswickonSeptember25,where they take on the Saint Marys Huskies inMonctonaspartoftheCFLs Touchdown Atlantic weekend.Defense dominates in emphatic rout over 13th-ranked St. FXQueens University and the University of Western Ontario. Mount Allison has been celebrating homecomingforoverthirtyyears. Ithasalwaysbeencentredarounda Mountiefootballgame,buthasat timesfeaturedothersportssuchas soccer. Homecomingweekendis somethingMt.Astudentslook forwardtoeveryyear.Studentsput ontheirgarnetandgold,painttheir faces,andtakepartinaseriesof pre-gamepump-upsthroughout campus. Homecoming parties are also often hailed as some of the best events oftheyear.isyear'scelebrations evenincludedapre-gameconcertby Mt. A alumni In-Flight Safety.e Mt. A football team has played theirhomecominggameagainstSt. FrancisXavierUniversityforthe pastfewyears,causingthecreation of an intense rivalry between the two schools. Mostrecently,onthispast homecomingweekendtheMt.A Mountiestookanimpressiveleadin thatrivalrybybeatingSt.FX19-6. Mountieswilltryanddefendtheir leadwhentheyplaytheX-Menat theSt.FXhomecomingonOctober second. Photo Credits: Lea Foy, Ainslie Moss, Rob Burroughsing 101th American tradition HUMOUR September 16, 2010humour@argosy.ca10. ey wear their lanyards around their necks at all times, even when heading to a formal event. 9. ey actually own and paid money for lanyards. 8. ey try to pick ghts with Dr. Majithia. 7. Wait, I can have pizza AND hamburger? Meal hall Top Ten Ways to Identify a FreshmanGeoff HutchinsonHumour Contributeris AWESOME!6. ey have no qualms about jumping into the Swan Pond fully clothed at a welcome barbeque.5. ey attend Mount Allison Football games, even after Homecoming. 4. ey travel in packslike lions.3. eyre always fully showered, dressed, and wearing full make-up, at, like, 6:30 amon a Saturday.2. A four page paper? Oh, man, this is going to take all weekend!1. ey still have that look of hopeful innocence in their eyes. atouchofgrace byErikFraserwhatthefrack? byLindsayLaltooThe Argosywww.argosy.ca19HUMOURAsk the Experts!with Geoff and SeanQ: How do I meet people outside of my residence?A. Geoff Hutchinson: e great thing about Mount Allison is that there are just so many ways to meet new friends. You could attend the SACtivities fair, or say hi to the person beside you in class, or even start your own cult! e following are just a few possible activities to help you expand your social circle:- Try hanging some posters around campus, asking people to email you if they want to be your friend, and detailing how incredibly NOT pathetic you are.- Attend a party o-campus hosted by a friend of a friend. I know its tricky to go to parties fully clothed, but try to make an eort to keep your pants on, for all of our sakes.- If youre feeling particularly adventurous, follow a group of students into another residence on a Friday night, and then roam the house, walking into any random room you nd and joining in the festivities. When asked who exactly you are, and why youre pouring that ne scotch into the shbowl, pretend not to speak any English.ese are just a few ways that you can nd a new friend, acquaintance, rival, or arch-nemesis around campus that doesnt live four rooms down.A. Sean Baker: e search for good ways to meet people outside of residence is one of the great unsolved university mysteries.Psychologists, sociologists, and miscellaneologists have strived for years to come up with an answer, without success. is may be because many of them are otherwise occupied with answering that other age-old question: what compels people to jump into the Swan Pond? However, I am pleased to report that I have undertaken my own research in this eld, and while I have not yet met success, I would suggest trying my newest method: e Snare. I havent tried it myself yet, but feel free to test it out. Set up a rope trap that hoists people into their air by their ankle. Once theyre dangling without an escape route, run over to them, introduce yourself, ask them some questions, and voila! Youve made a new friend.If you decide to try this method for yourself, please let me know how it works out.ENT.September 16, 2010entertainment@argosy.caChristina Martin can tooRachel GardnerPolitical Beat WriterSinger delivers message of perseverance with release of new CD, I Can TooRebecca Cheof Martin, designed the cover to iden-tifywiththethemeofperseverance throughdicultythatpervadedthe song. InarecentarticlewitheCoast, Martinexpressesthat thesongbasi-cally runs through very personal expe-rienceswheresomebodytoldmethat Icouldntdosomething.Iremember my father telling me when I was young ChristinaMartinvisitedGeorges Roadhouse this past Saturday night to showcasethesongsfromherrecently released album I Can Too, bringing a unique blend of classic rock and coun-trytwangtotheaudience.Herbold senseofhumourwascontrastedby theopennessandvulnerabilityMar-tin brought to her songs, melding to-gether to ignite a warm and receptive audience. It is hard to tell that it has been only eleven years since Martin began play-ingandwritingsongs,afterquitting school and moving to Austin, Texas at twenty years of age. After that, I went to Germany, did some soul searching, likedsinging,andjuststarteddoing it, said Martin. Inrecentyears,thismusicianwith asimplestarthasdevelopedintoa celebratedandwell-knownartiston the east coast. Her recent album, Two Hearts(2008),recordedwithmusi-cianandrecentlyannouncedanc, DaleMurray,wonherPopRecord-ing of the Year at the 2009 East Coast MusicAwards,aswellastwoNova Scotia Music Awards for Female Art-istoftheYearandPopRecordingof the Year in 2008. WithinuencesincludingTom Petty,Wilco,GeorgeHarrison,Roy Orbison,andtheWilburys,Martin bringsablendofmusicaldiversity tothestage,conjuringupnostalgic memoriesoftheswingandswayof RoyOrbisonandguitar-slidingof GeorgeHarrison.eheadlinesong of the album, I Can Too, however, was the highlight of the night. esongwaswrittenoutoffrus-trationwithpeoplesayingyoucant do this or do it this way, says Martin. Whenquestionedaboutwhytheal-bum featured a pictured of a boxer on its cover, she responded that In-Flight Safety band member Daniel Ledwell, aMountAllisonalumnusandfriend hewasangryandhejustexploded andcalledmeanungratefulbitch. HesaidthatIwouldneverhavelove inmylifeorthatnomanwouldever put up with me. I Can Too starts with thequietstrummingofMartinsgui-tar,addinginhersoftandrawvoice, layeringonslowlywiththeelectric guitar,piano,bass,anddrumsoffel-low band members. e song builds up and gains volume throughout, relating amessageofbuildingcharacterfrom the hard times and places in our lives, and ghting for what we believe in. Withasweetsound,inspirati