Argosy May 21, 2009

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Argosy May 21, 2009

Transcript of Argosy May 21, 2009

May 21, 2009Still believin since 1875Vol. 139 Iss. 1ArgosyTheI n d e p e n d e n t S t u d e n t J o u r n a l o f Mo u n t A l l i s o n U n i v e r s i t yBy-election planned for fall after SAC President steps downJulie StephensonArgosy StaSAC President-elect Paul Rasbachs abrubt departure from the 2009/10 SAC executive has left many students wondering about the real reason for his abscence.As of the time this issue went to print, Rasbach had not yet commented on why he resigned from the SAC.Vivi ReichWeve taken measures to try and reduce the likelihood of someone being asked to leave the school by the university.Jessica EminList of graduatespp. 13 - 17It was a surprising and confusing time this past April as rumours ew across campusconcerningtheposition ofSACPresident.Followinga particularly close race for the position in February, Paul Rasbach was voted in for the 2009/10 term.Toward the end of winter session, rumours began to circulate on campus and it seemed asthoughRasbachwouldnotbe lling the position after all. Suspicionswereconrmedatthe end of April as the new SAC executive sent out an email informing students current president Mike Currie would bellingthepositionduringthe summerasInterimPresident.At thetimenoreasonwasgivenforthe changeexceptthatitwasRasbachs [decision]nottoreturninthe Fall.When approached after the student body had been informed that he would not being returning as SAC President or to Mount Allison, Rasbach initially agreedtocommentandgivehis ownexplanations.Statinghewould enjoy the opportunity, Rasbach also admitted regret for not being able to bestraightforwardwitheArgosy before [the] last issue of the Academic Term.No comments were available by the time this issue went to print.eincomingandnowcurrent SACexecutivewasinformedthat Rasbachwouldnotbereturningthe weekofApril20.Afterdiscussing thechangeandexploringwhat optionswereavailable,theexecutive approachedCurrieaboutllingthe positionofInterimPresidentfor thedurationofthesummer.e appointment was made possible by the recentintroductionofby-lawsinthe SACconstitution.enewby-laws werepromptedbytheresignationof VP Academic Brian Crouse this past fall. eby-lawsaddressthepossible resignationofaSACPresidentor any of the Vice Presidents during the summer. ey allow for the executive atthattimetoappointamemberof thestudentsunionforthesummer inaninterimcapacity.Curriesays that the by-laws were created to allow forasmoothertransitionduring unstabletimes.Healsopointedout that the wording makes it possible for formermembersoftheexecutiveto be appointed if they are available; this makes it possible for the executive to functionduringanimportantperiod of time.Currie eventually followed the rst formalemailafewweekslaterwith one that acknowledged the confusion andexplainedthataby-election wouldbetakingplaceinthefallto elect a new SAC President.I think ingeneralthiswasanunfortunate circumstance, explains Currie.Perhaps most surprising is the new setsofrulesandregulationsbeing attachedtotheSAC.According toCurrie,acodeofconductfor itsmembers,whichwasoriginally pitchedthispastyearbyastudent attheSACsregularmeetings,isan importantmoveforward.Iftheres anindividualinthefuturewhos involvedinactivitiesthatmight involvehimorhergettingexpelled fromschool,atleasttherewasthat informalawarenessfromtheSAC ofthemsigningadocumentsaying thattheyshouldntbedoingsuch behaviours.eSAChasalsoimplemented anacademicrequirementforthe positions.[Its]justincaseinthe future,theremightbesomeone whosonprobationorwhomightbe notperformingwellacademically. Ineveryresidence,itappearsthatto bea[ResidenceAssistant]orhouse president,itrequiresaminimum academicstanding.Sowewere surprisedthattheSACdidnthave anything of that sort as well.CurrieissurethatSACisdoing everythingtheycantoprevent situationssimilartothecurrentone fromtakingplace.Wevetaken measurestotryandreducethe likelihoodofsomeonebeingasked to leave the school by the university. However,Currieremainsadamant thatcertainthingsareoutoftheir control,Forpersonalreasons,[the choice of running for SAC positions] is something that is out of the hands oftheSACanduptotheindividual mainly.Currentlytheby-electionwillbe happeningalongsidetheelections forHouseRepresentativesandO-CampusCouncillors.eelections willbeopentoeveryone,including bothnewandreturningstudents. etwocandidateswhoranagainst Rasbach in the February election were RyanRobskiandShehzadDhanani. eelectionwenttoasecondvote betweenRobskiandRasbachwhich revealed a close race for President.Whenaskedaboutrunninginthe fallby-election,Robskiadmitshe hasntmadeuphismindasofyet. Circumstancesareobviouslyvery dierentthantheywereinFebruary whenweranouroriginalelection, explains Robski.He is adament that his passion for student representation and the SAC havent lessened despite hisinitiallossorthetimethathas passed.Whileheremainsuncertain, Robskiadmitsheisthinkingabout it.Im[]moreinterestedinwhat other people think about me running for this position again [] if there was areasonIdidntwinthersttime, Im kind of curious to know if there is something I can improve upon.Firmlyrejectsingtheideaof running,Dhananirevealedthathe believesthereshouldnotbeaby-electioninthefall.Heisconcerned that it will be dicult for someone new to come in the fall and take charge. Ittakestimeforanyindividualto buildanysortofrelationshipand inanorganizationlikeSACwhere anindividualisworkingwith2000 plus people, one needs to put in some timetobuildthatrelationshipwith theircoworkers,explainsDhanani. Followingthislineofthought, Dhananiexplainedthathedidnot think it would be wise for him to run in the fall by-election.ecurrentSACexecutivehas askedCurrienottorunagaininthe fall, a decision that he agrees with. It wouldbeabitundemocratictohave somebody be appointed and then end uprunningintheelection,explains Currie.eby-electionwilloperate the same as normal with nominations, campaigning,andspeeches.Currie iscurrentlyplanningtoextendhis originalendoftheyearreportas requiredofhimwhenheleavesthe positiontocoverthesummer months.ItisthehopeoftheSAC executivetomakethetransitionin the fall as easily as possible.eSACwouldliketothankall thestudentsfortheirsupportand understandingduringthistime. isisunprecedented,explains Currie, Weve never had a president resign before, so we are doing our best to make the transition and process as legitimate as possible. w w w . a r g o s y . c aTheAryosystheo]cclndependent student ]ourncl o] news, opnon, cnd the crts,wrtten,edtedcnd]undedbythe studentso]MountAllson0nverstyn Scckvlle,New8runswck.Theopnons expressedherendonotnecesscrly represent those o] the Aryosy's stc]] or ts 8ocrd o] 0rectors. The Aryosy s publshed weekly throuyhout the cccdemc yecr by Aryosy Publcctons lnc.Studentcontrbutonnthe]ormo] letters,crtcles,photoyrcphy,yrcphc desyncndcomcscrewelcome.The Aryosy reserves the ryht to edt or re]use cllmcterclsdeemedsexst,rccst, homophobc, or otherwse unt ]or prnt, csdetermnedbytheEdtornChe]. Artclesorothercontrbutonsccnbe sent to n mcroso]t word ]ormct, or drectly to c secton edtor. The Aryosy wll prnt unsolcted mctercls ct ts own dscreton. Foryenerclnqures,ncludny clcsseds cnd cdvertsny, plecse ccll our o]ce ct (50)J422J.Letterstotheedtormustbesyned, thouyhncmesmcybewthheldctthe sender'srequestcndcttheAryosy's dscreton. Anonymous letters wll not be prnted. The Aryosy reserves the ryht to edt cll submssons ]or clcrty cnd lenyth. Mcterclo]cny]ormnthspublccton scopyryhted2002010cndccnnotbe reprntedwthouttheconsento]the EdtornChe].PublisherArgosy Publications Inc.Editor-in-Chief Julie StephensonManaging Editor Dan WortmanEditorialNews Rebecca DixonFeatures Sasha Van KatwykArts and Literature Maria Maute, Vivi ReichSports Noah KowalskiScience and Technology Stuart TownsendEntertainment Neil Bonner Submissions Stephen MiddletonPhotography Jessica Emin ProductionCopy Editors Juliet Manning, Sarah Robinson, Kendra RossGraphic Design Julie CruikshankBusinessAdvertising Justin BagloleWritersEntertainment Jeffrey CampbellNews Susan RogersArts Julie CruikshankFeatures Fraser HarlandGeneral Assignment Jennifer MusgraveCirculations Katherine JoycePublication BoardFaculty Dr. Michael Fox, Dr. Karen BamfordThe Argosy62A York Street, Sackville, NBE4L 1H3(506)364-2236 The Aryosy s c member o] the Ccncdcn 0nversty Press, c nctoncl cooperctve o] student newspcpers.2 MAY 21, 2009THE ARGOSY NEWS Almost17monthsafterhisarrivalatMount Allison,itseemsasthoughRonByrnehas nallyfoundhisplace.Whenherstarrived atMt.A,Byrnewashiredunderthetitleof Vice President Student Aairs. After recent but longcomingchanges,ByrnesnewtitleisVice PresidentInternationalandStudentAairs. While not so dierent from the original, Byrne says the job has evolved as hes been here.Byrnesdutiesandareasofmanagement rangefaracrosstheuniversity.Youre lookingatResidences,Chaplaincy,Disability Services,SexualHarassmentAdvising,the RegistarsOce,includingAdmissionsand Recruitment,theMeighenCentre,Athletics and Recreation, Student Life, overall enrolment management,LeadershipMountA,andof course International, explains Byrne. Widelyvisibleoncampusasbothan administrativegureandaparticipantin campusfunctions,Byrnesactualroleisalittle lesswellknown.Byrneacknowledgesthathis job does not primarily deal with the day to day issues of students. e idea behind my position is more to keep things at a strategic level so that webringalevelofcoherenceandconsistency across the entire umbrella of Student Aairs.Byrneexplainsthatforhimthejobhasnot changedtomuchashisunderstandingofhis roleinthecommunity.WhatIvelearned overthepastyearisthatmypositionisnot theManagerofStudentAairs,itsnotthe DirectorofStudentAairs,anditsnotthe DeanofStudents.Byrneexplainsthatfora time beginning last July and continuing almost totheendofthispastOctober,heeectively wastheDeanofStudents.Whilepartaking intheroleallowedhisincreasedvisibilityand studentinteractiononcampus,itdidheavily involved Byrne in the day to day of student life. Crediting this time and his w