Are You Moving? Protect Your Stuff Like a Pro

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With all the time, energy, and money you invest in to moving, the last thing you want is to arrive at your new home and discover your precious belongings were damaged in the move. Discover these useful tips, and save yourself a headache later.

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  • 1. To prevent damage or scratching other items, secure electrical cords to their objects with tape or plastic cling wrap.

2. Appliances and media components are safest when transported in their original packaging. Bonus Tip: Dont have the packaging? Contact an electronics store and ask if they have discarded boxes available. 3. Protect mattresses by covering them with old sheets or a mattress cover, and keep them flat during your move. 4. Secure blankets or towels over the tops and around edges and corners of any delicate furniture surfaces to prevent damage. 5. Place anything that could leak in a resealable plastic bag (remove air from bag before sealing) prior to boxing it up. 6. Wrap larger framed pictures and artwork in towels and place in a pillowcase. Transport these items upright (do not lay flat). 7. Plates, small frames, DVDs, and other flat items are safest when packed standing on their side. Bonus Tip: Individually wrap breakable items prior to boxing. 8. Bowls and glasses are safest when individually wrapped and packed upside down on their rims. 9. Cushion the top and bottom of a box containing fragile items with a few layers of crumpled up newspaper, bags, or shredded paper. 10. When filling each box, prioritize by weight, putting the heaviest items at the bottom and the lightest items on top.