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  • 7/23/2019 Archibald Beattie McCafferty


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    Smaller|LargerBy Paul B. Kidd

    The "Kill Seven" Murders

    Archibald Beattie McCaffery

    When it was annunced n A!ril "#$ "##%$ that serial &iller Archibald 'Mad (g' Beattie McCafferty

    was t be released frm !risn n !arle after ser)ing *+ years in sme f Australia,s tughest -ails$ it

    sent a shc& wa)e f utrage thrugh the cmmunity.

    McCafferty,s crimes were immeasurable. the friends and families f his )ictims there was n dubtthat he deser)ed t die behind bars which was the recmmendatin by curt/a!!inted !sychiatrists at

    his trial.

    But then the citi0ens breathed a sigh f relief when a further !ress release annunced that McCafferty

    was t be de!rted bac& t the !lace f his birth$ Sctland. Althugh Archie had li)ed in Australia mst

    f his life$ it a!!eared as thugh he had ne)er ta&en the time t becme an Australian citi0en.

    Much t the disgust f Scttish authrities$ Australia,s !risn system had fund a l!hle t rid itself

    f ne f the mst )icius and trublesme &illers in its histry. But e)en bac& in his nati)e Sctland

    Archie culdn,t stay ut f truble and it wasn,t lng befre he was bac& in the curts fr brea&ing the


    "The toughest Kid I have ever met"
  • 7/23/2019 Archibald Beattie McCafferty


    Ma! f Australia with Sydney Lcatr

    When Archibald Beattie McCafferty was ten his !arents Archie and Clementine migrated t Australia

    frm Sctland t lea)e behind their blea& wr&ing/class e1istence and start a new life with new h!e.

    he McCaffertys m)ed first t Melburne and then t Bass 2ill in Sydney,s blue cllar westernsuburbs.

    Archie was in truble with the !lice frm the utset and by the time he was "* was !laced in an

    institutin fr stealing$ he already had a lng recrd. By the time he was "3 Archie had been in

    institutins fi)e times and had been classed as an incrrigible -u)enile delin4uent.

    5ne detecti)e described him as ,the tughest &id 6 ha)e e)er met,. At *7 he had been in and ut f -ail

    many times and had a recrd f thirty/fi)e cn)ictins that included brea&$ enter and steal$ stealing

    cars$ larceny$ assault$ )agrancy and recei)ing stlen gds.

    2we)er$ Archie McCafferty was nt cnsidered a )ilent criminal. 2is assault charges arse frm fistfights with the !lice but nne f his ther crimes in)l)ed )ilence. 8et Archie was bsessed with

    fercity. 2e l)ed m)ies that )erdsed n aggressin and brutality. 2is fa)urites wereA Clockwork

    Orangeand The Godfather.

    M)ie Pster9 he :dfather

    2e saw them many times )er and his fa)urite scene frm The Godfatherwas the ne in which

    Snny Crlene was riddled with bullets at the tllgates. hugh at this stage in his life Archie was nt

    )ilent tward ther !e!le he tld a !sychiatrist that he en-yed strangling chic&ens$ dgs and cats t

    see what it was li&e.

    When Archie fell in l)e with and married ;anice

  • 7/23/2019 Archibald Beattie McCafferty


    After discharging himself$ Archie threw away his sedati)es$ started drin&ing hea)ily and t& ut all f

    his aggressin n his wife. Althugh ;anice was !regnant$ Archie wuld re!eatedly bash her when he

    was drun&$ which was mst nights. 2e wuld !ress his thumbs against her wind!i!e and nly let g as

    she was abut t la!se int uncnsciusness.

    5ne night when he nearly &illed ;anice$ Archie b&ed himself bac& int the hs!ital and tld

    !sychiatrists that he wanted t &ill his wife and her family. 2e said he wanted t get the e)il thughts

    ut f his head but discharged himself a few days later. here was nthing that the dctrs culd d t&ee! him there.

    he )isits t !sychiatric hs!itals did nthing t change Archie,s ways. 2e was straight bac& n the

    drin& when he discharged himself and his drug inta&e increased. S did his fits f uncntrllable

    )ilence. 2e gt a -b n a garbage truc& and this seemed t !acify him fr a shrt time during the

    days. But at night he was getting wrse.

    Archie,s mther claimed that the birth f his sn$ Craig Archibald n 7 =ebruary "#%+ turned Archie

    int a different !ersn. ;anice McCafferty did nt agree. She said that he was still drin&ing hea)ily and

    ta&ing all srts f drugs. She was terrified t ta&e the baby in the car fr fear that Archie wuld ha)e an

    accident and &ill them all. Little Craig li)ed nly si1 wee&s.

    The Fatal Accident

    At +.+>am n the mrning f Saturday$ "% March$ "#%+$ ;anice t& the baby t bed with them t feed

    him. She d0ed ff and aw&e at #am$ she tld the in4uest int the baby,s death9 '6 felt smething

    underneath me in the bed. 6 -um!ed straight ut f bed and 6 saw the baby,s face and realised

    smething was terribly wrng. here was bld n his face and n my nightie. My bra was still

    undne. 6 must ha)e rlled )er t my left and rlled nt my baby.'

    At the in4uest$ held n *7 August "#%+$ the crner$ Mr ;hn (unn$ said that the child had diedaccidentally when his mther went t slee! n t! f him while breast/feeding. 2e cm!letely

    e1nerated ;anice McCafferty and said9 '6 must say in the interests f the welfare f the yung mther$

    6 cannt find anything t be critical f her fr what ha!!ened.'

    Archie McCafferty did nt agree. 2e had left ;anice a wee& after the tragedy and althugh he did nt

    attend the in4uest int his sn,s death he sent a scathing letter t the crner$ accusing ;anice f

    murdering their sn.

    Was the death f his sn all that Archie McCafferty needed t ti! him )er the edge? 6t was a 4uestin

    n which !sychiatrists wuld shar!ly disagree. Certainly$ the hrrr f his sn,s death !layed

    cnstantly n Archie,s already trubled mind. But was it the match that had lit the fuse t the &eg fdynamite that was abut t e1!lde?

    he first eru!tin ccurred a wee& after Craig,s death. he McCaffertys had a few friends )er fr

    drin&s after the funeral and when mst f them had gne Archie started !laying a recrd called

    Nobody's Childin remembrance f his dead sn. An argument started and ;anice McCafferty fled.

    Archie caught u! with her hurs later in Blac&twn$ where he accused her f &illing his sn.

    When Archie t& t her with a fence !ic&et$ ;anice,s brther and anther man ste!!ed in and ga)e him

    a hiding. he fllwing day he turned u! at his !arent,s huse at Bass 2ill. Badly bruised and c)ered

    in bld he !leaded with his mther fr hel!. She des!aired at her cnfused sn,s !light and begged

    him t re/admit himself t the hs!ital.

  • 7/23/2019 Archibald Beattie McCafferty


    hat day$ a family friend dr)e Archie t the Parramatta Psychiatric Centre$ where he b&ed in fr

    treatment. 6t was his third self/admissin in nine mnths$ the ne that !rm!ted hs!ital staff t ring

    the !lice when he chec&ed himself ut a few days later.

    Lucy Seven

    Archie,s !assin was tatts. @isiting the tattist was li&e seeing his thera!ist. he tattist &new all

    f Archie,s innermst secrets. Archie cnfided in him$ sught his ad)ice and admired his !inins. As a

    result f the lng hurs Archie had s!ent ha)ing !ictures !ut n his bdy$ there wasn,t much rm left.

    2e was c)ered in mre than *>> f them.

    When !lice had t !htgra!h all f Archie,s identifying mar&s$ they used many rlls f film. here

    were e)en stars tatted n his ear lbes. Li&e many f the thers n his bdy they were dne with

    6ndian in& and sewing needles while filling in the lng hurs in !risn. Archie hated these ,nic&,

    !risn tatts and whene)er he was ut f !risn$ he gt them c)ered with ,!r!er, nes.

    2is bdy is a wal&ing ad)ertisement f his hatred f the !lice. 5ne tatt s!read acrss his shulders

    and bac& says ,he man wh !uts anther man under lc& and &ey is nt brn f wman,s wmb,.Anther says ,&ill and hate c!s,.

    Archie has drawings f tw bulldgs n his chest and tw shar&s n each shulder. here are eyes

    tatted n each f his buttc&s and the bttm half f his bdy is c)ered in drawings de!icting l)e

    and se1.

    Archie had sa)ed a s!ace n his chest fr a s!ecial tatt and until his sn was &illed$ he didn,t &nw

    what that tatt wuld be. he day he discharged himself frm the Parramatta Psychiatric Centre he

    went t the tattist and had a memrial t his sn etched n that s!ecial s!t n his chest. 6t is f a

    crss/sha!ed tmbstne embedded in a bld/red rse. 6t is inscribed9 ,6n Memry f Craig,.

    Se)eral wee&s later Archie !aid anther )isit t his tattist fr anther s!ecial tatt. his time he

    wuld ha)e his fa)urite number$ %$ tatted n the web between the thumb and frefinger. 6t was ne

    f the few !laces left