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  • 1. Details are ot details, they ake the desig . -Charles Eames Apeksha Karanjekar ARCHITECTURE PORTFOLIO

2. CONTENTS A single family residenceUrban design Group work Hospital Convention Center Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together. There it begins. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Space Park (Thesis) Miscellaneous 3. THESIS 10th Sem Vyr Aim was to study and create architectural forms & spaces to get an output in terms of a SPACE PARK. Space Park is a vision of an urban center where science and society can come together and interact. It strives to be new kind of interface between scientific communityandpublic. Study sheets Space Par k To achieve connection between 2D planning and by blending different volumetric masses (3D) to evolve design method into a built space. 4. THESIS 10th Sem Vyr The design is divided in 3 parts i.e. public semi-public and private zones. The site is at Bhopal and is surrounded by roads from all four sides existing slope of the site is been created by water body. Final sheets Space Par k P l a n s Site plan Sections 5. THESIS 10th Sem Vyr Levels is been created in exhibition gallery and is accessed by the ramps. The center focus is given to the planetarium which is surrounded by 3d show room, telescope block and observatories. Model & views Space Par k 6. Mixed Use Develo pment 8th Sem IVyrURBAN DESIGNG R O U P W O R K 7. DESIGN Convention center 7th Sem IVyr E l e v a t i o n s The aim of convention center at Nagpur to cater the cultural dreams of the people of central India & it will allow the knowledge of people to explore at a larger platform. Sketch View Site Plan 8. DESIGN Convention center 7th Sem IVyr Section EE A research cubical was placed in library for the purpose to carry the research activity. Section FF The design concept is to determine parameters around and inside the building which could be termed as forces to trigger the dialogue between different zones which were created. Section GG 9. DESIGN Hospital at Na gpur 7th Sem IVyr A large open space along with little landscaping is done to improve the hospital environment. Sections P l a n 10. DESIGN Hospital at Na gpur 7th Sem IVyr Elevation Section First floor comprises of O.T. complex, general ward (females), common toilets, maternity section To design a semi specialty hospital in Nagpur with the following requirements OPD EMERGENCY, O.T. I.C.US SEMI DELUX ROOMS DELUX ROOMS 11. DESIGN Sections A s i n g l e f a m i l y r e s i d e n ce 5th Sem IIIyr Different transitional spaces connects all the areas together which givea the feeling of openess 12. DESIGN A s i n g l e f a m i l y r e s id e n c e5th Sem IIIyr plans Elevations 13. LANDSCAPE 7th Sem IVyrResidence P l a n The landscape design translates an indigenous ideology that captures & relates to its precincts. Every elements of the landscaping contributes to, or interacts with, its envirous. Fountain section S ecti on of sti l l pond 14. CONSTRUCTION Bus shelter A bus shelter is to be designed which will act as a prototype in a span of 2m x 5m. Factors that were considered while designing were modularity, aesthetics, comfort & safety. 15. OTHER WORKS SHORT FILM N a s a w o r k P O S T E R D E S I G N 16. GRAPHICS E erythi g a ishes arou d e, a d orks are born as if out of the void. 17. MODEL MAKING VILLA SAVOYE D E S I G N P R O C E S S V I S U A L A R T S A G O R AThe steps which help to understand the basics of design and achieve final product. 18. PHOTOGRAPHY Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still. 19. SKETCHES Not all dreams come to reality, the ones which comes are our own creations, nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. 20. THANK YOU !