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  • 8/13/2019 Arcadis Avantic Druck



    ARCADIS AvanticHigh-end mobile imaging with a larger field of view

  • 8/13/2019 Arcadis Avantic Druck


  • 8/13/2019 Arcadis Avantic Druck


    ARCADISBridging the borders of the OR

    Discover the new generation of mobile C-arms from Siemens.ARCADIS is more than just a new C-arm. ARCADIS is an entirely new generation of C-arm technology

    that marks the start of a new era in the OR, offering completely new possibilities. syngo. Its all about you.

    syngo, our unique solution for the diagnostic and therapeutic cycles, knows how you work. What you

    need. Whats most important. Fast, easy, and intuitive, syngobrings together all of the solutions critical

    to you and your patients. Uniquely role-based for your workflow, syngocompletely integrates your day,

    your department and beyond. Leading to a whole new level of clinical excellence. And partnership

    you can grow with. Its the beginning of a virtualized, always on, anywhere world of healthcare.

    The time to syngois now.

  • 8/13/2019 Arcadis Avantic Druck


  • 8/13/2019 Arcadis Avantic Druck


    ARCADIS Avantic Clinical workflow at its best

  • 8/13/2019 Arcadis Avantic Druck


    ARCADIS Avantics software is designed to support the

    entire clinical workflow, from patient registration to image


    Optimal workflow for patient registration

    Withsyngo, ARCADIS Avantic supports all DICOM 3.0

    functions, seamlessly integrating your data management

    process into the HIS/RIS world, beginning with patient

    registration. All patient data may be transformed directly

    from the hospital information system to an onboard worklist.

    Individual patient data may be quickly queried from the

    network as well. Patient pre-registration significantly reduces

    your OR prep time. ARCADIS Avantic also fully allowsemergency registrations when time is limited.

    Optimal workflow during examinations

    ARCADIS Avantic supports the full range of X-ray-based

    applications in the OR. The Examination task card provides

    you with a large range of medical applications. The specific

    program within these applications is intuitively selected

    using VPA (Virtual Patient Anatomy). Simply click on the

    VPA body region to be examined to select the appropriate,

    optimized application program. Up to 200 dedicated, appli-

    cation-specific programs are available. In addition, ARCADIS

    Avantic's dose rate concept allows you to precisely adjust

    the dose to the required level.

    Tube Load Indicator

    The tube load indicator shows the current status of yourtube load. This helps for a better allocation of available

    heat capacity and a clear indication of relative tube load as

    well the remaining availability prior to dose reduction.


    An optional Diamentor* measures the Dose Area

    Product (DAP) of the fluoroscopy field. The DAP result

    is displayed on the live monitor for easy viewing

    and increased dose awareness. The DAP can also be

    documented on hardcopy images. Alternatively

    the display and documentation of air kerma rate and

    cumulative air kerma value is possible.

    * Standard in some countries.

  • 8/13/2019 Arcadis Avantic Druck


    ptimal workflow with multimodality viewing

    ultimodality viewing (Query/Retrieve) allows you to access

    mages from other modalities, such as CT and MR, before,

    uring, or after the OR procedure. The monitor cart acts as

    n OR DICOM workstation, providing you a display of virtually necessary pre-op patient images, making light boxes

    bsolete. ARCADIS Avantics icons are clear and easy to

    nderstand, bringing the image post-processing capabilities

    syngoto your OR staff with ease.

    uoro Loop/LSH (Last Scene Hold)

    he acquired scene starts automatically after radiation

    ops. Your benefit is the immediate replay of the acquired

    ene. With LSH up to 120 images are kept in the temporary

    emory for optional storage of the acquired scene.

    Optimal workflow for documentation and archiving

    ARCADIS Avantic has a local storage capacity of 40,000

    images, offering you increased flexibility. A CD burner is

    provided for local long-term storage in DICOM or BMP formats.

    A DICOM viewer is written to the CD together with the

    image data. This allows you to view the images stored on

    the CD on any computer. Naturally, you can also use DICOM

    to send your images to the archive or to a local or network

    printer. Printing is facilitated by the virtual film sheet feature,

    which allows the viewing and formatting of images on theworkstation monitor before printing.

    VPA (Virtual Patient Anatomy)

    for the selection of the body

    region to be examined

  • 8/13/2019 Arcadis Avantic Druck



  • 8/13/2019 Arcadis Avantic Druck


    ARCADIS Avantic

    Exceeding performance expectations

    As a multipurpose high-end mobile C-arm, ARCADIS Avantic exceeds expectations.It combines a 33 cm (13) II (image intensifier) with the high output of a 25 kW

    generator, a continuous digital 1K2imaging chain, and dynamic recording at a maxi-

    mum frame rate of 30 f/s in DCM (Digital Cine Mode). Virtually all DICOM functions

    are supported as well.

    Size really does matter

    ARCADIS Avantics industry leading 33 cm (13) image intensifier offers a nearly

    15% larger entrance surface area for the usable FOV (Field of View), compared with

    the conventional 30 cm (12) image intensifier available in the industry. The coating

    includes Mu-Metal shielding to provide nearly distortion-free images throughout the

    entire field of view.

    High performance for demanding applications

    Comprehensive power through a 25 kW generator meets the needs of virtually all

    applications. ARCADIS Avantic is equipped with a dual focus rotating anode tube

    with a tube housing heat capacity of 2.57 MHU, delivering tube currents of up to

    250 mA with a minimal pulse width of 7ms. DCM, with up to 30 f/s acquisition and

    storage rate, sets the stage for advanced vascular and cardiac surgery applications.

    Everything is under control

    The all-in-one control panel, mounted on a swivel, allows convenient system operation

    from any side of the C-arm. The key functions of ARCADIS Avantic (e.g. operatingmodes, post-processing tools, electromagnetic brakes) can be controlled with a push

    of a button.

    In addition a Remote User Interface enables the surgeon to control all relevant

    C-arm functions from within the sterile field.

    Multifunction foot switch:

    This alternative to the standard foot switch leads to more user friendly operation of

    ARCADIS Avantic. With the new foot switch, surgeons as well as OR staff control all

    operating modes and single image storage of ARCADIS Avantic with ease.

    Dose-saving features

    An integrated laser light localizer, radiation free collimation and multi-level dose

    control are only a few of many dose reduction features. The detachable grid combined

    with a high resolution DAP (Dose Area Product) measuring chamber and an integrated

    copper filter open the path for pediatric surgery, where dose levels are most critical.

  • 8/13/2019 Arcadis Avantic Druck



    With its 33 cm (13) II and large power reserves with a 25 kW generator,

    ARCADIS Avantic is ideally suited for applications in vascular and cardiac surgery;

    electrophysiology; gastroenterology; orthopedic, trauma and spine surgery; pain

    management; general surgery, and urology.

    Vascular surgeryIn particular the 33 cm (13) II enables surgeons to obtain maximum overview of

    the anatomy of interest without repositioning the C-arm. The large field of view is

    best suited for use during vascular interventions in many different applications such

    as AAA, femoral artery bypass or placement of carotid stents. High penetration is

    provided with up to 125 kV.

    ARCADIS Avantic

    Made for your clinical specialty

    Vascular surgery

  • 8/13/2019 Arcadis Avantic Druck


    Cardiac surgery

    With its large power reserves of 25 kW and rotating anode, ARCADIS Avantic

    provides excellent performance in cardiac surgery and electrophysiology. DCM

    (Digital Cine Mode) with incredibly fast imaging rates (up to 30 images/s with a

    minimum pulse width of 7ms), Fluoro Loop and LSH (Last Scene Hold), and three

    zoom levels support imaging throughout the chest area. With 40,000-image storage

    capacity, long series of images can be stored.


    In gastroenterology, the 13 image intensifier provides an extended field of view

    for optimized orientation. This enables the surgeon to see more anatomy in the

    G.I. tract. In pulsed fluoroscopy, with up to 15 f/s, crisp images can be acquired and

    stored in real time. Customized program settings lead to optimized image quality

    with contrast media, as ideally suited for interventions in gastroenterology and

    urology as well as general surgery.

    Ortho/trauma/spine surgery

    Complex cases in ortho/trauma applications, e.g. fractures of the pelvis or complex

    spine surgery require advanced image quality. ARCADIS Avantic provides superb

    image quality with DR shots with up to 250 mA. Even in lateral projections of obese

    patients, consistently high image quality can be achi