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  • 1. Perception of Objectsin Technical Illustrations:A Challenge inTechnical Communications1170002 Yu AraiCLR Technical Communication LaboratorySupervised by Prof. Debopriyo Roy2/14/20131

2. Overview1. Introduction2. Work Flow3. Method Making Figures Data collecting from Test sheets Data analysis4. Findings5. Discussion6. Conclusion2 3. IntroductionMental image is . . .like a picture in own brain.Mental rotation is . . .Basically about how the brain moves objects in the physical space in amanner that helps with positional understanding of objects in space.Technical illustration is . . .The use of illustration to visually communicate information of a technicalnature.3 4. Work Flow Make FiguresTop view version figuresMake Test seatsTake testData collectAnalysisSPSSDiscussionsConclusions4 5. Method Making Figures (POSER)Heightsa. Chest heightb. Waist heightActivitiesa. Holding a Ballb. Throwing a BallCamera Positions1. Front 0degree2. 1/3rd Side 30 degrees3. Side 90 degrees4. 1/3rd Back 120 degrees5. Back 180 degrees5B : Top of viewA : Basic View 6. Method Data collecting41 students who are non-native English speaker participated in this study.Having 20 test sheets.6 7. Method Data analysis (SPSS)Given a score of either 1 or 0.The data was entered in SPSS statistical softwarefor data analysisA score in the range of 1-5 was reported for eachtest sheet.7 8. Finding Cochran Test Correct Answer : 1 Incorrect Answer : 0 Q = 17.968 Asymp.sig. = .525 P > .058 9. Chest height Confidence data3.803.683.80 3.803.733.533.633.703.853.733.303.403.503.603.703.803.90Front 1/3 side Side 1/3 back BackHoldingThrowing9 10. Waist height Confidence data3.93 3.933.803.903.733.953.78 3.783.803.833.603.653.703.753.803.853.903.954.00Front 1/3 side Side 1/3 back BackHoldingThrowing10 11. Finding Friedman test 20 body positions/ height/ action Chi-square = 25.172 Asymp.sig. = .115 > .0511 12. Finding Confidence levelCorrelations Between Personal Value Sig. ValueThrowing Chest Back .514** .001Throwing Waist Side .474** .002Holding Waist Back .439** .005Holding Waist Front .429** .006Throwing Waist 1/3rd Back .406** .00912Significant Correlations between Mean Accuracy Scores and Confidence ScoresSignificant Correlations between Mean Accuracy Scores and Confidence ScoresSignificant Correlations between Mean Accuracy Scores and Confidence Scores 13. DiscussionBody height/rotation/action When compared with a plan view, it becomesmore various visual cues. Accuracy score around the 85 95% levelSimilarity body height action - rotation 20 body position insignificant difference Height/Action combinations insignificantdifference13 14. Conclusion and Future researchExplored the effect of Body rotation, height andactionIncreased the accuracy levels readers interesting approachIn the future researchoThe level of correctness should be analyzed carrying outtime observation.14 15. Thank you15