Arai 2013 booqi

Arai 2013 booqi
Arai 2013 booqi
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Arai 2013 booqi

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    x-Tend Ram



    urban Touring Street

    Commuting urban Street

    Commuting urban Touring

    urban Touring Street

    urban Commuting Racing

    Commuting urban Touring

    Size xS-xxL

    Size xS-xxL

    Size xS-xxxL

    Size xS-xxL

    Size xS-xxL

    Size xS-xxxL

    fReeway 2

    urban Street TouringSize xS-xxL

    TouR-x 4

    Touring adventure Street

    Size xS-xxL


    adventure Racing Street

    Size xS-xxL

    CaR HeLmeT RanGe

    wHy aRaI?

    aRaI SeRVICeS

    Arai has been at the forefront of car racing for many years and to date many of the worlds top drivers competing in all kart- and car-racing disciplines. Drivers from Formula 1 to WTCC wear our helmets. New for 2013 is the open face GP-J3 model.

    formula 1 drivers

    Sebastian Vettel

    Mark Webber

    Jenson Button

    Lewis Hamilton

    Kamui Kobayashi

    Kimi Raikkonen

    Daniel Ricciardo

    Jean Eric Bernue

    Paul di Resta

    Heikki Kovalainen

    Timo Glock

    Charles Pic

    Pedro de la Rosa


    outer shell In-house test Standard** Construction RC PB-SNC ScLc SFL SFL SFL ScLc ScLc SFL SFL STD SFL SFL SFL SFL ScLc SFL SFL Extended sides Hyper Ridge Chin bar ridges Ventilation Free Flow System (FFS) front ventilation Dual intake Center top duct Removable Diffusers Diffuser System Standard brow vents** Brow vents extended to temple area** Three position chin vent Closable chin vent Inner chin (bar) vent shutter Low positioned ducts Under-peak air intake Rear ventilation Neck exhaust vent Centre top vent Replaceable vented neck roll One-piece rear exhaust Air Conductor (front&rear) Air Conductor (rear) Rear exhaust vents Side exhausts aerodynamics Pull Down Chin Spoiler Patented Air Wing adjustable** Patented Air Wing non-adjustable** Aerodynamic front duct Visor Optically correct, 3D shaped visor SAI Visor Max Vision SAI Visor SAL Visor Lever Release system (LRS) SuperAdsis De-Mist Lock Pinlock insert lens included Interior Replaceable Cheek Pads Replaceable Ear cups

    5mm Peel Away Ear cups/Cheek pads/Temple pad Dry-Cool Liner** Replaceable interior Non-replaceable interior Facial Contour System (FCS) Cheek pads/Ear cups with EPS liner Washable chinstrap covers Leather interior parts (only design models) Comfort Large operating buttons Emergency Release System (ERS) ECE 22-05 and SNELL M2010 approved Smoke holders Multiple configurations Innovative peak Extra (chin bar) space Breath guard Shell recess for goggles Goggle strap band (only design models) * Innovated by Arai ** Innovated and exclusively offered by Arai

    RX-7 RC

    RX-7 GP







    Axces II


    d Ram









    Tour-X 4





    VX-Pro Ju


    why buy at an authorized arai dealer?Because only the authorised dealer is trained by Arai and is able to offer good after sales service and parts. Together with sound advice of your Arai dealer about the right model and size for you. Please try (on) a helmet first to be sure of the right size and model. Please also note The right size caption in this brochure. Some dealers offer the Ride before you buy service, offering Arai helmets for test rides.

    why does an arai feel better?You can't always see the reasons why an Arai feels better, but they're there: lower weight from advanced superfiber-based construction; a lower centre of gravity for better balance and less strain; softer single-piece multiple-density liners. Ventilation systems that work in the real world. And the result is ultimate comfort: you just feel good. You want to keep on riding. An Arai isn't made to feel good for just an hour or two. It's made to feel good all day, every day - and to keep feeling good for years, long after most helmets have become loose and shabby.

    why are fCS and Peel away pads such an important improvement?FCS is the abbreviation of Facial Contour System. The FCS cheek pads offer an integrated spring action. This makes putting the helmet on easier with less effort needed. With FCS the cheek pad wraps under the jawbone and on the cheekbones instead of mostly on the soft cheek area. Although the fit feels looser FCS actually offers secure support over a larger area providing superior stability and comfort with minimal pressure. The new Peel Away pads offer thin surface pads that can be removed from the head liner as well as the top surface of both cheek pads to achieve the best possible, personal fit and minimize the need to purchase additional padding,

    why is ventilation so important? Effective ventilation is very important for several reasons: it will help to reduce fogging of the inner surface of the visor, providing fresh air to the rider and will remove transpiration and damp/warm air from the helmets interior. Comfort and therefore passive performance will increase with the superior Arai ventilation systems. Effective ventilation of the

    interior of the helmet is created by a combination of inlet and outlet vents plus the FFS (Free Flow System) construction at the underside of the helmet. why does arai uses visor holders?Simple, it is the best visor fixing system without compromising on the configuration of the outer shell and EPS liner. With a deep recess in the outer shell either the interior EPS liner must be thinner and harder, or the outer shell must be larger to accommo-date a softer, thicker liner. It also offers room for the SuperAdSis visor system that makes visor changes possible in seconds without tools.

    5-year Limited warrantyIn 1993 Arai is the first helmet manufacturer to introduce a full 5-Year Limited Warranty. To date we are one of the few helmet manufacturers in the world that can substantiate quality state-ments by warranting our products for five years.

    arai Service TeamsArai Service Teams visit events throughout the world to provide service to our customers, not only at racetracks, but at exhibitions and touring events as well.

    arai spares and repairsWe stock parts to service any helmet in our range, including special editions. Up to 7 years after the production date we are able to take care of your Arai.

    arai Paint ServiceThe Arai Paint Service is responsible for an almost endless list of beautiful hand painted helmets. Many Grand Prix racers and nonprofessional riders wear helmets that were painted by our Paint Service.

    aRaI VISoRS

    We offer a wide variety of coloured visors*, as well as tear-offs for racing or track riding.

    ClearBlueAmberLight-smokeDark-smokeMirrorized blueMirrorized purpleMirrorized goldMirrorized silver

    *Please check with your dealer the visor type you need.

    PinlockVisor fogging is a common and annoying problem that can develop into a dangerous situation when vision is impaired. Pinlock insert lenses are an effective remedy against fogging and are available for all our full-face helmets. SaI max Vision Visier*The extra wide SAI Max Vision visor with brow vents makes it possible to increase the size of the Pinlock insert lens to the maximum. * Standard on the Quantum ST

    faCIaL ConTouR SySTem (fCS)SuPeRadSIS LRS (LeVeR ReLeaSe SySTem)5mm PeeL away

    Cube (X-tend shell)

    Aluminum Silver

    Lane (X-tend shell)

    Pearl Black



    Cafe Racer


    Frost Black



    Frost Black


    Mission Black




    Mission Neon

    Profile Blue


    Profile Orange