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Transcript of ArAbIAn HorsE - ArAbIAn HorsE letter ArAbIAn HorsE HealtH Young foals require...

  • 2nd Edition 2012 - Issue 11

    ArAbIAn HorsE letter

    ArAbIAn HorsE HealtH Young foals require special attention and proper feeding to ensure their development, health, and future performance. But their dams also need to be monitored and properly fed, especially during weaning which is stressful for both mare and foal.

    ArAbIAn HorsE Culture El Zahraa, die Egyptian State Stud at Cairo, is the guardian of the heritage of the breeding program begun by Abbas Pasha I in the early 19th century. It is the source of all straight Egyptian breeding today and an inspiration to those who visit it.

    ArAbIAn HorsE reSearCH Not all horses of the Dahman Shahwan strain trace to El Dahma. The “other” Dahman family, tracing to the foundation mare Bint El Bahreyn, is the only Egyptian family based on a tap root mare from Bahreyn and has also been highly influential.

    ArAbIAn HorsE NeWS The International Arabian Horse Festival of Kuwait for the first time combined an ECAHO B-Show, and Egyptian Event, an art exhibition and stud presentations in an event that was a huge success and drew visitors from all parts of the world.

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    Kuwait’s first International Arabian Horse Festival was an impressive showcase of what the breeders of Kuwait have achieved. Visitors from all over the world came to enjoy the living treasures of Kuwait and Kuwaiti hospitality.


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    2nd Edition 2012 - Issue 11 2nd Edition 2012 - Issue 11

    ArAbIAn HorsE letter ArAbIAn HorsE letter

    ArAbIAn HorsE NeWS


    An EVEnT noT To bE MIssEd

    From Feb. 15th to 18th 2012, Kuwait’s state stud bait Al Arab hosted the First International -b show for Arabian Horses and also for the first time a two day Egyptian Event on its spacious and well prepared show ground. This new concept for the annual show event seemed to be greatly

    appreciated by the breeders and owners greatly as the number of horses entered into the show was high: 184 horses for the b-show, 223 for the Egyptian Event. As in Kuwait approximately 65% of the Arabian horses are from straight Egyptian bloodlines, it is apt to have a separate

    competition for this group. yet the two competitions overlapped nicely: there were horses that competed in both events and, moreover, there was equal support and enthusiasm for both parts. In short: it was four days of celebrating the beauty and heritage of the Arabian horse.

    1st International Egyptian Event Kuwait 2012 1st International Championship Kuwait 2012





    Sheikha Sarah Fahed Al Sabah

    Talal Al Mehri and daughter

    Diana Al Wawan (Gold Champion Filly)



    Photo : Sachs Photo : Sachs

    AJ Dinara (Silver Champion Filly)

    AJA Andreas (Gold Champion Colt) Photo:©

    Fayyad Alfayyad (Silver Champion Colt)

    d ue to the extraordinarily good organization, the show ran smoothly inspite of the large number of horses in

    most of the classes and the subsequently narrow time table. both events attracted a large number of spectators right from the very first class up to the last. There were also many guests from countries like saudi Arabia, Qatar, bahrain, the uAE, Egypt, Jordan, usA, Canada, new Zealand and several European countries. The whole event had a very special - and especially for the foreign guests most impressive - atmosphere. Although winning is a wonderful success and was celebrated adequately, it was clearly not what this show was all about. The sheer appearance of many horses was cheered

    enthusiastically not only by owners, breeders, and family, but also by fellow breeders and friends. Good placings would be celebrated almost just as much as wins - so it was all about sharing joy and pride within the community of Arabian horse lovers. This included well known breeders climbing onto their chairs to cheer. It felt like a get together of friends rather than a tough competition. Typically Kuwait, one might say. nevertheless it was a strong competition, because the quality was high. The judges - Mrs. Anna stojanowska (pL), Mr. Hassanain Al nakeeb (Gb), Mr. Jaroslaw Lacina (CZ), Mr. Tamas rombauer (Hun) and dr. Manfred neubacher (Aus) - had a hard time selecting the best horses in the classes and in the championships.

    Bait Al Arab Show Arena

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    2nd Edition 2012 - Issue 11 2nd Edition 2012 - Issue 11

    ArAbIAn HorsE letter ArAbIAn HorsE letter

    ArAbIAn HorsE NeWS

    INterNatIoNal egyptIaN eveNt Mr. Abdullah salem Al sedrawi is also the owner of two more spectacular stallions: best straight Egyptian Arabian Male and Gold Champion Ezz Ezzain (Ansata Al Murtajiz x najeiah, 2003), bred by Ezzain Arabians, and silver senior Male straight Egyptian Champion shams omar, bred by omar stud, Egypt. Ezz Ezzain has a remarkable career: not only has he been Champion before - but he also excelled as a sire at this show with medal-winning daughters M. sarah and Al Masa Asayel. Lovely rawaah Aljazira, a 4-year-old beauty by Ansata Hejazi out of roba Al rayyan, was the mare who won the title “best straight Egyptian Arabian Female bred and born in Kuwait”. she was bred by her proud owner Mr. Talal Al Mehri. To name just a few of the successful breeders: It was Mr. Mohammed M. Al Mubaraki, who won - again after

    Photo : Sachs







    Al Mazyouna (Gold Champion Mare) Best Arabian Female Bred and Born in Kuwait

    Sheikha Sarah Al Sabah, Sheikh Ahmad Al Homoud Al Sabah - Minister of Interior and Sheikh Dhari Al Sabah Chairman of Hunting & Equestrian Club attending the show

    M. Sarah (Gold Champion Filly)

    Al Masa Asayel (Silver Champion Filly)

    Reem Al Rayah (Bronze Champion Filly)

    M. Anan (Gold Champion Colt)

    Talal Al Mehri & Sheikh Saoud Bin Abdulaziz Al Thani


    Faraula (Silver Champion Mare)


    Matar Al Rayah (Silver Champion Colt)

    Ajmal Shahwan (Gold Champion Stallion) Best Arabian Male Bred and Born in Kuwait


    Al Arab Asayel (Silver Champion Stallion)


    INterNatIoNal eCaHo B-SHoW The ECAHo b-show showed that Kuwait has meanwhile reached a very respectable level for show and breeding horses of international bloodlines. There is for example Al Wawan stud’s bay stallion Alfonzo (by Ab Magnum), last years senior Champion stallion, who was very well represented by his get in the b-show. numerous youngsters by him excelled with elegance, type and a showy attitude and were easily recognizable as Alfonzo get. such as class winners diana Al Wawan, a refined, feminine bay filly, who was also first last year, and Muntaha Alwasan, a 2010 filly also owned by Mr. Ali Matar Al Wawan. Happy owner of as many as four class winners was Mr. Khaled Al nughemshe: the three-year-old colt Aja Andreas by WH Justice out of Aja Anouska, the bold moving polish-bred mare Faraula J (Extern out of Fifa, 2001), who upgraded her last years bronze Champion title to silver this year, the 2008 bay stallion Al Arab Asayel (Aja sanagor x baherah Ezzain), who was also awarded silver, and the 5-year-old already white and classic Al Mazyouna by sinan Al rayyan out of Vischnja, who also achieved the Gold Champion mare title. special awards for best Arabian Female and Male bred and born in Kuwait went - for the second year in a row! - To Al Mazyouna and to Ajmal shahwan by shahin out of Ansata shalimar, an 11-year-old epitome of an Arabian stallion, who won the senior stallion class in the b-show as well as in the Egyptian Event. He was bred at Ajmal Arabian stud and is owned by Mr. Abdullah salem Al sedrawi.

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    2nd Edition 2012 - Issue 11 2nd Edition 2012 - Issue 11

    ArAbIAn HorsE letter ArAbIAn HorsE letter


    ArAbIAn HorsE NeWS

    2011 - the Kuwait Arabian Horse breeder Award for both sections of the show. several excellent horses are of his breeding, among them Jr. Male straight Egyptian Champion M. Anan by Ansata Al Murtajiz, whose get were very well represented at the whole show. Mr. Alaa Al roumi and Mr. Talal Al nisf from Al rayah & Al sharg stud did very well with their mares sebha Al rayyan, Jamila Al rayah, and reem Al rayah earning Gold, silver, and bronze medals. Mrs. Mai Ahmed Abdullah entered many lovely horses into the show, the most successful being Gold medal winner M. sarah, a 2010 filly by Ezz Ezzain out of Ansata suleyma.

    second to her was another Ezz Ezzain daughter: the yearling filly Al Masa Asayel out of Zakawat, owned by Mr. M. Al rukhaeyess. Mr. Talal Al Mehri of Aljazira stud participated with multiple success: double bronze medals for rodaynah Aljazira (sinan Al rayyan x roba Al rayyan, 2008) and the newly acquired breeding stallion Taleeth Al naif (Ansata shalim x Al Johara, 2003, full brother to World champion