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Transcript of AR1 Paper 1

SECTION A[ 20 marks ]

Choose the best answer to complete the sentence.

1.Normah had a ______________ of milk before going to bed.AcupCglassBbowlDplate

2.She is __________________ teacher who teaches me English.AaCtheBanD-

3.Juweeta ran quickly ______________ she was chased by a dog.AsoCbecauseBandDalthough

4.The old man is leaning _____________ the wall because he is tiredAagainstCaboveBbelowDamong

5.Ali jumped into the lake ____________ to save his sister from drowning.AgladlyCpeacefullyBbravelyDexcellently

Choose the most suitable proverb.6.If we do an activity regurlaly, we will become very good at it. As the saying goes, _________________ .Apractice makes perfectBgreat minds think alikeCbetter late than neverDslow and steady win the race

Choose the best answer for each blank.Last week, Salmans grandfather fell sick and ______7_______ admitted to the hospital. Salman and his family visited him in the hospital. He bought a basket of fruits for his grandfather while his mother ______8_______ a flask of porridge. His grandfather was very glad to see them and chatted _____9______ with them.7.AisBareCwasDwere



Choose the word that has the similar meaning as the underlined word.10. Everyone praised the host for the tasty food.AsaltyBcleanCdeliciousDcolourful

Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation.11.AMy uncles necktie is made from silk.BMy uncles necktie is made from silk,CMy uncles necktie is made from Silk.DMy Uncles Necktie is made from silk.

Look at the picture and choose the best answer.

Emily and ____12______ family enjoy going to the lake in their neighbourhood. They usually walk there in the evening. There are many activities to do there. Usually, Emilys father and brother _____13______ love outdoor activities go fishing in the lake. Emily and her sister like to go_____14_____ watching while her mother and grandparents take a brisk walk around the lake. Then, the family sits ______15_____ the lake to enjoy the scenic view.




15.AonBoverCbelowDnear Questions 16 to 20Read the letter below carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Dear Peter,Thanks for your letter which I received yesterday. I had fun reading about how you celebrate Christmas in New Zealand.In Malaysia, I celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri. It falls on the first day of Syawal, which is the tenth month in the Muslim calendr. It marks the Muslims success in fasting for a month in Ramadan.The festival is a joyous occasion. On this day, the Muslims put on their best clothes and go to the mosque to perform prayers. Before leaving the mosque, we ask for forgiveness from each other.Then, we go home for a lovely meal with our families. We often have ketupat, a special Hari Raya dish. It is rice cooked in a case made of woven coconut leaves. Ketupat is usually taken with peanut sauce and rending, which is meat cooked in thick, spicy gravy.I hope you have enjoyed reading about Hari Raya Aidilfitri. It would be wonderful if we could celebrate the festival together. Bye!Your pen pal, Amir

16. What did Peter write about in his letter to Amir? A The first day of Christmas B Special dish on Christmas C Having a meal on Christmas D Christmas celebration in New Zealand

17.Why did Amir write the letter?

A To tell Peter to go to his house B To teach Peter how to make ketupat C To tell Peter about Hari Raya Aidilfitri D To ask Peter how Christmas is celebrated18.The phrase a joyous occasion shows that Muslims celebrate their festival ___________. A nicely B quietly C noisily D happily

19.The Muslims go to the mosque on Hari Raya to _______________. A perform prayers B eat ketupat together C make rendang togeher D ask forgiveness from each other

20.From the letter we know that, ketupat is _____________. A made of meat B eaten with sauce C cooked in thick gravy D a special dish on Christmas

SECTION B[ 30 marks ]Question 21Based on the given pictures, give the correct answers in full sentences.Write your answers in the spaces provided.

(a) Answer:

(2 marks)



(2 marks)


Answer: (2 marks)

Read the story below and answer the questions that follow.A milkmaid had been out to milk the cows and was returning from the field with a shiny milk pail balanced nicely on her head. As she walked along, her pretty head was busy with plans for the days to come.This good, rich milk, she mused, will give me plenty of cream to churn. I will take the butter which I made to the market, and with the money I get for it, I will buy a lot of eggs for hatching. How nice it will be when they are all hatched and the yard is full of cute, little chicks. Then when the right time comes I will sell them, and with the money, I will buy a lovely new dress to wear to the fair. All the young men will be attracted to me. They will come and try to date me.As she thought of how she would settle that matter, she tossed her head scornfully, and down fell the pail of milk. Suddenly, all the milk flowed out, and with it vanished the butter and eggs and chicks and new dress and all the milkmaids pride. So she had to go home and tell her mother what had happened.

Question 22Tick ( ) the correct answer.

(a) The milkmaid was returning home with.

Some money

A basket of eggs

A pail of milk on her head

[1 mark](b) The most suitable proverbs for the story is.

Too many cooks spoil the broth

Cut your coat according to your cloth

Dont count your chickens before they are hatched

[1 mark]

Write your answers in the space provided.(c) What did the milkmaid plan to do with the money from selling the butter?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[2 mark]

(d) Do you think the milkmaid succeeded in her plan in the end? Why?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [2 mark]

(e) As the milkmaid walked along with the pail of milk on her head, she was busy with plans for the days to come. Was the action correct? Why?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[2 mark]Question 23

Tick ( ) the correct answer.

(a) Aizad likes to act in dramas, he should join the

Drama Society

Science Society

Cultural Society

[1 mark](b) Akif is a member of the Cultural Society. Which place will he go to?

Music Room

Legend Hall

Science Laboratory

[1 mark](c) Match the phrases in List A to the suitable phrases in List B .

List AList B

The cultural Society meetsShirt- sketch competitions

The meeting for the Science Society is heldTwice a week

There is no fee forEvery two weeks

It will be fun to take part inMembers of Cultural Society

[2 marks]Write your answers in the space provided.(d) What would you do at the National Science Centre?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[2 mark]

(e) What do you understand by the phrase register early to avoid disappointment?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[2 mark] Sty the advertisement and read the dialogue below. Answer the questions that follow.

Wani: Lena, lets take a look at the advertisement.

Lena: Oh, the offers are great.

Wani: You can get Cutie shirts at forty per cent discount. They are also giving a fifty per cent discount for Kiddy shorts.

Lena: My dad likes to wear Elite shirts. Here he can buy one and get another one free. I am going to tell him about the great offer.

Wani: Mothers Day is coming. I think I will get a blouse for my mum as a gift on that day.

Lena: Oh, I almost forgot about it. Its a splendid idea, I think I will do the same.

Wani: Look here! The `Back To School department gives quite a good offer. When are you planning to go? Lets pick a day to go together..

Lena: Okay, will let you know later. I need to get something for my younger brother too.

Question 24 and 25Tick ( ) the correct answer.

24 (a) Lena and her ten- year-old sister are at the supermarket. Her sister will get a

Free balloon

15% discount

Mystery gift

[1 mark]

(b) Oh, I almost forgot about it. The word it in the dialogue refers to the.

Anniversary Sale

Mothers birthday

Mothers Day

[1 mark]25(a)Its a splendid idea, I think I will do the same.

Why do you think Lena said that?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[2 mark]

(b) Lenas younger brother is going to start school soon. Suggest an item for him to buy and give reasons to support your suggestion.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[2 mark]

(c) Why does the supermarket give a RM 25 voucher for every RM250 spent in a single receipt? Give reasons to support your answer._________