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  • Historyof Aqua Regia

    What you may not know is that this process dates back to 1300 AD. Aqua Regia (Latin for

    Royal Water) was first discovered by European alchemist Pseudo-Geber, when he mixed

    common salt with vitriol (Sulphuric acid). According to historians, this process was one

    of the ways that alchemists tried to find the philosopher's stone. Which interestingly

    enough, is the legendary substance for turning mercury into gold.

    Another interesting fact about Aqua Regia is that during WWII Hungarian chemist

    George de Hevesy took the Nobel Prize medals of Max von Laue and James Franck and

    used the process of aqua regia to dissolve them into liquid. He was able to keep them safe

    from the Nazis on a shelf in his laboratory, and following the war take the gold to be

    remade into new Noble Prize medals. Today this process is used in refineries and

    laboratories to dissolve gold and platinum to extract gems and diamonds from jewelry.

  • There are two main reasons why a jeweler or pawnbroker should make sure this process is

    used for their stone removal.

    Why is it the preferred method?

    1. The removal of the stones is done properly without damage to the gems or diamonds

    2. It reduces the likelihood of losing any of the stone materials

    Typically when a refinery handles the stone removal, they have an on-site laboratory.

    However its essential you verify that the refinery handling your stone removal service has a

    laboratory on-site. Why? Simply because they have the facilities to receive your material,

    conduct aqua regia in-house, and separate out the stones- all in one place. They are able to

    ensure your materials are safely and securely shipped back to you.

  • The process of Aqua Regia isnt as

    complex as it sounds.

  • Heres a quick overview of the procedure.

    1. You utilize the aqua regia chemical solution to dissolve thegold or platinum


    2. After the metal is dissolved you will strain out the precious or semi-precious

    stones and then collect in a separate container

    3. Following this step you can drop the dissolved metal (gold or platinum) into a

    different chemical solution which will change it into a powder form. That can molden

    down later.

    This process is shown to be the best, and safest method in stone removal.

  • Core ScientificWe offer a full-service stone remove process. Our

    on-site laboratory and cutting edge technology

    allows us to remove gems and diamonds from gold,

    silver and platinum. With the use of Aqua Regia,

    the chemical process, we are able to extract the

    stones in an efficient manner without risk to the

    quality and beauty of the precious and semi

    precious gems. With accuracy and fast returns, we

    maintain the highest standards in the industry.

    Our combination of industry expertise and

    technology gives us a better understanding of our

    clients wants and needs. That is why we are

    recognized as one of the top refiners.

  • Thank You!

    Core Scientific

    700 Industrial Dr. Suite K Cary, IL 60013


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