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Transcript of APSA Product Catalogue - APSA Internacional · PDF file 2018-10-26 · APSA Product...

  • Nutrition and Animal Health

    APSA Product Catalogue

    Vitamins Vitamin A / D3 1000/200 Vitamin A 1000 Vitamin D3 500 Vitamin E50 Vitamin K3 MNB Vitamin K3 MSB Folic Acid Nicotinic Acid Pantothenic Acid Vitamin B1 Mononitrate Vitamin B2 80 Vitamin B6 Vitamin B 12 1% Vitamin C Crystal Vitamin C Monophosphate Biotin 2% Choline 60% Choline L 75% Aminoacids Lysine Sulphate L-Lysine HCl L-Methionine L-Threonine L-Tryptophan Taurine Valine

    Minerals Sulfur Sodium bicarbonate Cobalt Carbonate Ammonium chloride Calcium chloride Magnesium chloride Potassium chloride Foscalcio 20 Calcium Iodate Copper oxide Magnesium oxide Zinc oxide Manganese oxide Selenite of Sodium 1% Selenite of Sodium 45% Cobalt Sulphate Ammonium sulphate Calcium sulfate Copper sulphate Magnesium sulphate Manganese Sulphate Zinc sulphate Ferrous sulphate

    Mycotoxin inhibitor Aluminosilicate

    Organic Acids Citric Acid Fumaric Acid Calcium Formiate Formic Acid 85% Formaldehyde

    Pigmentants Red Natural yellow

    Improver additive Betaine

    Antioxidants BHT Feed Grade Etoxiquin P

    Therapeutics Amoxisol Apramycin 500 Clortetraciclin 500 Doxiciclin 500 Florfen 20 Oxitetraciclin 200 Poliamoxisol Trisulprim EK

    Therapeutics-preventives Bacitracina Zinc 15% Bambermicin 80 Colistín 19000 Ui/mg Colistin 200 Lincomicin 40 Neocin 300 Neomicina 100% Mycoplasmicides Apsatyl Px Apsatyl Soluble Tiamulin 200 Tilmicosin 500

    Antiparasitics Feben 40 Oxiberm R150 Anticoccidials Apsacox Nicarbazin 25% Apsacox Plus Apsacox Rob Monensina 20% Salinomicina 12%



  • Enzymes Amylofeed Endofeed Phytafeed (Fitasa 5000 y 10000) QFit 2500 Plus

    Organic Minerals Availa 4 (Zn Mn Cu Co) Availa Cr Availa Fe Availa Se Availa ZMC (Zn, Mn, Cu) Availa Zn

    Mycotoxin Inhibitor Apsa Quimitox Apsa Quimitox Plus Mold Inhibitor Adimyc Fungistop Mycoclean

    Protein Concentrates


    Organic Acids Bactofin SF Liquid Re Hydra Pro Salmocid F Liquid Salmocid F Max Powder

    Probión Forte Probiotic Xtract Functional Additive

    Additives and micro-ingredients for animal nutrition and health



    Apsa Internacional S.A.: Int. Juan Lumbreras 1800 (1748) SIP Gral. Rodríguez - Buenos Aires - Argentina (+54) 237 485 7300 - apsa@apsanet.com.ar - www.apsanet.com.ar

    Registered products Senasa

    APSA Premixes Apsavit Vitaminic Blend Poultry Apsamin Mineral Blend Poultry Apsamix PX Layers Apsamix PX Layers with Enzymes Apsamix PX Broilers Apsamix PX Broilers Multienzyme

    Apsamix PX Rumiants Apsamix BMX Cattle with Monensin Apsamix PX Swine Apsamix PX Dogs Apsamix PX Pets Apsamix PX Production

    Formulations on request Integral mixtures

    Vitaminic Blends

    Minerals Blends

    Medicated mixtures