April/May/June 2011 - Cornerstone Family Worship Centercornerston 2011-05-25¢ ...

April/May/June 2011 - Cornerstone Family Worship Centercornerston 2011-05-25¢  April/May/June 2011 There
April/May/June 2011 - Cornerstone Family Worship Centercornerston 2011-05-25¢  April/May/June 2011 There
April/May/June 2011 - Cornerstone Family Worship Centercornerston 2011-05-25¢  April/May/June 2011 There
April/May/June 2011 - Cornerstone Family Worship Centercornerston 2011-05-25¢  April/May/June 2011 There
download April/May/June 2011 - Cornerstone Family Worship Centercornerston 2011-05-25¢  April/May/June 2011 There

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Transcript of April/May/June 2011 - Cornerstone Family Worship Centercornerston 2011-05-25¢ ...

  • Mary Panich

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    Mary Panich- Publisher

    Shelley Kunz- Producer


    April/May/June 2011

    There is a fable of a hungry ass put be-

    tween two bundles of hay. It looked at the

    one, then at the other, and could not decide

    which one to eat first, till it died of starva-

    tion. How foolish you might say? Just

    about as foolish as being double minded

    and indecisive in your ways; always

    caught between two opinions, until you die

    trying to decide; unable to make up your

    mind. What a frustrating position to be in.

    You‘re one moment living life in the Spirit

    and the next moment living a life of car-

    nality. You just can‘t decide… malnour-

    ishment of the soul sin sickness, or a vi-

    brant, healthy life of grace? How long will

    you hold on to worldly pleasures, expect-

    ing to master them, but are overcome by

    them. Your mind is so fixed on them, and

    developed in them, that you can‘t let go.

    Not without the much needed: renewed

    mindset. Paul gives the instruction in Ro-

    mans 12:2 “Be ye transformed by the re-

    newing of your mind.”

    Your mind is like a computer; it responds

    to what‘s programmed into it and spits out

    the data that you feed it. Change the old

    disk and put in a new one. I know this

    sounds a bit simplistic but it‘s a practice

    that works. Let go of the oldies and put in

    the new and do it daily, the old disk is de-

    cayed and does not offer life in the Spirit.

    Paul again writes, “the natural man re-

    ceiveth not the things of the Spirit of God:

    for they are foolishness unto him: neither

    can he know them, because they are spiri-

    tually discerned” I Corinthians 2:14. It‘s

    imperative for you to comprehend this

    because a Spirit controlled mindset gives

    you God‘s input and victory where you‘ve

    known only defeat. What we download

    into our spirit is vital to our impulses.

    Dr. Hans Selye researched and popularized

    a tiny membrane in the back of our head

    known as the RAS: Reticular Activating

    System. Your RAS has a leading function:

    it moves you in the direction of your domi-

    nant thought at the moment. We naturally

    act on what fills our minds. With the pre-

    occupation of a thought, we ultimately

    want to proceed on what fills our minds.

    This clarifies a lot of things—Indiana Uni-

    versity School of Medicine studied how

    the images we see impact our brains. For

    instance, adolescents who had a higher

    level of exposure to violence had reduced

    levels of cognitive function. The more

    violence they saw the less thinking, learn-

    ing, reasoning and emotional stamina they

    had. This explains the huge amount of vio-

    lence between the ages of 12 and 24. By

    then the average young person has seen

    more than 4,000 murders on TV, not to

    mention video games. Additionally, many

    rapes occur after men have watched por-

    nography night after night. Garbage in

    garbage out; the computer retrieves what‘s

    been stored. Paul says it this way, ―The

    one who sows to please his sinful nature,

    from that nature will reap destruction; the

    one who sows to please the Spirit, will

    reap eternal life” Galatians 6:8 NIV.

    Subsequently, for religion‘s sake, how

    many church folk are Cannibalistic in their

    thinking; man-eaters because they kill and

    devour one another. You may kill with the

    tongue as successfully as with the teeth.

    What does the Apostle speak of those who

    bite and devour one another? Galatians

    5:15 “But if you bite and devour one an-

    other, beware lest you be consumed by one

    another.” It‘s quite possible to kill and

    devour another‘s influence by backbiting

    and evil speaking. It‘s been said, ―There‘s

    no weapon half as deadly as a Judas-kiss.‖

    Inconsistent professors; weak minded

    thinkers, injure the gospel more than the

    mocking critic or the infidel. Such an un-

    christian spirit is but a remnant of the can-

    nibal age.

    The old mindset has demonstrated that it

    can‘t survive with the powerful compul-

    sions of the flesh, and it‘s the enemy‘s

    strategy to keep your sowing to the flesh

    and living in defeat. It‘s time for every

    believer to live in the choice of his or her

    new nature, which has been received at the

    time of salvation. This old nature which is

    rooted in selfishness will always be in op-

    position with God and work against His

    purposes, as well as others who desire to

    serve Him. As a Christian, seek God‘s

    convicting power to be at work in your life

    to expose any area of carnality that has a

    predominate place of influence. Then re-

    solve within your heart to walk in the

    Spirit and ask for God‘s grace to enable

    and assist you in your desire to maintain

    life under spiritual truths and not carnal


    The moth caterpillar, we are told, becomes

    like the color of leaf upon which it feeds.

    In other words, its color in this way indi-

    cates the character of the food it eats. If we

    would be like Christ we must feed on Him.

    Our moral character will always manifest

    the color of our mental food. Christ lived

    on the Word of God His Father, and so

    maintained a life that was like God. If we

    would be followers of Him we must come

    after Him in the same way. Christian, be-

    loved of God, do you love Him, your Sav-

    ior? Is He precious to you? Is His cause

    dear to you? Do you desire that He would

    be glorified? Is your longing for souls to

    be saved? Then feed on Him the Bread of

    Life; “Eat, O friends”!

    Song of Solomon 5:1.

    From the Heart-Pastor Mary Panich

  • Page 2

    Even bad men praise consistency. When you know where to find a

    man, he has one good point at any rate; but a fellow who howls with

    the wolves and bleats with the sheep, gets nobody's praise, unless it

    be the devils. To carry two faces under one hat is, however, very

    common. Many roost with the poultry and go shares with Reynard

    the Fox. I read the other day an advertisement about reversible coats;

    the tailor who sells them must be making a fortune. Holding with the

    hares and hunting with the hounds is still in fashion.

    You may trust some men as far as you can see them, but no further,

    for new company makes them new men. Like water, they boil or

    freeze according to the temperature. Some do this because they have

    no principles; they are of the weathercock persuasion, and turn with

    the wind. Their mill grinds any grist that you bring to it if the ready

    money is forthcoming. And they go with every wind – north, south,

    east, west, north-east, north-west, south-east, south-west, nor'-nor'

    east, south-west-by-south, or any other in all the world. Like frogs

    they live on land or water, and are not at all particular which it is.

    They believe in the winning horse; and are to be bought by the dozen,

    like mackerel, but he who gives a penny for them wastes his money.

    Others are shifty because they are so desperately fond of "good fel-

    lowship." "Hail fellow, well met," is their cry, be it traveler or high-

    wayman. They are so good-natured that they must needs agree with

    everybody. They are cousins of Mr. Anything. Their brains are in

    other people's heads. If they were at Rome they would kiss the pope's

    toe, but when they are at home they make themselves hoarse with

    shouting "No Popery." They admire the vicar of Bray, whose princi-

    ple was to be the Vicar of Bray whether the Church was Protestant or

    Popish. They are mere timeservers, hoping that the times may serve

    them. They have no backbones; you may bend them like willow

    wands, backwards or forwards, whichever way you please. They try

    to be Jack-o'-both sides, but deserve to be kicked like a football by

    both parties.

    Beware of those who come from the town of Deceit – Mr. Facing-

    both-ways, Mr. Fair-speech and Mr. Two-tongues are neighbors who

    are best at a distance. Though they look one way, as boatmen do,

    they are pulling the other. They are false as the devil's promises, and

    as cruel as death and the grave.

    Hypocrites of all sorts are abominable, and he who deals with them

    will rue it. He who tries to cheat the Lord will be quite ready to cheat

    his fellow men. Great cry generally means little wool.

    Surely when the devil sees hypocrites at their little game, it must be

    as good as a play to him. He tempts genuine Christians, but he lets

    hypocrites alone, because he is sure of them. He need not shoot at

    lame ducks; his dog can pick them up any day.