April 2018 IchimiWatsonville Buddhist Temple

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Transcript of April 2018 IchimiWatsonville Buddhist Temple

Tuesday, April 3rd, Temple Board Meeting 7:30 pm
Sunday, April 8th Hanamatsuri Festival Service 10:00 am Festi- val 11:00 am—2:00 pm
Saturday, April 21st 2:00 pm Special Hanamatsuri Lecture— In Salinas
Sunday, April 22nd, 10:00 am Tri-Temple Hanamatsuri Service Luncheon after service in Salin- as
Hanamatsuri—Flower Festival “The reason for the Tathagata’s appearance in the world Is solely to preach the ocean-like Original Vow of Amida. The ocean of multitudinous beings in the evil age with five defilements should believe in the Tathagata’s true words” Shoshin Nembutsu Ge It is hard to believe that we are already in Spring and soon will be
observing Hanamatsuri (Flower Festival) in celebration of the birth day of Siddhartha Gautama better known as Shakyamuni Buddha. History tells us that he was born on April 8, 643 B.C.E.
Like many of you I love the Spring, not only because it brings the Hanamatsuri celebration, but Spring brings great
weather. We begin to see the new leaves budding on the trees and flowers start to bloom. It is a sign of new life
and the sign of the continuing cycle of nature.
Each year in April we reenact the scene of the Buddha’s birth at Lumbini’s Garden in India. We decorate our hanamido (Flower
Shrine) with flowers and a statue of the baby Buddha. The Bud- dha’s birth is celebrated because like Spring, it was the beginning of a new life and the beginning of a new and important teaching
brought to the world.
Hanamatsuri truly is one of the most colorful and stirring com-
memorative services we have in our tradition. This year we will
celebrate with the Salinas & Watsonville Buddhist Temples with
a combined service in Salinas.
An important aspect of the Hanamatsuri observance as Jodosh- inshu (True Pure Land) Buddhists is the above passage from the Shoshin Nembutsu Ge (Gatha on the True Faith in the Nembutsu). Our founder Shinran (1173-1264) writes about the appearance of Shakyamuni Buddha in the world and his sole purpose is to reveal the 18th vow of the Buddha urging us to take refuge in Amida Buddha.
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Thank You
Thank you to Iwao & Jean Yamashita for trimming the pine trees in front of the temple. Thank you to Perry & Kim Yoshida for their generous do- nation of a new monitor screen.
Boone, Aaron Daitoku, Bob Eto, Niichi Fujii, Seiko Fujimura, Tamotsu Fujita, George Sakae Fujita, Kazuo Hirahara, Nancy M. Hashimoto, Walter Higaki, Kazuko Higaki, Haruso Hirano, Hisa Hiwatashi, Teruko Hoshiyama, George Ikeda, Henry Inokuchi, Itsuyo Kaita, Brad Roy Kaita, Yoshiye Kajihara, Setsuko Kamimura, Sanemi Kamitani, Haruko Kimoto, Takanoshin Kikuchi, Kazuo Kobara, Helen Kokka, Henry Kurasaki, John Kurimoto, John M.
Maemura, Gunzo Matano, Toro Matsui, Nihei Matsumoto, Alice Matsumoto, Shio Mine, Seki Misumi, Mitsuo Miyama, Richard Nishihara, Dennis Okamoto, Takeru Okamoto, Frank Nitao, Eki Ono, Miyoko Sakai, Yutaka Sakakihara, Hisae Sera, Kina Shimonishi, Tony Shingai, Tsunaye Shingai, Yukio Shirachi, Mickie Sugimoto, Frances Sukekane, Masaru Suruki, Kozo Takata, Chikako Takei, Yasu Tao, Akira Bill Tao, Hisae
Toriumi, Junko Tsuda, Kakichi Tsudama, Sonny Tsuji, Yoshihisa Tsuji, Yukiko Ura, Naoko Ura, Sawano Uyeda, Nora Nobuko Uyematsu, Mary Uyematsu, Roy Waki, Louis Yamaguchi, Mitomu Yamanishi, Asayo Yamaoka, Yoneichi Yonekura, Rinzo Yoshida, Edward Yoshida, Kazuye Yoshida, Hatsue
Dharma Youth Program: April 15, 2018
The Dharma Youth Program is designed to teach youth funda-
mental Buddhist concepts and give them an opportunity to par-
ticipate in the ritual. Families are invited to attend and join the
(Answer on page 8)
next Dharma Youth Program on April
15th at 10:00 am
Buddhist Women’s Association Gratefully acknowledg- es the following donation: Akio Idemoto Family in Memory of Akio Idemoto Adult Buddhist Association Thank you to the Idemoto Family for their donation to the ABA.
4 : 3 0 a m - c o o k / c o o l d o w n
Hanamatsuri—Flower Festival
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For us as Jodoshinshu followers there is a never ending quest to come to grips with our karmic burden. This means to come to the realization that as ordinary human beings we are always produc- ing and burdened by our karma. Becoming aware of awakening
to our foolish self (bonno ) is the opening of the wisdom and
compassion of Amida Buddha. Shinran emphasized that al- though our present self is defiled our hearts and minds reside in the Pure Land.
Understanding this makes the birth or appearance of Shakyamuni
Buddha and Shinran’s realization of the importance of this event
all the more significant. It reminds us that it is not just a celebra-
tion of a birth, but the very source of our salvation. When all oth-
er paths have been exhausted and we find ourselves in a state of
hopelessness the light of Amida’s Vow burns brightly and illumi-
nates the darkness of our ignorance. I can imagine Shinran’s joy
when he encountered the Vow, and his urgency to us as he wrote
his gatha on true faith.
I enourage all of you readers to join us on Sunday, April 22nd at 10:00 am at the Salinas Buddhist Temple (14 California Street) to celebrate the Buddha’s appearance in this world and together express our gratitude. We are honored to have as our guest speaker Rev. Henry Adams of the San Mateo Buddhist Temple. In addition, we are honored to have our Socho (bishop) Kodo Umezu, our Hongwanji representatives Rev. Kiyonobu Kuwahara, Rev. Anan Hatanaka, and three IMOP ministers from Kyoto Japan in attendance.
Please see our flyer in this edition of the Ichimi.
again!! Please join us
for the annual summer
session of Kokoro no
through July 6th, Mon-
day through Friday be-
tween 9:00 a.m. to
noon at the Watsonville
$275.00 per child with
$250.00 if payment is
made by March 15,
2018. Please visit our
website for more infor-
If you have any ques- tions, please do not hesitate to contact Zooey Io or Irene Potter at kokoro- nogakkowatsonville@g mail.com. Thank you.
Hanamatsuri 2018
Hello Everyone! It's that time of year already and before you know it, our annual Hanamatsuri Festival will be here! This year, Watsonville’s Festival will be on Sunday, April 8th from 11:00am-2:00pm. Checking in to see if everyone is on board to participate so that we can once again have a successful festival with wonderful displays, demonstrations, entertainment, food, and great company! Volunteer help is crucial and the more volunteers we have, the quicker and easier we all can complete the tasks involved in all the preparations. PLEASE come out to help and learn so we can con- tinue to share and be proud of our temple's traditions for the commu- nity and future generations to enjoy. And like our Temple President Barbara Shingai said at the New Years Potluck, “PLEASE don’t wait to be called, anyone and everyone is encouraged to come out and help.” Please keep these dates available: Friday March 30th 5pm- set up the main hall-tables, linens on tables & walls, putting up panels on tables, set up utensils & cups For self-serve tea area, stock supplies in the bathrooms & all paper towel dispensers, clean and mop stage, etc. Friday April 6th 8:00 am-12Noon- sushi prep Saturday April 7th 8:00 am- sushi prep; line wooden trays 1:30 pm- wash rice Sunday April 8th 4:30 am- cook/cool down rice 5:30 am- help with sushi making, washing/ drying any kitchen items, clean up I will keep you updated on dates and times. If you have any Questions, please feel free to contact me at: kimyosh546@aol.com or 239-7541 THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH because with your participa- tion, we will have such a successful Hanamatsuri Festival for our Temple members and community to celebrate Shakyamuni Bud- dha’s Birthday. Sincerely, Kim Yoshida, Chairperson
The Temple office email is info@WBTemple.org Go to www.wbtemple.org and check out what’s going on!! Temple Directories are available to Temple members. Please call 831-724-7860
1 and 2-Bedroom Temple Apartments
One or two bedroom/one bathroom; Living Room, kitchen, and dining area Rent includes water and garbage On-site laundry facilities (coin-operated) Preference given to Temple members Interested parties are asked to contact Barbara Shingai, c/o Apt. Committee at 831-840-3301. Availability depends on the unit. All rental applications will be reviewed by Temple Apartment Committee.
Highlights of Temple Board Meeting – Mar. 2018 Minister’s Report:
BCA National Minister’s & National Council Mtg in Feb. 2018 in Sacramento: Revi- sions approved to Minister’s Asst Program guidelines; BCA Restructuring of Assets – new committee being formed to further research options; Rev. Patty Usuki from San Fernando Valley is new President of Minister’s Assoc.; Ohigan Levee Clean- Up – Sat. Mar. 10, 2018 @ 9am; Meditation Sessions: To start Tues., Mar. 13 @ 7pm, except for nights of Board meetings; Dharma Youth Program – please help spread the word about new youth program (meets once a month).
Watsonville OBON: This year’s festival date has been changed to Sun., July 22 (not July 15).
Interfaith Panel being coordinated with Tri-Temples. Date: Sat., Sept. 29 @ CSU, Monterey Bay. Goal is to draw at least 15 people from each temple.
Tri-Temple Golf Tournament: Preliminary planning by Salinas Temple is in process to host a golf tournament on either 8/19 or 8/29 at Salinas Country Club. Trying to get 12-16 golfers from each temple (men/women/young adults). Interested parties con- tact Rev. Shinseki.
Possible speaker (Prof. from England who is studying at IBS for next 6 months). He is bilingual in English/Spanish. This would be an outreach to the local Hispanic com- munity. Tentative date: Sat., June 2 in Watsonville. More information to come.
Temple Reports:
Watsonville Hanamatsuri Festival: Sun., April 8. Service at 10am; Festival will be held from 11a to 2pm in hall. Please come to service, see exhibits, entertainment and en- joy delicious food.
Tri-Temple Hanamatsuri at Salinas Buddhist Temple: Public Lecture (4/21) 2-4p; Sun- day Service & luncheon: (4/22) 10a-1:30p. Carpooling will be provided. Sign-up at temple office (724-7860). Guest Speaker is Rev. Henry Adams from San Mateo. Special guests will include Bishop Umezu and other Reverends from IBS will also be in attendance that day.
Movie Night: Fri., Mar. 2 @ 3pm Matinee and 7pm showing: “Like Father Like Son”. Very successful turnout (nearly 50 people).
Recruitment still in process for Administrative Assistant for Temple office. Referrals can be made to Rev. Shinseki or B. Shingai.
Parsonage Rental: Board is evaluating the possibility of renting out the Minister’s par- sonage. Research is in process.
Torii Gate: Board recommended location of historic Torii Gate be in Temple parking lot near fence. Consultation with contractor/ engineer will follow to ensure stability and safety in this location.
Hot Water Boiler: Board is evaluating alternatives to the existing hot water boiler, which is located in conference room for temple activities/events.
ABA report: 1. Temple will be getting new front Hondo doors in March 2018. Many thanks to ABA for their generosity in purchasing these doors. 2. Any help in bringing baked goods to Hanamatsuri Festival would be appreciated since there is no Dharma School or YBA this year. Bring your favorite dessert to temple gym by 10am on 4/8/18. Boy Scouts: Troop 558 will be helping at upcoming Levee Cleanup day on 3/10/18. Scouts are also looking into having a Pancake breakfast at temple (date to be determined). (Continued on page 7) 6
Since the Temple does not have a Dharma School or YBA organization to
make pastries for sale, any help from ABA and
other temple members in making your favorite baked goods for the
Hanamatsuri Food Festival would be much appreciated.
Date: Sunday, April 8, 2018 Time: Bring any baked goods by 10:00am to gym Sunday Service will begin at 10am and Festival will be held from 11am –
2:00 pm.
Highlights of Temple Board (Continued) Tri-Temple Hanamatsuri Public Lecture (Sat., April 21 from 2-4pm) and Sunday Service/Luncheon (Sun., April 22 @ 10am) at Buddhist Temple of Salinas. Guest Speaker: Rev. Henry Adams from San Mateo Buddhist Temple. Carpooling will be provided for Watsonville members who wish to at- tend. Contact the Temple office if interested. ICHIMI newsletter continues to undergo some changes. Any feedback is welcomed to Rev.
Sunday, April 8th @ 10:00 am
Come to Watsonville’s Hanamatsuri Service and celebrate
Shakyamuni’s Buddha’s birthday!
Bring a flower of your choice to offer on the Hanamido.
We look forward to seeing you on this special occasion.
TEMPLE DUES These generous members donated more than their Temple dues:
Akiyoshi, Tom Hara, Fumiko Hirahara, Kaoru & Terry Louie, Bill Nagamine, Glenn Nishihara, Eiko Nishihara, Yoshiko Tao, Mitsuye
SHOTSUKI HOYO DONATIONS Dietrich, Lesly Fujii, Nobue Hane, Fumie Hane, Judy Hasebe-Hester, Lily & Peter Hashimoto, Mas Iwami, Nancy Kaita, Emiko Kato, Judy Kawasaki, Kiyo & Aileen Kodama, Akira Kusumoto, Kenny & Dori Maemura, Yoko Matsunami, Sadao Morimune, Betty Nagamine, Judy & Glenn Nishihara, Eiko Nishihara, Yoshiko Sakae, Dean & Lisa Sakae, Grant Sakae, Pauline Sakae, Wayne Shingai, Barbara Suruki,, Tatsuro Tada, Mary Taniguchi Family Tanimasa, Fumi Tao, Janice Tao, Shizuko Uemura, Hisako Ura, Esther Yagi, Chiyoko Yamamoto, Ruth Yamamoto, Tee Yamaoka, Dennis Yamaoka, Henry Yamashita, Jackie & Musashi Yamashita, Toshiko Yoshida, Perry & Kim
HIGAN YE DONATIONS Akiyama, Jean Akiyama, Isamu Fujii, Nobue Hamada, Dennis Hara, Fumiko Hirahara, Kaoru & Terry Kawasaki, Kiyo & Aileen Kodama, Akira Matsunami, Sadao Morimune, Betty Nitao, Itaru Okamoto, Itsuko Sakai, Kazuko Shingai, Barbara Tamasu, Chieko Tanimasa, Fumi Tao, Janice Tao, Shizuko Umeda, Yoko Ura, Esther Yamada, Sue Yamamoto, Ruth Yamashita, Iwao Yamashita, Toshiko Uemura, Hisako
DONATIONS FOR: Nirvana Day - Kodama, Akira Okamoto, Itsuko Hashimoto, Mas Umeda, Yoko Pet Memorial – Akiyama, Jean Tao, Janice Yamashita, Jackie & Musashi – In memory of Tykeyo “the best little buddy ever”
Answer to riddle from page 2: All the months have 28 days 8
TIME TO PAY YOUR 2018 TEMPLE DUES! Single membership - $270; Couple or Family membership - $540; San Juan-Hollister Howakai: - Single rate - $135 - Couple/family rate - $270 (All rates above include $10 per person for
cleaning fee)
In memory of Akio Idemoto: - Idemoto Family - Ando, Emily - Guintu, Blanca - Iwasaki, Joyce - Kim, Sylvia & Sung, Doris - Mine-Eguchi, Suzanne - Mio, Diane - Nakamura, Diane - Nakashima, Doug - Yamashita, Toshiko Yonemoto, Hiroshi – ICHIMI donation
In memory of Tommy Yamashita, 25-yr memorial service: - Jackie & Musashi Yamashita - Toshiko Yamashita - Dennis Hamada - Tom Murakami - Kyoko Oba - Tok & Claire Yamashita Kiyo & Aileen Kawasaki – Udon Feed Lopez, Maria Isabel - In memory of Tatsue Matoba Takeuchi, Mark & Patt - In memory of Frank Mito Tamaki Family - In memory of Miyeko Tamaki June Cornelius - In memory of Ruby Nakamura
White Gold color; black interior 74,000 miles; automatic transmis-
sion Very Good condition
JOB OPPORTUNITY Seeking a part-time Administrative Assistant for temple office. Gen-
eral office & administrative duties.
Days & Hours of Work (with some flexibility): Tues, Wed, & Thurs. 9:30 am to 12Noon
Interested candidate to submit a cover letter with current resume, detailing work experience & qualifications. Position requires com-
puter proficiency in Word & Excel. Email: info@wbtemple.org
Ross Kondo Michael Levy
Charles & Rose Yoshida
Gary & Ivette Yoshida
thanks for supporting:
both showings, which was
great. Mark your calendar
tween 30-35 people come
munity service project.
dinating this event.
Hanamatsuri Festival –
sushi prep, set-up, sales,
Office (724-7860).
Watsonville Buddhist Temple,
condolences to the family of
Pauline Sakae.
Watsonville Buddhist Temple does not endorse any
advertisers in this newsletter.