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  • April 2015April 2015

    THE GUIDING LIGHTTHE GUIDING LIGHT Guiding Delaware’s Seniors Into a Brighter Future

    Frederica Senior Center

    216 South Market St

    Frederica, Delaware 19946

    Visit us at


    Jesus said to her,

    “I am the resurrection and the life.

    He who believes in me will live, even though he dies;

    and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.~

    John 11:25-26

  • Membership Meeting, 3 March 2015 Held the 1st Wednesday of the Month at 10:00

    We had 50 members in attendance at the membership meeting this month. Don’t forget the Wild Game dinner (which will be over by the time you read this HaHa). Just to let you know the Wild Game dinner was a hugh success and thank you to all that helped put it on. If there is bad weather please call the Center to see if we are open. The Center closing will also be broad cast on WBOC on the scroll at the bottom. Have a Happy Easter Mae

    "Life is a continuing journey," and as seniors begin a new phase of their life, they can spend more time enjoying fun adventures, making new friends and perhaps

    reconnecting with past friends. It is also a time when seniors can utilize their talents, experience and wisdom for the betterment of the community.

    Frederica Senior Center Board and staff members continually strive to help enhance the quality of life for our seniors by creating a friendly, exciting, and fun place to be.

    Frederica Senior Center employees are always ready to listen and try to point seniors in the right direction when it comes to community resources.

    Seeking new ideas and gaining insight from our seniors for activities and programs to address ongoing and ever changing needs is our priority. Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can better serve you.

    Please visit us often to see the wonderful things are happening


    If you missed the

    Wild Game Dinner

    you missed something


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  • GETTING TO KNOW YOU by Doris Hoover

    Sonny and Trish…Everyday these two fantastic people are giving time and energy to the Frederica

    Senior Center.

    Patricia (Trish) Felton Lomax was born May 30, 1951, in Easton, Maryland to Thursby and Doris

    Felton. Dad was a Maryland State Trooper and Mother held a Bank Teller position in the local bank.

    Trish educated in St. Michaels, MD, was a hairdresser and also worked 16 years for Culligan Water

    Co. (Do you remember that famous ad? "Hey, Culligan man!") She has

    one brother living in Maryland, favorite color is green, and enjoys

    “Rudy’s Restaurant” in Harrington. She is a very busy lady with paint-

    ing, stitching, cooking, and needle craft. Gone With The Wind is her

    much loved movie which holds fond memories. Trish made her own

    Senior Prom dress fashioned after Scarlet’s garden party gown in the

    movie. Trish has been a FSC dedicated faithful volunteer for two

    years, working the front desk as Receptionist or accompanying the bus

    driver on trips. She says “this is the only place I can go that I laugh all


    Roland (Sonny) Lomax, Jr. was born January 17, 1944, in Easton Maryland. His Father, Roland Sr.

    was a master carpenter but left that profession to be a Waterman, a lift time dream. Sonny’s Mother

    Freda was a seamstress and a mail carrier in Neavitt, Maryland. He has three children, and one

    brother and one sister, both deceased. Like Trish, Sonny also

    achieved his education at St Michaels. Sonny retired after 25 years in

    the US Air Force and entered the workforce again. He retired for

    the second time after 15 years with the Kent County Waste Water

    System. He loves fishing, and western movies. John (the Duke)

    Wayne is his favorite man. Somewhere in his busy life he spent 20

    years as a scuba diving instructor. Sonny has been on FSC staff as Bus

    Driver for the past two years. He says “these are all my kids.”

    Did you know Sonny and Trish are 5th Cousins? They are both enthu-

    siastic and committed Geocaching players. Sonny’s son introduced them to this fun game played all

    over the world. The Frederica Senior Center is so blessed to have this delightful couple make our

    Center their home away from home.

    Do You Need a Power of Attorney or a Will?

    Visit Frederica Senior Center on

    Thursday 23 April 2015 at 9:30.

    Jamie Sharp (Attorney at Law)

    will be here to answer your questions

    and assist as necessary

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    See Ray for more information

    As of Dec. 16, 2014 a total of

    2,215 U.S. troops had died

    in Afghanistan, and 19,945 had been wounded. In Iraq, 4,491 died and 32,244


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    Help Us Welcome Our New Members When you see them introduce yourself and say hi

    Howard & Janice Williams; Bobbi Hill; Emily Menden; Ruth Bramble; Richard Grube;

    Betty Reims; George Henches; Patricia Shufelt; Myrle Scott; Carroll Jester;

    Lisa Kuehne; Elwood Knight; William Phillips; Paul Mullens; Lillian Wilkerson;

    Janice Walls; Kellie & Theo Newman; Jean Callaway; Robert Squier;

    Phyllis Racz; John & Josephine Huber; Carmen Kemper; Bob Walls;

    Jay & Nancy Klinger; Doris Thomas; Helen McFadden;; Evelyn Poggi;

    Ewhen & Maria Skupejki; Susan Rinaldi; Sharon Garcia; Anthony Gersitz;

    Kenneth & Loretta Jackson; Patricia Kilby; John Celly; Alfred Izzarone;

    Any Hendricks

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    So why not take the road less traveled and join the Frederica Senior Center on a trip APRIL 2015 TRIPS

    Tuesday April 7 ( 9:30 - 12:00pm )

    A C Moore & JoAnne Fabrics

    Thursday April 9 ( 4:00pm - 8:00pm )


    Bring Chips or Dip

    Wednesday April 15 ( 11:00am - 1:00pm )

    Tea for Two

    Bring Money for Lunch

    Thursday 16 April ( 9:00am - 6:00pm ) Cost $10

    Lancaster PA, (Shopping Lunch )

    Bring Money for Lunch

    Friday April 17 (5:30pm - ?:00pm )

    Petersburgs Opry

    Bring a Covered Dish

    Tuesday April 21 (10:00am - 2:00pm )

    Harrington Casino

    Bring Money for Lunch

    Thursday April 23 (10:30 - 7:00pm ) Cost $41.00

    Phillies Baseball

    Bring Money for Food

    Thursday April 23 (5:30pm - 8:00pm )

    Poker Night at FSC

    Bring Chips or Dip

    Friday April 24 (9:00am - 2:00pm )

    Historic New Castle

    Bring Money for Lunch

    Monday April 27 (9:30am - 3:30pm ) ( Cost $9.00 )

    St Michael ’ s Lighthouse & Museum

    Bring Money for Lunch

    Wednesday April 29 ( 7:00am - 7:00pm ) ( C ost??? )

    New York City ( Bus from Center to NJ Train Station

    Bring Money for Lunch/Shopping

    Have an idea for a trip? Contact Cathy at 335-4555 No Refunds on pre-paid trips

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    April 1 Barabara LaMarra

    April 3 Evelyn Fox-Artz

    April 4 Gene Kirk

    April 5 Asa Flemming

    Barbara Siers

    April 7 Harry Brown

    Martha Downing

    James Testerman

    April 9 John Whidden

    APRIL 10


    April 10 Barbara Siebert

    Frank Siebert

    Elizabeth Kennedy

    April 11 Gary Trader

    April 12 Gail Clemens

    April 14 Elsie McFadden

    Barbara Borrell

    April 15 Janet Koch

    Shelly Gorski

    Joan Collumb

    April 16 Mary Massey

    Santa Klinger

    April 18 Jeff Aughey

    April 19 Stephen Leitch

    April 20 George Henches

    April 21 Leroy Kline

    Richard Potter

    April 22 Lois Lynch

    Catherine Degnats

    April 23 Marilynn Shear

    Harvey Dutton

    Linda Synden

    Rosalie Shields

    April 27 Paul Woikoski

    Ivey Goodman

    April 29 Joseph Mikucklis

    April 30 Janet Whitney

    Herman Wagner

    Amy Hendricks

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    Goodness it’s hard to believe I have been at the center for five years. I started out volun- teering in the outreach department, then I was employed as outreach coordinator, as well as janitor, activity coordinator,

    office manager. Two years ago I became the executive director. Many question what an executive director does, hope-

    fully this article will explain my duties. Duties of Executive Director, a nonprofit organizations are structured in a

    slightly different way than for-profit businesses, although there are a few similarities. The makeup and duties of a non-

    profit's executive Director, for example, is similar to for-profit companies in a number of ways. An executive director

    sits in the top spot in a nonprofit organization, and performs a range of duties similar to those of chief executive officers

    in corporate businesses. Understanding the role of an executive director of a nonprofit organization can shed light into

    how nonprofits function on the inside. Working with the Board, of directors an experienced board of directors can pro-

    vide strate