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Presentation by Josh Murdock at FLBlogCon 2014.

Transcript of Apps for Creating Content on the Go

  • 1. Creating Content on the GoJosh Murdock@ProfessorJosh#FLBlogCon #GottaGetBlogging

2. Why create content on the go? 3. Timely Early bird gets the worm (or maybe the RT) 4. Important for events and live coverage for brands or your own brand 5. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram all are happening right now! 6. Are you packed and ready to go? 7. Tweet Now!@ProfessorJosh#GottaGetBloggingWhat is essentials in your blogging backpack? 8. A case with optionsiOgrapher 9. LED Lighting Options for extra flash & videoiBlazr 10. Mic options for better soundson your video 11. Do you need a DSLR? 12. Upload SD Cards directly to your iPad 13. Adonit Jot Pro $29.99HEX3 JaJaStylus $59.99Stylus 14. Tripod Options 15. Tweet Now!@ProfessorJosh#GottaGetBloggingWhat is favorite video app? 16. Animotowww.animoto.comExample FLBlogCon 2013Animotois a online and mobile video creation service utilizing photos, video clips (10 second clips), words, and music in a simple production.Utilize content on your Facebook, Instragram, Smugmug, Flirkr, Desktop, and more. 17. Magistowww.magisto.comAutomatize way to edit video and photos into a video with music and effects in minutes. Using AI technology to analyze, trim, and edit the best parts of the video.Web iPhone iPad AndroidExample: Instructurecon 2014 18. Hyperlapse 19. iMovie 20. Tweet Now!@ProfessorJosh#GottaGetBloggingDo you use a special camera app or just the default on your phone? 21. Camera+ 22. Pixlr 23. Procreate 24. DipTic 25. Frametastic 26. Over 27. Color Splash 28. Half Tone 2 29. Tweet Now!@ProfessorJosh#GottaGetBloggingWhat are some of your favorite apps for creating content on the go? 30. Blog: http://professorjosh.comTwitter: @professorjoshFacebook: