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  • Complete by end of 2nd Semester: o AG 1445 o AG 1110 o AG 2390

    Students can opt to test out via CIS 1323 test. Students CANNOT take CIS 1323 in lieu of this course.

    o AG 2383 Important for Agri-Bus. majors to complete. Micro-economics can sub this course ONLY if it was transferred in.

    o MATH 1315 Students can start working on sophomore level courses o AG 2313 or AG 2379* o AG 2373 (needs to be completed within first 45 hrs.) o AG 2374 Horticulture students take AG 2379, usually offered during the Spring. Work on sciences (BIO or CHEM).

    Fresh. & Soph. AG courses are not usually offered during the Summer. Must have CJ 1310. Can start sophomore level CJ courses.

    Make sure students have the intro. level courses. o FCD 1351 o FCS 1341

  • Get students to major status. o COMM 1310, FM 1330, MATH 1315 or 1319 o C or better required in the 3 courses o TX State GPA 2.25 or higher Not eligible to enroll in FM 2330 or higher until full major status. If student is going to reach major status this semester, must wait to enroll in Soph. courses once FALL coursework posts to transcript.

    Need to take courses that were missed FALL semester. Must take ID 2329 (only offered during Spring). Follow the degree plan as closely as possible. If student missed ID 2321, will have to take it next FALL.

    Must have: NUTR 1362 & 1162, NUTR 2360 Start working on CHEM 1341/1141 Must have: SOWK 1350 Can take SOWK 2375: requires 50 hours of supervised community service. Can start working on foreign language.