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  • April 12, 2020

    Service Times

    8:15am Fellowship

    8:30am Sunday School

    9:30am Worship Service

    Reverend Ken Burgard


    Applicants sought for JAM Scholarship Persons actively involved in a music ministry within their church are sought as nominees for the JAM Scholarship offered by Trenton First UMC.

    Deadline to apply is May 15. Award will be announced in June. To ob- tain an application for this scholarship, go to the church’s website at or email the church office at of-

    The $500 scholarship in in memory of Justin Melzer and his ministry through music and to encourage participation in church music minis- tries. Justin is the youngest son of Rev. Debbie Melzer Reese (former pastor of Trenton FUMC) and Rev. Dr. Ron Melzer. Justin played guitar in the Crossroads Praise Band. He also played the bass guitar in the Wesclin Jazz and Pep bands, alto saxophone in the Wesclin High Marching Band as well as the church’s Chancel Band. Music was a big part of his life. It is the church's prayer and intention that this scholar- ship will cultivate and stimulate a future generation of church musi- cians. Applicants for this scholarship must be a member of a United Methodist Church in the Illinois Great Rivers Conference. Persons may either be graduating high school seniors, college undergraduates, or students attending a tech or trade school with an intention to continue to be in- volved in music ministry within a church.

    All believers were together and had everything in com- mon. Selling their possessions and goods, they gave to any- one as he had need. — Acts 2:44— Are you in need of a particular supply? Do you have extra of anything you’d be willing to share? We are coordi- nating any needed sharing of supplies during this time of iso- lation through the church office. If you have supply-needs, or if you have supplies to share please email the church office:

  • to

    We are so glad you are worshiping

    with us on line! We would love to

    know who has joined us, so help us

    take church attendance by sending an

    email with the subject “Present”.

    Please sing along if you are familiar

    with the songs.

    If you would like to lend your talents and voices

    to elements of future online worship services,

    Early Response Team Training and Recertification classes will be held on Saturday, May

    16 at Streator First UMC (201 S. Monroe St.). Take advantage of this opportunity right here in Vermilion River District. The best time to train for a disaster is BEFORE it

    happens. Are you ready for a disaster to hit your community?

    The training is for persons who wish to become certified as Early Responders. The recertification is for early responders

    whose certification is up for renewal.

    Both sessions will be run simultaneous. ERT Certification is from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm and the Recertification Class is

    from 8:00 am – 12:30 pm. Lunch is provided for both sessions. Registration costs are $40 for ERT Certification

    and $25 for Recertification.

    Deadline for registration is May 1st. Register online at

    FAITH AT HOME PAGE: visit to visit the “faith at home” page and find great readable and downloadable content to aid you in growing closer to Go right at home! This page contains a wide variety of


    * Instructions on creating a worship space at home

    * Spiritual Discipline instructions (new ways to pray and more)

    * Devotions for the whole family while you’re home

    We will be offering a downloadable option for worship on

    Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. These files will be audio only, and available on the website on Thursday and

    Friday this coming week.

    The Maundy Thursday service will be a devotion designed to complement an evening meal.

    The Good Friday service will be storytelling,

    scripture, and song.

  • PRAYER LIST: Since permission from each of the names on the prayer list has not been obtained to have their names listed publicly on the website, it has been removed from the bulletin. A new list with published names can be started by sending information to or calling the office at 378-2651. Please be sure to mention if permission has been granted to publish each individual’s name.

    PRAYER CHAIN REQUESTS are done through email. To be notified of a prayer request, please let the office know that you would like to be included in that group email. When making prayer requests, please send an email to and it will be sent to the group. SUPPLY NEEDS: In addition to prayer needs, the prayer chain can be used to coordinate supply needs. If you are out of something or wiling to share a resource, please let the office know at or 378-2651 so the information can be sent out to the prayer chain list.

    April 12, 2020

    Welcome & Announcements

    Worship Song: Christ the Lord Has Risen Today

    Easter Proclamation

    Worship Song: This is Amazing Grace

    Scripture Reading: Matthew 28:1-10

    Pastoral Prayer: Featured Hymn: Now Thank We All Our God

    Offertory Doxology

    Children’s Message

    Scripture Reading:

    Message: Easter in the Gospel of Matthew

    By Rev. Ken Burgard

    Closing Song: Love Has Come




    Construction Capital Needed $451,510

    Pledges $429,118

    Pledges Needed $ 22,392

    Mortgage Support Needed $216,000

    Pledges $186,012

    Pledges Needed $ 29,988 Pledge Amounts Received $279,236 Remaining Pledges to Collect $335,894 Thank you everyone for your commitment to this project. Please send any pledge updates to

    Email Devotionals: The Pastor is writing daily

    email devotionals during this time of isolation due

    to corona. Email to be

    added to the list.

    Contact the Pastor: Should you be in need of prayer,

    feeling especially isolated, or in a spiritual crisis, Pastor

    Ken is available by phone. The contact number has been

    mailed to the congregation. While he would prefer calls

    be made during the day, an emergency is an emergency,

    and you can call whenever there is a need. Pastor Ken will

    also be checking his email account daily:

    Need a project while staying at home? Go through your greeting cards that you have received and send the fronts to St Jude’s so they can make new cards with them.

    They are still accepting the fronts of your recycled cards

    (except for Hallmark, American Greetings and

    Disney which we are unable to accept due to

    copyright laws) as they continue to revamp their recycled card program in our effort to provide teens with life and work skills.

    Please SEND to: St. Jude’s Ranch for Children, 100 St. Jude’s St., Boulder City, NV 89005.

    Our Downs UMC Sewing Group is stitching together homemade face-masks for those responding to Coronavirus. If you would like patterns, information, and even fabric and supplies to help please contact Jessica at to hear more about the project.

    Using the online meeting app “Zoom” we will be offering a meetings for prayer and Bible study this week on Tuesday, April 7th at 10am. Pastor Ken will share a brief Bible study and we’ll have a chance to chat and pray together. We are limiting group size to 12. Please send an email to: to sign up. You’ll receive an email reply with an invitation to join the scheduled meeting via zoom.

  • Christ The Lord Is Risen Today (Easter Hymn)

    Verse 1 Christ the Lord is risen today alleluia Sons of men and angels say alleluia

    Raise your joys and triumphs high alleluia Sing ye heavens and earth reply alleluia

    Verse 2 Lives again our glorious King alleluia

    Where O death is now thy sting alleluia Dying once he doth save alleluia

    Where's thy victory O grave alleluia

    Verse 3 Love's redeeming work is done alleluia Fought the fight the battle won alleluia Death in vain forbids Him rise alleluia

    Christ hath opened paradise alleluia

    Verse 4 Soar we now where Christ has led alleluia

    Following our exalted Head alleluia Made like Him like Him we rise alleluia Ours the cross the grave the skies alleluia

    CCLI Song # 27965 Charles Wesley | Samuel Arnold

    © Words: Public Domain Music: Public Domain

    For use solely with the SongSelect®. Terms of Use. All rights reserved.