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iOS Vs Android

Quick Setting

Quick Setting In iPhoneiOS introduce Control Center, which allows you toggle general settings, control music with quick action and adjust brightness.

Quick Setting In AndroidAndroid, it comes down from the upside rather than from downside.You can open the main setting menu by holding particular setting option.

Multitasking/App Switching

Multitasking In iPhoneApples iOS sets up multiple opened apps in a left to right(horizontal) list manner.To quit any app, you just have to swipe up the particular apps thumbnail or just tap to go on that app.

App Switching In AndroidIn Android, double tapping or just holding home button can bring a vertical list of opened apps with preview of contents. You can close any app by swiping the app left or right side or just tap any app to go into it.


Notifications In iPhoneIn iOS, notification is upgraded in latest version. Notification comes with more details and categories than earlier.You can directly open the particular app from the related notification by simply tapping the notification.

Notifications In Android

The strength of the Android is its rich notification systems.You can pull down the notification window from the top.You can view the recent missed calls, FB status, messages from other apps via notification.You can complete it with quick actions like reply or dismiss it.


Camera In iPhoneThe strongest point of the iPhone is the Camera.iPhones latest native camera app is clean and versatile.

Camera In Android

Android has competent camera in phone but, camera apps dont always have great interfaces.

Sharing Via Social Apps

Social Sharing In iPhoneApple brings new share drawer, so the cloud change as apps opt into the native sharing option.

Social Sharing In Android

Android is still leading it, if you want to do something more with your files, like share in multiple apps, you can move them around like desktop OS.

Security/Find My Device

Find My Device In iPhoneApple has most useful service Find My iPhone which is a major point in iOSs favor. It has also upgraded to the fingerprint-scanning with home button for everyday security.

Security In Android

Google recently rolled out its Android Device Manager Service, which serves the same purpose with a simple web interface.

Mobile Payments

Apple Passbook In iPhoneApples passbook app comes with built-in gift cards, boarding passes and many more.Apple is the forefront in this service than other competitors.

Google Wallet In Android

Google has comes with the big update that is wallet which adds loyalty cards, easy money transfer and coupons and other offers.

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