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Product Lifecycle Management Solution for Apparel Industry

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Creating a timely and accurate “one-number plan” that drives all business functions and enables planning initial assortments at the store level

Identifying in-season trends at the store level in real-time to determine how best to maximize sell-through

Developing synchronized supply chain competencies to react to trends and real-time market opportunities.

Dominance of Mass Merchants …..21% of sales comes from discounters

Increased focus on private labels

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Reduce and eliminate inefficiencies caused by managing product development information and processes via inconsistent and fragmented communication forms

Replace multiple and disconnected systems and isolated documents used for product development with a single, global, process-driven Product Lifecycle Management system

Incorporate supply chain (Mills/Agents) expertise and knowledge early in product development processes to positively impact decisions and performance related to product development calendars, material trends, cost, and quality decisions

Effectively allocate and manage resources by tracking all seasonal line planning calendars, milestones, approvals and responsibilities in a single system integrated with all other aspects of product development

Quickly and dynamically react to shifts in industry trends and consumer tendencies by leveraging robust and flexible workflow and planning templates visible to all product/project team members

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Sketch Line Boards Yarn Selection Textile SelectionTrim

(Button/ Zipper)Selection

Color Palette SewingPattern

Grading /SizingCutting Testing Wet Processing

Manufacturing Finished Product Logistics Retailer/ Consumer


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1. Concept Development2. Design Development3. Product Development4. Material/ Fabric Development5. Sample Development6. Approved Product7. Sourcing

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Reduce Time to Market Improve collaboration with vendors Reduce number of specification

changes Improve design productivity

Improve Product Quality Data access and accuracy Adherence to quality standards Improve control over product


Reduce Total Product Cost Material aggregation and earlier and

larger commitments Reduce number of samples Improve design review efficiency

Color Fit Line Development Raw Materials

Improve Information Exchange Improve collaboration with customers Improve internal collaboration Consolidate locations of product

information Improve collaboration with suppliers

and vendors

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Product Development can begin withMood boards or An idea whose source can be•Competition•Fashion Event•Internal•Vendor

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Products can be created for a Season or Event.

A Product Line can be Newly created or “carried over” from previous Seasons.

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Adding New Style/Product

The Product is the core of the Development cycle. Which again can be “Cloned” or created from Templates.

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Set Or Collections

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Colors can be Selected from a library or created new.

Different Color Palettes can be associated to create different color schemes.

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Defining Fabric Details/ Defining the BOM

Page 14: Apparel Innovator PLM

Adding / Defining Trim Details / Defining BOM

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Creating Defining “Point of Measures”.

Different Measurement Sets can be associated.

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Pattern definitions

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Bill-of-Material Management Color/Color Palette

Management Customer Choice Management Measurement Charts and Blocks Line Plan Reports Management Materials Management Sample Management Fabric, Trim, Packaging, and

Label Libraries Construction Details Yardage Requests

Product Images (thumbnails) Agent/Mills Relationship

Management Sourcing and Quoting

Processes Seasonal Product Calendar

(line plans) Artwork, Image, Sketch,

Design Drawing Management Automatic Notifications and

User-defined Task Escalation and Subscription Control

Instruction Library Product Line Workflows

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A system that never goes out of fashion !

Lower cost of sales

Lower management costs

Lower product costs

Lower financial costs

Innovative Products

Reduced Overheads

Reduced Development costs

Reduced quality rejections

Lower inventory & WIP


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Pr od

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