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  1. 1. Hope for the Homeless Hope for the Homeless is an app that unites those who need and those who can provide help by serving as a platform on which the community can supply the poor/homeless with affordable facilities. Find nearby facilities Register as an organization Wanttohelp? Needhelp? Whether you are looking for help or are willing to offer some, this is the app for you!
  2. 2. FindNearby... Jobs Shelters Stores Restaurants Other
  3. 3. Shelters Find accommodative places to stay during the night! Are you a... child? teenager? adult? family? Find available shelters!
  4. 4. Jobs Enter your age below: Find well-paying jobs that fit your abilities! Enter your location Available jobs - click one to find out more about it
  5. 5. Restaurants Eat good food for a low price! Are you a... Find restaurants! Vegan Vegetarian I eat everything!
  6. 6. Map thrift shop?Q & A Forum Click on a location for more information! (website, contact info, and a short description)
  7. 7. Other thrift shop? Tips Hotlines Q & A Forum Language Settings Talk to an organization representative
  8. 8. HowtoHelp Name/Organization Enter your location Please provide your contact information What can you help with? Email: Phone number: Jobs Stores Food Shelters NextUpdate my info.
  9. 9. HowtoHelp(cont.) Directions: Done In the text box below please provide a website if you have one along with the following information: If you can provide JOBS - Include: employee wage, short description of work, work hours, category (gardening, cleaning, cooking, etc.) If you can provide SHELTERS - Include: age group of people accepted (child, family, teen, adult) If you can provide FOOD - Include: if you have vegan, vegetarian, or any other dietary options (gluten-free, pescatarian) If you own a STORE - Include: the price range of your products Start typing here...
  10. 10. ThankYou! We appreciate your help to the homeless! Your contribution is really much larger than you may think. Hundreds of people seeking a facility will now come to YOU for help. We will validate your submission and email you (in 1-2 days) when your organization has been added to our map. We need your help to spread the word! Please take the time to share our app with your friends and family. Perhaps they could contribute to our database of homeless facilities. . Thanks again! NOTE: If you would like to update your location, time offering, or any other part of what you submitted: enter the app, tap Register as an Organization, and tap the Update my info button at the bottom of the page.