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Transcript of App-centric Infrastructure Performance Management · PDF file The powerful analytics database...


    App-centric Infrastructure Performance Management

  • Overview The VirtualWisdom App-centric Infrastructure Performance Management (App-centric IPM) platform ensures the performance, availability, health, and utilization of enterprise IT infrastructure in service of increasingly complex and demanding business applications. The out-of-band solution intelligently collects machine and wire data across physical and virtual hosts, Ethernet and Fibre Channel fabrics, Software-defined, Converged, as well as SAN and NAS storage. Using cross domain correlation, VirtualWisdom’s App-centric Analytics transform the collected data into actionable insights that can be used to optimize the environment and proactively find and resolve issues before users are affected. This enables IT teams to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and guarantee performance-based service level agreements (SLAs), enhancing the value of the infrastructure. With new insights, IT teams are taking control of their environment and working collaboratively to drive positive business outcomes.

    Business Drivers for VirtualWisdom App-centric IPM

    Infrastructure is expensive, costly to maintain, and often difficult to scale. Larger IT organizations are now supporting thousands of application services over a shared infrastructure, with thousands of infrastructure services. While transitioning to virtualized and cloud environments can reduce capital expenditures (CAPEX) on physical hardware, the challenges of visibility into the health, utilization, and performance of this dynamic infrastructure remains a tremendous people-intensive process.

    Enterprise IT doesn’t have a uniform basis for understanding how the underlying infrastructure is performing. They are challenged to correlate disparate metrics across a heterogeneous data center that constantly changes. What is needed is a purpose-built solution that adapts and scales to this constant state of change and complexity—one that provides definitive answers to the most complex infrastructure questions in the context of key business-critical applications.

    VirtualWisdom seamlessly brings all this disparate data together—correlating and analyzing it in real time—to provide an authoritative understanding of performance, health, and utilization. The actionable insight that VirtualWisdom provides to both infrastructure and application teams—from executive to specialist—enables them to assign performance- based guarantees to their mission-critical applications, regardless of whether they are operating in physical, virtual, or hybrid cloud computing environments.

    We’ve seen both the economic and manageability improvements in our environment, and we’ve been able to achieve high utilization and performance…

    Josh Morton

    VP of IT Enterprise Services

  • The answers and insights from VirtualWisdom help teams proactively manage and optimize their infrastructures, independent of application, technology, and vendor—increasing efficiencies, mitigating risk of unplanned downtime, and delivering true ROI.

    With VirtualWisdom deployed, your revenues are protected from slowdowns and outages. Unnecessary over-provisioning is eliminated, troubleshooting times are reduced by over 80%, and, perhaps most importantly, new application roll-outs to drive new business opportunities are dramatically accelerated.

    The Industry’s Premier App-centric IPM Platform Our award-winning platform is built from the ground up, with a focus on helping your applications and infrastructure perform optimally together.

    The powerful analytics database and intuitive user interface (UI) deliver application-aware, entity-centric, real-time visualizations of thousands of metrics across the physical and virtual data center. VirtualWisdom is the industry’s first true infrastructure monitoring solution that delivers comprehensive visibility into your multi-tiered application infrastructure environment— a platform that understands how the infrastructure is performing for all of your critical applications. It knows which application services are running on which infrastructure components, as well as the relative importance of each application and how those applications are stressing the infrastructure.

    The Value of App-centricity Companies have been forced into the role of system integrator as a direct result of perpetually increasing complexity and abstraction in highly multi-vendor data centers. Increasingly, virtualization, cloud- computing, and software-defined are rendering device-based tools obsolete in enterprise IT.

    To maximize value from your infrastructure investments, some key tenets should be applied. These include an understanding on where your applications live on the infrastructure, the business value of those applications, and the ability to monitor and manage the performance, utilization and health of the infrastructure services supporting the applications.

    With an app-centric approach, you will:

    • Proactively assure the performance

    of your key applications

    • Manage by applications, by service

    level tier, and by importance to the

    business (i.e., platinum, gold, silver)

    • Avoid performance issues by continuously

    optimizing capacity to meet the

    needs of application workloads

    • Resolve problems faster through

    platform intelligence that identifies

    and recommends solutions

    VirtualWisdom App-Centric Analytics App-centric Analytics focus on the critical findings that exist beyond your raw data. The App-centric Analytics module is delivered on a subscription basis, specific to the scope and scale of your unique VirtualWisdom implementation. This licensing model provides customers with all the standard analytics for troubleshooting and diagnostics, capacity management, and application service assurance.

    Problem Avoidance and Resolution

    Event Advisor - Get a prioritized list of potentially interesting events (spikes, relevant performance issues, anomalous behavior, etc.) that require attention, ranked by magnitude and duration.

    Trend Matcher - Accepts a base trend for a target metric, compares it with every device in the database over a specified timeframe then provides a list of matching devices sorted by correlation.

    Queue Solver - Recommends the resetting of an execution (or queue depth) throttle on the HBA card(s) of a specified host which enables you to optimize the read or write response time of that host.

    Workload and Capacity Optimization

    Balance Finder - Checks that the hosts in the environment have functioning path failover by comparing traffic patterns of all the ports associated with a single host to determine whether the multi- pathing software is functioning as intended.

    VM Coordinator - Provides optimal placement for VMs across a cluster and recommends reconfiguration to reduce contention for CPU or memory resources.


  • VM Deployment Advisor - Identifies the optimal cluster and host to which to deploy a VM based on available capacity and expected VM workload across CPU, memory, I/O, and network.

    Workload Analysis - Transfers information from VirtualWisdom to Load DynamiX Enterprise, for building an optimized storage infrastructure.

    Storage Port Balancer - Identifies overloaded storage ports and makes HBA/Host move suggestions that would rebalance the front- end ports of a Fibre Channel storage array.

    Application Service Assurance

    Seasonal Trend - Data informed prediction of resource needs within seasonal business patterns by hour, day, month, quarter or year.

    Scalable Instrumentation: A Combination of Wire and Machine Data Acquisition A monitoring and analytics platform is only as strong as its underlying data sources. The continued abstraction, scale and convergence of these data sources demands tightly integrated products designed to discover, ingest, correlate and export meaningful information, in real time. As these data sources and volumes continue to increase, it is the organizations that can leverage both wire and machine data from the widest variety of sources, correlating and analyzing them to deliver meaningful business analytics, who are getting the most value and insight from their data.

    Virtual Instruments has partnered with leading system, switching and storage vendors to address this requirement for business success. By integrating with products from companies such as Cisco, Brocade, Gigamon, ServiceNow, Dell EMC, NetApp, IBM, Microsoft, VMware and many more, VirtualWisdom delivers an analytics platform that makes it easy to bring together data from various sources and apply powerful analytics.

    VirtualWisdom Integrations Virtual Instruments offers direct technology integration to a variety of infrastructure devices and third-party platforms. From Gigamon and Cisco to ServiceNow, companies share a common vision around the need for an App-centric approach to the management of data center infrastructure. Customers can choose the data sources and integrations that are most relevant to their business goals.

    VirtualWisdom’s full-stack line-rate monitoring capabilities help you optimize the infrastructure that supports your most demanding applications. The Probes and integrations below are combined with the best of the Virtual Instruments award winning analytics capabilities to holistically monitor your virtual machines, hosts, network switches, and storage infrastructure.

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