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House of Denim

Located in Bonney Lake on State Route 410

Our store in locally owned

Traci Norris and Dorothy Pearson opened House of Denim in early 2011


They carry brands such as Miss Me, MEK, Rock Revival, accessories and jewelery made from two local designers.

Soon, they hope to carry other popular brands such as True Religion.


When shopping at House of Denim you can always expect outstanding customer service!

You may also expect fresh beverages and complimentary snacks while you enjoy your shopping experience.

Not to mention they have a much larger selection of sizes that regular large departments stores and they do special orders :)

Who shops House of Denim?

A typical customer at House of Denim is you guessed. . . . a teenage girl.

However, they also service women in a variety of ages and men, because they have denim for gents too!

What about prices?

Prices are competitive for the popular name brands they carry.

Very neat, they offer a 15% discount to students!

Sad news for credit card users. . . House of Denim only accepts CASH!

Hours of Operation

Tuesday Saturday 11 am to 7pm

Sunday and Monday closed

Closed for business on all major holidays

So why chose House of Denim?

Not only is it important to help out our local businesses but this truly is the hidden jewel of Bonney Lake. The location does not stand out but what is inside will more than impress you. The product is always new and exciting and the customer service you can expect there is always outstanding!

Social Media and Contact

House of Denim can be found on Facebook and YouTube. Check them out and make sure to add Like

Call 253-862-2301

Address is 19421 State Route 410 E Bonney Lake, WA 98391

Credits and thank you!

Hope you enjoyed this presentation!

Bibliography http://bonneylake-sumner.patch.com/listings/house-of-denim


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