Apache Cassandra overview

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Transcript of Apache Cassandra overview

  • Apache Cassandraoverview

    by Taras Tymoshchuk, software developer at ElifTech

  • IntroductionWhat is Apache Cassandra?

    Apache Cassandra is a free

    DistributedHigh performanceExtremely scalableFault tolerant (i.e. no single point of failure)

    post-relational database solution. Cassandra can serve as both real-time datastore (the system of record) for online/transactional applications, and as a read-intensive database for business intelligence systems.

  • Top Use Cases Internet of things applications Cassandra is perfect for consuming lots of fast

    incoming data from devices, sensors and similar mechanisms that exist in many different locations.

    Product catalogs and retail apps Cassandra is the database of choice for many retailers that need durable shopping cart protection, fast product catalog input and lookups, and similar retail app support.

    User activity tracking and monitoring many media and entertainment companies use Cassandra to track and monitor the activity of their users interactions with their movies, music, website and online applications.

    Messaging Cassandra serves as the database backbone for numerous mobile phone and messaging providers applications.

    Social media analytics and recommendation engines many online companies, websites, and social media providers use Cassandra to ingest, analyze, and provide analysis and recommendations to their customers.

  • Key Cassandra Features and Benefits

    Gigabyte to Petabyte scalability

    Linear performance

    No SPOF

    Easy replication / data distribution

    Multi datacenter and cloud capable

    No need for separate caching layer

    Tunable data consistency

    Flexible schema design

    Data compaction

    CQL language (like SQL)

    Support for key languages and platforms

    No need for special hardware or software

  • Architecture OverviewIn Cassandra, all nodes play an identical role; there is no concept of a master node.

    Cassandras built-for-scale architecture means that it is capable of handling large amounts of data and thousands of concurrent users.

    Cassandras architecture also means that, unlike other master-slave or sharded systems, it has no single point of failure and therefore is capable of offering true continuous availability and uptime.

  • CQLAstyanix / Hector API:


    query.set Key (x)

    query.set Column Family (y)



  • Cassandra Data Objects

  • OverviewCassandra data model


  • Writing Data

  • Reading Data

  • Rake

    Bad implemented range scan, Cassandra can not currently transfer data;

    Compaction backing a request;

    Many settings made on the cluster level, type, storage strategy and etc.;


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