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  • “Defining the Customer g Experience”p

    D B dDave Brandon BPAA 2012 B li S itBPAA 2012 Bowling Summit

    The Meritage Resort Napa Valley, California J 22 25 2012January 22‐25, 2012

  • Full Disclosure Statement

    “I have no expertise in your industry.  I have 

    never written a book…and I don’t intend to do 

    ! d d d f hso!  However, I do understand some of the 

    challenges you face in your industry, and Ichallenges you face in your industry, and I 

    hope some of the things I have learned will 

    add some value as you “change to grow!” 

    D B d‐ Dave Brandon  

  • Defining the Customer Experience…

    • An unconventional choice – “figure it out!” 

    • What experiences can I bring to this topic?

    • Creating a “Culture of Change”Creating a  Culture of Change

    • Managing Complex Change – A process!

    • The Product Life Cycle

    “ h ”• “The Stress Curve”

    • You have to have a plan!You have to have a plan!

    • Questions ????

  • An  Unconventional  ChoiceChoice . . .

  • What Experiences  Do I Bring to this Topic?

  • What Experiences p Do I Bring to this Topic?

  • What Experiences p Do I Bring to this Topic?

  • What Experiences p Do I Bring to this Topic?

  • Creating a Change Cultureg g

    It all starts with strong hiring standardsg g

    Assemble a team ready to challenge the  status quo and change!status quo … and change!

    Benchmark against the very best!

    Be nimble… react to change with speed!

    “You will either get better … or you will get  worse” … Grow!!!

  • The Tip of the Iceberg

  • Resume Review

    Phone/Video Interview

    Face-to-Face Initial Interview

    Reference ChecksReference Checks

    Follow-Up Interview(s)

    B k d Ch kBackground Checks

    Spousal/Partner Meeting

    Job Offer

    The Tip of the Iceberg

  • Managing Complex Changeg g p g

    Case for Change Vision Skills Incentives Resources Action Plan ChangeCase for Change Vision Skills Incentives Resources Action Plan Change

    Vision Skills Incentives Resources Action Plan Status Quo

    Case for Change Skills Incentives Resources Action Plan Confusion

    Case for Change Vision Incentives Resources Action Plan Anxiety

    Case for Change Vision Skills Resources Action Plan Gradual Change

    Case for Change Vision Skills Incentives Action Plan Frustration

    Case for Change Vision Skills Incentives Resources False Starts

  • Human Resources as a Strategic  AdvantageThe Product Life CycleAdvantageThe Product Life Cycle

    Birth Growth Maturity Death

  • Human Resources as a Strategic  AdvantageAdvantage

  • “If you don’t know what  t d kto do…ask your  customer!”customer!

    Sam Walton

    A case study…..A case study…..

  • W A li h d G t ThiWe Accomplished Great Things…

    Turnover reduction

    Talent acquisition

    Growth of market share – sales – profits

    O /Sh h ld l tiOwner/Shareholder value creation

    Wealth transfer to employees & familiesp y

  • But Things Started Getting TougherBut Things Started Getting Tougher…

    Growth slowed!

    Domestic sales went negative!

    It felt like the decline stage of the product life cycle  had arrived!!

  • What should we do?

  • I called itI called it, “Change to Grow”Change to Grow

  • We InvestedWe Invested…

    (When others didn’t!)(When others didn t!)

  • In Our Team…

    P l Pi liPeople Pipeline

    Rising Talent

    Salary Increases (pay for  performance)performance)

    Re‐set Annual Bonus          T tTargets

  • In Our Franchisees…

    I d O ti E l ti R tIncreased Operations Evaluation Report  frequency and standards

    Franchisee re‐certification training program

    Franchisee profitability initiativesFranchisee profitability initiatives

    “Learn new tricks” 

    Become “multiple ball jugglers”s”!

  • In Product R&D…

  • In Product R&D…

  • In Technology…gy

  • In Technology…gy

  • In Technology…gy

  • In Technology…gy

  • In Marketing…g

    More weeks on TVMore weeks on TV

    Sharper research /  analytics

    Deeper involvement inDeeper involvement in  the “new media”

    Sh t “ l ” t thShout “value” to the  consumer!!

  • We Worked to Be Nimble & Quick!

    Consumers change fast!Consumers change fast!

    “Go to market” quickly

    Be flexible – Don’t fear  change!change!

    Not all BIG ideas require BIG  !!money!!

  • Did it Work?

    Growing salesGrowing sales

    Positive trafficPositive traffic

    Growing domestic business again!Growing domestic business again!

    The culture is strong and so are the results!The culture is strong…and so are the results!

  • Organizational Behavior/Performance “The Stress Curve”The Stress Curve

    100 100

    or m

    an ce

    ira bi

    lit y

    Pe rf


    D es

    0 0

    Anxiety - Stress - Tension Lo Mid Hi

    0 0

  • • 80 % of all bowlers < 44

    • From 12,000 centers to approx. 5,200

    • 70 million people bowl every year + 40 % since 1998year … + 40 % since 1998

    • Intense competition – l k f i llack of price leverage

  • Your Challenges and Opportunities:

    • Identify where YOU are on the Product Life Cycle

    • Renew/Refresh/Extend your Brand and Business

    • Listen to your Customers (current and prospective)

    • Create a Culture of Change – Change to Grow!

    • Be Bold – Invest in your Future

    d h k h !• Create a PLAN and Benchmark Against the Very Best!

  • Questions????