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Castillo Plank Collection

Transcript of Antique Impressions

  • Castillo Plank CollectionThe timeworn antiquity of old world Europe

    Hickory, vila

    The Castillo Plank Collection recalls the magnificence of medieval Europes finest households. Our skilled artisans individually handcraft each plank to create a unique timeworn appearance, infusing history into modern spaces. Made with premium wide rustic grades of North American hickory, white oak and walnut, the Castillo Plank Collection is a bold statement of rustic beauty.

  • Side Strips: Solid Douglas Fir Contributes to overall stability by sealing off fillet endgrain, thereby reducing changes to core moisture content DACS tongue and groove simulate the function and appearance of solid wood flooring

    Bottom Layer: 4.5mm Douglas Fir Balancing Layer Same thickness as top wear layer for the ultimate in balanced stability Improved performance for glue-down applications

    Top Layer: 4.5mm Solid Hardwood Wear Layer Thick solid-sawn veneer allows for multiple re-sandings True solid plank look with engineered stability Highest quality formaldehyde-free adhesive used for gluing components together

    Middle Layer: 10mm Douglas Fir Cross-Laminated Fillets Superior rigidity prevents cupping and width shrinkage Nail down strength identical to solid wood flooring

    Engineered CompositionCreative At Homes patented DACS (Design for Advanced Core Stability) system of engineered flooring is a highly innovative breakthrough that combines unparalleled dimensional stability with a finished form almost indistinguishable from solid wood flooring.

    Black Walnut Elegant medium brown

    White Oak Medium brown with rich hues

    Hickory Light, neutral hues








    MorenaHickory Neutral antique brown

    White Oak Medium neutral blonde

    Black Walnut Exotic cherry-brown

    Black Walnut Blonde tones & exotic grain pattern




    CdizHickory Light brown patina

    Hickory Cool charcoal brown

    Hickory Rich chestnut brown

    Hickory Dark, chocolate tone

    White Oak Medium weathered brown

  • The Castillo Plank Collection is renowned for its wide width and long plank lengths, and for creating the aesthetic of a genuine foot-worn floor from a bygone era. The skillful artisans who hand-make this collection are master craftsmen that take no shortcuts. Each plank is hand-worked and wire brushed, the bevels of every board are hand chiseled, and all staining is done by hand to ensure that the wood will exhibit a lustre that only traditional methods can achieve.

    Hickory, Aragon

    White Oak, Zamora

    SpecificationsThe Castillo Plank Collection is " thick with widths ranging from 6" to 8". Width availability varies by species and colour, so please refer to for details. Long average lengths come 2 8. All of our wood is sourced from responsibly managed North American forests, and our products are all Lacey Act compliant. Our DuRa-Finish low-gloss, air-dried polyurethane finish combines exceptional wear resistance with phenomenal clarity to enhance the woods natural lustre. For more detailed product specifications and lifestyle images, visit

    Warranty, Installation & Care All Antique Impressions products are covered by an extensive warranty. Residential applications are covered by our 30 Year Finish Warranty and our Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty. Light commercial applications are covered by our 3 Year Light Commercial Finish Warranty and our Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty. Please refer to our website for detailed guidelines for installation and care and maintenance. Please make sure to follow the Creative At Home and NWFA installation guidelines.

    ** Creative At Home reserves the right to change specifications at any time without notice **


    We stock stair nosing, reducers, T-moulding and vents. All of these accessories are made with the same wood, stain and finish to exactly match the flooring, and give a project the most consistent and complete look possible. Please talk to an authorized Antique Impressions Dealer for more information, or visit

  • Black Walnut, MontielUpdated September 2014

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