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Transcript of Antics Creds 2011

  • Be contagious / Be Relevant / and actually Communicate.

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  • Estee Lauder / Model Search 2009

    Magnum Ice Cream / As Good As Gold

    HSBC / Personal Internet Banking

  • Client: HSBC Personal Internet Banking Type: Brand U;lity Year: 2011

    A series of tutorial videos aimed to help customers with their online banking. Produced in English, Mandarin, and Malay, the videos visually demonstrate how to use the robust features of HSBCs online oering.

    The tutorials are a rst in Malaysia, with HSBC championing them at the forefront of their customer service campaign to bridge the gap between bank and customer. Rolled out with on-site banners across the HSBC Website, the campaign is complemented with collaterals in branches, bank statement envelopes, and EDMs.


  • StyleKandi / Collective Inspiration / Interactivity Suite

    HSBC / Car Insurance

    Stella Chicken / Probiotic vs Antibiotic

  • Client: HSBC Car Insurance Type: Viral Campaign Year: 2011

    Theres an easier way to renew your car insurance Car Insurance in Malaysia, like in most countries, is a highly saturated industry. What makes the industry even more challenging is the lack of price-point dieren;ators and a consumer-base with deeply entrenched purchasing habits. Car Insurance is oVen sourced from personal contacts, and rela;onships maintained with agents for many years.

    Its on the back of this challenging environment that we launched a digitally driven branding campaign to inform the public of HSBCs entry into the market that plays on frustra;ons that Malaysians have with the renewal process with a viral video Highligh;ng the adventures of a stereotypical granny behind the wheel.


  • Client: StyleKandi Type: Integrated Campaign Year: 2011

    An;cs Studios rolled out the Pre-launch campaign for with a mul;-pronged aXack on the digital scene. As an en;rely new plaYorm that intends to ins;ll a c-change in purchasing habits the campaign was designed to educate the market, and build a sense of exclusivity in involvement prior to the launch.

    Culmina;ng in a launch party for the blogging and media scene, the campaign focused on direct involvement of key online inuencers through aXendance in focus groups, small gatherings, and garnering their input into the very development of the website itself. Such involvement garnered completely free media impressions and a ready and willing community prior to launch.

    The campaign is headlined with a sneak-peak viral lmed using stop-mo;on photography. Strategically, the viral is designed to explain visually how people are inuenced by style and how that style can form an integral part of their every-day lives.


  • Client: StyleKandi Type: Integrated Campaign Year: 2011


    SK / Collective Inspiration Video Teaser Viral Video

  • Assunta Hospital / Trusted for Generations

    BTS Land Capital / Committed to the Creation

    Stella Chicken / Probiotic vs Antibiotic

  • Client: Assunta Hospital Type: Online Campaign Year: 2010

    Trusted for Genera4ons We produced a website for Assunta to compete with hospitals on a regional level, using its posi;on as Malaysias oldest private hospital to brand it as a 21st century hospital with strong community roots.

    We achieved this by producing Malaysias leading hospital website showing coupled with an interac;ve experience, containing interviews from its sta members and stories from the community.


  • Arctic Ice


    The Fullerton Heritage

  • Client: Arc;c Ice Type: Online Campaign & Launch Event Year: 2010

    The Ocial Energy Drink of Manchester United, Arc;c Ice is teamed up with An;cs to launch their product in Malaysia. As the rst in a stream of ini;a;ves, An;cs managed and produced an event featuring a st full of talent from KLs music scene with respected acts like Kyoto Protocol, Tenderst and (free) Deserters and coupled with a radio show on BFM 89.9 streamed live from the event.


  • Az Razali / Aqueous Transmission

    Study of movement and sound with human and !sh interaction in a digital atmosphere. The exhibition was held in Multimedia University.