Antics Credits 2011

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Antics has been partnering with daring brands since 2007. With a focus on Digital Ambiance in the Asia region we believe in distilling our thinking into experiences, relationships, and brand utility that bring your brand and people together on common ground.

Transcript of Antics Credits 2011

  • We are

    We have been growing our network with offices in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and regional reach in Thailand and Indonesia. With three distinct business units covering strategy, production, and on the ground activation we are able to provide a 360 degree solution entirely in house.

    A network.

    Established. Started in 2007 Antics has been developing digital creative projects for over 4 years. We have built long term relationships with clients such as HSBC, Estee Lauder, Walls Ice Cream, and TBWA with whom we have created exciting ways to reach consumers. The depth and strength of our internal production team gives us the flexibility to execute strategic and creative initiatives quickly and effectively.

  • Digital Ambience.

    In the post digital age we no longer think of how to target the consumer, rather how the consumer can target us. A brands success is now about adaption & evolution. Finding areas where direct communication & engagement with our people is pivotal. This post digital age of communication ambience has broken down our notions of traditional media. Not only is digital quite literally everywhere but it has empowered us to communicate whenever and however we want, an emotion no more relevant on the computer than when walking down the street. The consumer and the brand now share the same common ground. We cannot visibly dominate a relationship where both parties are effectively equal. Instead we need to create an environment for people to engage with the content irrespective of the brand rather than because of it. Welcome to digital everything, digital everywhere.

  • We believe.

    Distilling our thinking into experiences, relationships, and brand utility that bring your brand and people together on common ground.

    Brand Utility


    Digital Ambiance


  • We relentlessly seek out context to establish what makes your brand valuable. We earn peoples time & attention by building useful experiences that embed digital possibilities into peoples daily lives.

    Thought Leadership


    Community powered involvement that generates a common sense of purpose, contributing to the body of thought around your brands context

    Thought Collaboration

    Issues & Public Consciousness

    Collaborative Product


    Mobile Applications

    User Collaboration


    Applications and platforms that have a tangible, functional benefit to peoples lives.

    We believe in Brand Utility

  • Creating Immersive Digital Touch-points for your brand through pure interactivity.

    Brand Stories. Entertainment.

    Whether taking people through a narrative or allowing them to play in a world of your creation, Digital is the medium for communicating your brand story on a personal level.

    From games, interactive TV, to exploring virtual worlds; the constantly growing roster of digital capabilities allow for incredible entertainment opportunities.


    E-Commerce has grown from its store-front origins to become a total branded experience allowing people to play and experiment with your product, interact with other consumers, and immerse themselves in your brand story.

    We believe in Experiences.

  • Be contagious / Be Relevant / and actually Communicate

    We create fun, remarkable and sharable experiences that foster community development without attempting to shout the loudest or pushing forward repetitive, unengaging messaging. Achieving genuine conversation and engagement on a personal level through relevant communication.

    Antics for Magnum Ice Cream 2010

    We believe in Relationships

  • We plan. Extensive brand planning & strategic analysis on every campaign we undertake, whether a one off or part of a long term partnership with you

    Brand Planning

    Situational analysis.

    Strategic roadmaps based on your existing digital assets.

    Synergy with mainstream efforts.

    Campaign Planning

    Core Ideation Experience Design

    Touchpoint and Platform Identification Shareability and remarkability (brand handles)

    Brand Utility Contextual engagement.

    Relationship Planning Social media listening, analysis, and reporting. Market and platform coverage. Cross platform infrastructure. Influencer (Blogger, Tweeter, Facebook members) Outreach Media Planning

    Goals & KPI Identification

  • Execution.

  • Platform agnostic. We believe that too much Digital Media is limited by a desire to be on top of a particular platform. We use the technology and benefits from platforms to enrich our ideation, not to limit it. Its not about digital marketing, but marketing to the digital consumer.

    Campaign Execution.

    We relentlessly seek out context to establish what makes your brand valuable in peoples lives as the driver behind our thought.


  • Developing immersive interactive experiences that communicate the emotion of your brand

    Flash-based experiences Video Production & green screen Blog creation & management Viral campaign seeding & activation Widget Development Phone applications (iphone + android) 3d animation & fly-throughs Motion & Infographics

    Production Execution.

  • Listening People always take the initiative and make the first move, we listen to what they say and how they say it.

    Conversation tracking analyzing sentiment from a curiosity through to a purchase Influencers & thought leaders We know who talks about you, who spreads the word most, where they are from and how they do it. In real time. Negativity There will always be people who have feelings about you that you wish you could change. We identify who they are and analyze what their reasons are to develop strategies to overcome negativity exactly when it happens. Conversion

    Intent of Purchase

    Brand Preference

    Awareness of brand

  • Listening the technology driving our analysis Conversation monitoring in English & Chinese

  • Augmented Reality

    Mobile Digital

    Interactive Signage

    Antics champions 3 key Digital Ambience elements that elevate Digital Media beyond the desktop and into the mainstream.

    Digital Ambience

  • Our technical backbone takes incoming content feeds from all over the web; Web sites, databases, and SMS feeds and aggregates them on a single Web interface.

    Digital Ambience Multiplatform integration

    Antics is partnered with, the worlds leading Digital Out-of-home Home technology provider to develop multi-platform campaigns that bridge the digital/mainstream divide.

    Digital Signage

    Social Media Platforms


  • Digital Ambience Augmented Reality

    QR Codes A QR Code works in exactly the same way as a traditional bar code except that it can carry enough data to form a paragraph and is readable by most modern phones

    Gateway to interactive content

    A gateway to content and functional information that adds value to a product or campaign.

    Product Tactical

    Instantly redeemable coupons

    Guerilla Campaigns

    Distributing hidden information and organizing gatherings

    AR is a powerful new technology that integrates Digital information with the real world, bringing people closer to your digital experiences

  • Geospatial Mobility - allowing real time GPS-based geographic data to be combined with rich media content and overlaid on live video captured by your mobile phone. Layering user-generated content such as photos, videos, and tweets over real locations providing interesting content on the move.

    Webcam Signatures The digital signature allows a webcam to display interactive 3d content layered on top of or integrated into a real-world item such as a print advert.

    Fully integrated into print media

    Providing an extra dimension to print ads and acting as a solid link to a digital campaign or microsite.

    Highly Interactive

    The opportunity for users to personalize an interactive experience to be shared with friends. This could include super-imposing your face into a digital character or manipulating an object such as a car.


    Popular with car brands, allowing people to view the vehicle in 3d and zoom in/zoom out, move and interact with the product in real time.

    Digital Ambience Augmented Reality

  • Allowing people to text in their photos for display on digital signage and instantly posted on Facebook

    Telenor Arena Launch, Oslo For the launch of Telenor Arena in Oslo, a full HD screen, 3x7 meters was installed. Customers/visitors could take a picture on the phone of themselves/his or her date/friend/random stranger and send it in via MMS. The photo would get moderated and uploaded to the screen. SMS bounce-backs were then used to interact with visitors after the event. 5000 attendees 36% engagement = 1800 MMSs

    Digital Ambience Case Studies

  • See your photos on a giant screen in Copenhagen1, in Diesel Stores2 and on Facebook3.

    1) Gammeltorv / Friday & Saturday / Week 18+19 / 9pm - 3am. 2) Diesel Store Copenhagen and Aarhus / Week 18+19. 3) Access Facebook prole through MMS charge: Standard rate + 3,00 DKK.


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