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Creds til June 2010

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  • Post Digital, our manifesto The enormous engine of the Internet has been churning out the facebooks and Youtubes of this world for some years and with brands now taking the dive, the digital revolu
  • We are

    We relentlessly seek out context to establish what makes your brand valuable in peoples lives as the driver behind our thought.


    Pla>orm agnos:c. We believe that too much Digital Media is limited by a desire to be on top of a par

  • We only do 4 things.

    Dis:lling our thinking into experiences and situa:ons that bring your brand and people together on common ground.

    Brand U

  • We earn peoples :me & aFen:on by building useful experiences that embed digital possibili:es into peoples daily lives.

    Branded U

  • Experiences Crea:ng Immersive Digital Touch-points for your brand through pure interac:vity.

    Brand Stories. Entertainment.

    Whether taking people through a narra

  • Real Rela
  • Strategic Planning Extensive brand planning & strategic analysis on every campaign we undertake, whether a one o or part of a long term partnership with you

    Brand Planning

    Strategic roadmaps based on your exis

  • Immersive Content Developing immersive interac:ve experiences that communicate the emo:on of your brand

    Flash-based experiences

    Video Produc

  • Listening People always take the ini:a:ve and make the rst move, we listen to what they say and how they say it.

    Conversa:on funnels tracking sen

  • Listening the technology driving our analysis

    TwiFer & Google Buzz

    Monitoring tweets & buzz in real

  • Digital Ambience

    Augmented Reality

    Mobile Digital


  • Digital Ambience Augmented Reality

    QR Codes A QR Code works in exactly the same way as a tradi

  • Geospa:al Mobility - allowing real
  • Our technical backbone takes incoming content feeds from all over the web; Web sites, databases, and SMS feeds and aggregates them on a single Web interface.

    Digital Signage

    Social Media PlaJorms


    Digital Ambience Mul

  • Digital Ambience Case Studies

    Allowing people to text in their photos for display on digital signage and instantly posted on Facebook

    Telenor Arena Launch, Oslo!For the launch of Telenor Arena in Oslo, a full HD screen, 3x7 meters was installed.

    Customers/visitors could take a picture on the phone of themselves/his or her date/friend/random stranger and send it in via MMS. The photo would get moderated and uploaded to the screen.

    SMS bounce-backs were then used to interact with visitors aker the event.

    5000 aVendees

    36% engagement = 1800 MMSs

  • The Diesel Campaign BE STUPID In store Dig

    Diesel invites its customer base and the Danish Popula

  • Example: text ICECOFFEE to 1234 to receive a free Iced Coee!

    Sends the customer a unique 2d digital barcode directly to the mobile which can be redeemed in store

    Instantly redeemable coupons.

    Goal: Increase test drive to support sales drive. Interac

  • Products & Services

    Web Development

    Campaign Microsites

    Flash Ac

  • Clientele

    HSBC / Estee Lauder / Walls Ice Cream / TBWA / Petrofac / Stellachicken / Tempered Mental / KRU Films / Duyung / Cicak Man / Haq The Movie /

    Sin Kid / Kaseh Dia / Halal Journal / SKN Land & Development / Firestar

    Research Interna

  • Our people"

    Dave Carpenter Chairman

    Dave Carpenter has been involved in marke

  • Our people"Azhar Razali Crea
  • An:cs is a member of the Firestar Group which includes Firestar Research, one of Asias leading qualita:ve market research


    Our events management and mainstream PR experts, Stellar PR has been with us from The beginning. Stellar has racked up some impressive brands including Samsonite & LOccitane, most recently bringing the Stereophonics to KL in May 2010.

    One of the worlds leading Digital OOH specialists, An

  • A focus on Asia

    C-11-2 Megan Avenue 189 Jalan Tun Razak 50400 Kuala Lumpur

    144B Neil Road 088873 Singapore