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ANSYS Workbench: Mechanical Examples. Step 1. Opening ansys workbench. Overview: Start > ANSYS Workbench Create Static Structural analysis system. 2. 1. Double click. [Optional ] Note on save as …. Do not save to a network drive location //server/share/folder/ file.wbpj - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of ANSYS Workbench: Mechanical Examples

Opening ansys workbench

ANSYS Workbench: Mechanical ExamplesStep 1. Opening ansys workbenchOverview:Start > ANSYS WorkbenchCreate Static Structural analysis system

21Double click

[Optional] Note on save as Do not save to a network drive location//server/share/folder/file.wbpjInstead used a local drive or mapped network drive: browse computer, for exampleU:/folder/file.wbpjReason: when solver tries to start, it will fail if a file it needs is in a network drive location (even if there is an equivalent mapped location). Can save and re-open from the mapped location. To view where your files are,Workbench menu > View > FilesStep 2. GeometryOverview:SketchDrawDimensionGenerateExtrudeGenerateClose the DesignModeler window

Double click, wait, then click12

Click XYPlane

Click new sketch

Click Z axisClick sketching tab

[Optional] Click Settings; Check boxes grid on and snap; Major grid spacing 1 m; Minor steps 10; Click Draw

Note: navigating 3d viewZoom: mouse scroll wheel, or click buttons for box zoom, slide zoom, fit allTilt: press middle mouse button (scroll wheel) and move mousePan: Ctrl+Middle mouse buttonNote: making mistakesUse Undo/redo on toolbarSketching > Modify > Trim to remove mistakesZoom in close to make sure lines are closed. Fix with trim and corner.Click Draw Rectangle

Click one corner, then opposite

12Click Dimensions

Dimension stepsClick the entity to dimensionClick to place the dimension labelFind the label in Details ViewSelect and enter the valueDimensions

123Draw and dimension circle

Click Modeling

Click on the sketch

Click extrude

Under geometry, click apply

Select depth and enter a value


Close the window

Step 3: Model and setupOverview:MeshCreate sizing rulesUpdate meshLoadsInsert pressuresDouble click

Wait till you see

Select mesh. Change relevance center or element size.

21[Optional] More advanced rules: Right click mesh and insert a rule.

Update mesh. (Toolbar or right click)

Note on mistakes in meshing and solving: if mesh is too fine and never finishes, Start > run > taskmgr. Kill high CPU process. Increase element size and retry.

Example medium relevance mesh.

Right click Static Structural > Insert > Pressure

Follow the yellow boxes (unfinished)

Click geometry value, click a face, then click apply

123Select magnitude value and enter -100e3

Repeat (or duplicate and select differenct face)

Step 4: Solving and viewing resultsOverview:Solve and waitInsert results Update resultsView resultsClick solve, wait, and check for errors. Warnings are ok, errors are bad.


12Insert a result field: right click solution > stress > maximum principal

Right click solution > evaluate all results

Select maximum principal stress. Note ratio of max to min values.

Advanced step: Parameters.If the box is checked, parameter will be controlled differently.


12Note: Parameter Set

Can use to make parametric studies.

312As hole diameter goes to zero, max of maximum principal stress goes to 2x boundary pressure.